About Me

I am 50yrs young and married.Presently I live on the  West Coast of Tasmania, Australia. Due to my husband’s job we move around every few years or so. I love laughing and making others laugh.I can be a bit serious, a tad mental and most definitely a drama queen…. but basically stable!

I had lapband surgery in October 2008  and thought I would like to journal it and hopefully help someone else with my warts and all account.  However, this blog is panning out to be my little “life journal” of serious and ridiculous things that happen in my day to day life 🙂

Why lapband?… I was 48yrs, tried everything and totally farking over it!!!… I was tired of the fight….I needed some help. For more detailed explanation see SEPTEMBER 2008 post titled, “IT’S BEEN LOVELY BUT I HAVE TO SCREAM NOW”

June 2009….. I have folded under the pressure and am now on “Crackbook”.  You can find me by my username of nolam  (facebook.com/nolam) … or leave me a message here. Please say you are a blog reader if you send a FB friend request.

** I was banded on 16th October 2008 at 7.oopm!

***I gave up smoking on 30th July 2009 at 6.15am!!!

NEWSFLASH!!…….If you are even remotely thinking about being “banded” (why do I always think of homing pigeons when I say that?) then you MUST get this book.  It is like a little reference book for before, during and after….brilliant!!!! I have given it to my family to read  because it is easier than trying to explain everything about the procedure yourself.

THE LAPBAND SOLUTION….a partnership for weightloss


(I found mine in Angus & Robertson bookstore and it cost about $25.00.  Worth every cent!)


Thanks for visiting my blog……………………….   🙂


11 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi Nola

    I just wanted to stop in and say hi to you. I found your blog through Linda R’s blog. You may remember me from HBC? I was one of the founding members along with you, Luds, Linda R, Mardi – gosh there were heaps more than that but I have forgotten now. I’m the one who is from Tassie but in the Navy now and living in Canberra…

    I want to wish you the best of luck with the lap band. I hope that it goes well for you. My Mum had it (well she ended up having the “sleeve” actually” on 07 January this year. She is down 41kg, still losing and it has changed her life.

    My own battle continues. I just rejoined WW (for the first time in 6 years) and I am enjoying it.

    Keep well and I look forward to reading how it all goes for you.

    Linda H xxx

  2. I remember you, Linda! Wow….small world this web. Great to hear from you! I will email you….I think I can access that from my dashboard page on here. Good luck with WW….start a blog!! 😛

  3. hi Nola

    been chatting to Margie and Karen this arvo – funny chicks!!
    well, it seems you and me are going to be in hospital in Thursday together….I am going in at 8.30am and my bestie is at 3pm..lol..small world…if I am up to it I will come and introduce myself to you on Friday morning….
    Good luck…Stacey xx

  4. OMG!!! This net is a small world isn’t it!? lol So, what colour is your nightie….I so don’t want to be wearing the same thing!!!! lol, lol
    That would be great doing it with your best friend. I hope we can stay in touch afterwards!! My surgery is at 6pm as far as I know and I have to be in the hospital at 1pm…..so you will be done and dusted by then!! Come see me in the afternoon if you feel up to it…..I will be bored, bored waiting to go in…….otherwise I will see you Friday morning! We can have a glass of water together…..farking hell 🙂

  5. Holy Hell – Your blog should come with a warning.

    I got banded yesterday and, while the logical part of me is screaming “they just spent an hour playing with your intestines like play-doh before sewing you back together with THREAD and NEEDLE”, the petulant brat in me is irritated that every time I move like this (if you were here you’d see it) my left side pinches.

    So, I listened to my mother’s advice (granted, I was 10 I think, last time she gave it to me, but whatever, I digress)…. she always replied to “It hurts when I do this” with “Well, if it hurts, don’t do that”. So I stopped doing that. Don’t tell my Mom, please, but she was right.

    Anywho – somehow my googling (is Google a verb now, too?) of “Pinching”, “Stinging” and “Lapbanding” brought me to your site.

    And I managed to keep my reaction to simple smirks and one or two unladylike snorts at your deliciously sarcastic wit. Until you wrote “I hope that goes down so I can get my flamin’ work pants back on for Thursday!”

    I’m going to be honest and let you know I cursed you six ways from Sunday as I sat here in my hospital bed clutching my stomach and laughing my tush off.

