Because my operation was late on the Thursday night I have officially started my mushies on the 15th day.  Yesterday I stuck to my fluids through the day and then had a soft poached egg on two tablespoons of cottage cheese for my tea.  So, today the mushies starts in ernest……..

** I will continue to have my Yakhult drink and soluble vitamins each morning at this stage.

DAY 15…………..

Just don’t feel hungry at the moment so have had an Up & Go for breakfast.  I made myself have this as I have to go to Devonport today and then over town, so know I need something for the energy. V8 fruit & veg drink, half a two egg omlette & skinny chai latte (went out for lunch), cup of instant potato with a bit of shredded cheese stirred through it,,,,,,,,,,one million cups of coffee!!

DAY  16…..

1 small strawberry yoghurt smoothie from Maccas for breakfast, small drinking yoghurt, poached egg sat on top of 1 dessert spoon of pate’, 2 mouthfuls of some disgusting dessert concoction I brought!, cup of instant potato with lite sour cream, felt a bit hungry  around 8.30pm so had half cup of the potato again with a teaspoon of cream cheese stirred through it.

DAY  17…..

About 1 third fresh avocado with poached egg on top for breakfast, cup of pea & ham soup for lunch, snackpak for afternoon tea, bowl of mushed up vegies with gravy for tea & a couple of coffees.

DAY  18…

No breakfast, small bowl of custard & lite jelly at 11.30am, chai latte, 1 cup of instant potato with little tin of sandwich tuna mixed through it…(ate half the tuna mix before I went to dancing and then the other half when I got home)

DAY   19…..

1X sachet of plain porridge with 1 teaspoon of sugar & half cup of light milk, instant potato with tuna stirred through it (about 1 cup), iced milk drink low fat, small bowl of mashed potato, sweet potato & pumpkin with a dollop of lite sour cream (I am going to have to start measuring out ONE CUP….I have a little bowl, but I feel like I just ate too much!  I will measure it next time.)

DAY  20…..

no breakfast, leftover mashed vegies from last night with a poached egg on top and a dribble of gravy, jelly & a snackpak in the afternoon, piece of frozen fish with no coating on it, sat on top of a few slices of avocado & a spoonful of cottage cheese

DAY 21…..

No breakfast, 1 skinny latte on way to work, 1 chai latte for morning tea, large mug of cream of mushroom soup for lunch, 1x little tin 130g spaghetti for afternoon tea, piece of frozen fish on top of 1 cup of instant potato

DAY  22….

1X Skinny latte,  1x lrge mug of tomato soup, 1x mug sweet potato & zuchinni soup, 1x small tin of spaghetti, piece of fish on bed of creamed corn, mushed peas & potato   ** This is the first day since my operation that I have felt hungry and thinking of food all day!!…..add a snackpak to the list for today!!

DAY 23…..

no breakfast, 2x poached eggs on 2 dessertspoons of cottage cheese for lunch, fish casserole thingy for tea, chai latte

DAY  24……

2x weetbix with 200ml skim milk & 1 teaspoon sugar, fish casserole for lunch, snackpak for afternoon tea, more fish casserole for tea (it was so delicious I just kept having it for my meals until it was gone!)  small bowl of raspberry sorbet with yoghurt

DAY 25….

 no breakfast, skinny latte no sugar (can you tell it’s a work day? lol ), mini tin of baked beans & chai latte, 1 small blueberry & apple muffin & latte for lunch (went out with girls at work and the damn place didn’t have any soup!! ) 2x poached eggs for tea on a little bit of mushed vegie

DAY  26….

Up & Go drink for breakfast, skinny latte when I got to work, mini tin of spaghetti for morning tea, 1 small savoury scone & chai latte for lunch, 1 small scone for afternoon tea, the middle out of a fish burger from maccas for tea….no bun bit!,

DAY  27……

No breakfast, skinny latte, cup of mixed fruit (mango, pear & peach) for morning tea, big cup of pea & ham soup for lunch, tuna & potato pattie with some mashed vegies

DAY  28…

2x Weetbix with skim milk & 1 teaspoon of sugar, half a blueberry muffin & skinny latte, one third of a beef sausage no skin with mashed potato, puree apple & strawberry with some low fat custard


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