Photos…no turning back!

The photo that made up my mind
The photo that made up my mind

This photo was taken in April 08.  My mother took it….she was wandering behind us.  My sister and her husband and me and Ricky.  This photo really shocked me and upset me.  I have seen worse photos of myself but for some reason this one really struck a chord!  I cried.  I look like a giant purple womble!!!  Just a huge purple blob.  Terrible, just terrible.  This is definitely my “ka-ching” moment.

Fiji August 08

Fiji August 08

This was taken on our holiday in Fiji in August this year.  Just another “shocker” that I thought would be a good “before” photo to add to my gallery of lard shots! I would have been 115kgs here.

**Notice how us “large” people always have great accessories….like necklaces and shoes?????  That’s because they are the only thing that fits!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Golf in Paradise

Golf in Paradise

This photo demonstrates just how sporty I am.  It takes a lot of skill to balance a golf ball on the tee like that!!  Maybe after lapband I will progress to two balls!!!!

Nola & Ricky Aug 08

Nola & Ricky Aug 08

My greatest supporter and a very, very patient man!!

Oh look!!!……here’s Shrek and Princess Fiona!!!

Last two  taken in August ’08……

Found this one from my Fiji trip photos in Aug 08…..bloody horrific!!  I think I was near 115kgs in this one…the highest I got ever!!…..and I thought that sarong “covered things up”…..fark!!!!!!!!!


My sister Karen, and me.  Still around the 115kg mark in this one.


10 thoughts on “Photos…no turning back!

  1. Isn’t it funny how one photo can be the catalyst for us to make major changes in our lives.

    It was my first photo with my niece Abby that really motivated me to have my banding.

    LOL…why stop at balancing two golf balls? Work your way up to juggling the damn things, I say.


  2. I really like that last photo of you with Ricky. You look so relaxed and at ease, but still with the mischievous look in your eye, like your working on the next tale for your blog. Won’t be long now until you’ll be adding some shrinking photos to this array. No more panic attacks now, girl. We are all behind you, cheering you on. And, like you said, if you added up all you’ve spent over the years on diets it would be paid with out the insurance. It’s just a shocker when you have to put out so much at one time. As for Ricky, he’ll be getting a whole new sassy woman out of the deal. From the look of him with you in the photos, he’ll like that more than a new golf club.
    Start dreaming of a new smoking hot red dress and spike heels to match…. and a necklace too, if you like. 😉

  3. Gotta love the togs shot…
    Could have been a hell of alot worse…Could have been me in a bikini!!!
    Never going back so you dont have to worry about it..
    Hope you are doing ok… Sorry I havent been about… Lots going on but just havent got my mojo back for blogging at the moment…
    Take care… and enjoy all this fkn rain we are getting!!

  4. Gosh, we really are so hard on ourselves, aren’t we? I think you’re pretty just as you are. I wish I had such nice thighs. Mine are destroyed from gaining and losing weight. I have to wear shorts on the beach 😦 Well, you deserve to reach your goals, whatever they are!! I love your furry lap-lump!! My kitties do that. They look like shaggy gagoyles! hahaha Blessed be, Nola!

  5. Hi Nola.
    I know your face so well. My maiden name was Fiona Norris. I am also 49 and am considering lap band surgery. I will be paying for it myself with no assistance from Private health cover. Can I ask you a few questions via email sometime? You look gorgeous and happy and I hope your loss is going well. I have just come back from a holiday in Canada which is where I decided enough was enough. I felt tight in the plane seat and I was sick of having to really search for places to buy clothing while I was away. and my kids are tired of being put in front of me in photos. You mention a facebook group…can you please tell me what it is called? Hope to hear from you

    • Hi Fiona!!! wow….blast from the past…and a very welcome one too I might add:)
      By all means email me…. I don’t really want to put it on here though. Can you message me on facebook? Just put nolam in the search and you should get me come up.

      I have to log out of here and go see what the lapband group is called….but I think if you put lapband group tasmania in the search you would find us. Then you have to ask to be a member. It is a fantastic group!! So much support and everyone is at different stages or still thinking about it and asking questions….you would find it really helpful I would imagine.

      Be my friend and then I will let Meegan, the admin girl, know that you will be requesting entry 🙂 I just want you to be my friend really…. :)P

      It is the best thing I ever bloody did and I just wish I had done it 10yrs ago!!

      IF you have a hotmail address or something you can put on here I will send you an email to that with my email address if you would prefer?

      Anyway….great to hear from you!! xx

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