    You’d think once bitten would be twice shy, but no. Oh, no no no. I continued reading. And cursed myself the next time I fell into a fit of giggles.

    So now I have no idea if the aching is from the surgery or the laughter – but I know I got an unscheduled ab workout in today.

    Hope all is well with you – and thanks for the (unexpected & totally enjoyable) laughs.

    You are too much!

    Good luck & take care,

    Mary Alice

  6. Awww…thanks Mary Alice!! They say laughter is the best medicine!! I for one think it is!!!! Hope you are feeling better today. It does leave you feeling fairly ordinary for a while. Today is my 5th clear day after surgery and I can honestly say the pain is not a pain now….more like the feeling you get when you have done some sit ups or an exercise you are not used to. Good luck with everything!!

  7. Dont know your email address so here it is dont want to post it anywhere else. Oh Nola you hit the nail on the head with oh fuck what have I done. I feel like i’ve been hit by a truck and the exhaust pipe is stuck up my arse and down my throat! I have the pretty gas pains in my chest! Which totally sucks. I cant sit cant lie can only walk around and wounds are killing and I’m tired as hell. No drugs or gas crap is helping. I know its moving around and some comes out but man, this is killing! I want to post on my blog but I dont want any newbies reading this shit I think I should wait a day or two cause I know it’ll get better. Still so glad I did it. Post op was horrific but settled down after about 2 hours and just been dealing with this minute by minute at the moment. Such a whinger but man this sucks. Glad I can be totally frank with you. Couldnt bullshit if I tried. Cant talk, catches too much air. Just want to have a hot bath but I know thats no good for wounds. Drinking kills cause chest pain is right there and the slightest pressure is agony. But hey, I’m alive! And apparently I’m doing well. But just like child birth – no one ever said it would be like this!!!!!!!!!!!!


  8. Hi, I just wanted to let you know what is up with my band. It slipped and has erroded into my stomach. I am waiting for it to move all the way in, then they will go in and remove it thur the bottom of my stomach.

    It will be laparascopic, there is no time frame on how long it can take to push thru all the way.

  9. Hi Nola,

    I’ve come to your blog to have a hunt around for your e-mail but I can’t seem to find one so I thought I’d leave you a comment here. You were asking me if I was happy with my band and to be honest, I am, and I’m not. I don’t think I was mentally ready to get the band when I got it done. I definatelly was not in the right head space and for a year after it I pretty much lost NO weight. I stuggled eating veggies and normal foods and had a year of eating chips and chocolate because I could eat them with no pain etc that I experienced when eating most other foods. There was a time last year when I joined the gym and really tried to shift some weight but really my heart didn’t stay in it for long. I stopped going and just went back to my old ways. The biggest change I’ve had this year is my mental health of making the most of it. I don’t have as many problems with food getting stuck etc so I’m able to eat veggies etc OK now which has been a big help. Of course I still have many times when I can only eat a mouthfull of certain food and know my band isn’t happy with it. The difference is now I don’t go and binge on chocolate and chips instead so I can actually feel like I’m eating. Now I wait ages, if I still can’t eat, then that’s it for that meal.

    For me it’s really the mental battle and this year I have lost almost 10 kilos since the start of feb just by exercising and cutting out all the junk. I’m sure the band is helping, but I feel it definately wasn’t the easy fix I was probably looking for when I had it done.

    Anyway, sorry for the reply a few days late. Thanks for visiting my blog and I’m going to have a read though yours now 🙂

    Take care,

  10. Just found your site..it’s amazing. I was banded June 08 and I am down 83 lbs so far. It’s a lifesaver. I do have struggles…can’t seem to enjoy eating anymore because I eat so little and when I do eat it’s very slowly. My BMI when I started was 51.5 it’s now 38.1. Beginning to feel beautiful…bless you for your site and humor.-

  11. Hi Nola

    I was in Tony’s rooms yesterday (Thurs April 8) when you were there too. I was called in to his room and didn’t get to hear everything that you were saying but I hope all went well for you!

    I have joined the face-book site and have just discovered your blog and I love your “honesty”

    I am going to read EVERYTHING here but it might take me a while…I really wanted to say thank you for having this blog here for everyone to read and take inspiration from.


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