The tale of two kitties………….

I am verging on ridiculous when it comes to my love of animals.  I worry about them ….. heaps.  I worry about their welfare.  It makes me sad when I see dogs chained up in yards looking bored and lonely. I can’t watch videos to do with animal cruelty.  I am totally dotty about my two dogs and cat, as you know:)  I try not to take everything on board and just be happy that mine are loved and looked after….and most of the populations is.  BUT….. Ricky’s children want to hope I clock off first, because if I don’t, the animal welfare groups will be getting what little I leave behind!  Right……we moved into this new house/town in February.  Soooooooooo  much seems to have happened since then.  It has been a bit full on.  Not the least the tale of two kitties………

When we first were getting settled and unpacked etc I noticed a cat dart across the front yard a couple of times.  It was a very pretty cat, which is why I took so much notice of it.  White, with three black spots on it side that were perfectly round.  Then it had a ginger and black face and a tortoiseshell tail.  The tail looked like it belonged on another cat……. it just didn’t match the rest of the cat.  Anyhooooooo……there are hundreds of stray cats in Queenstown and most of them live in abandoned houses or behind the shops and under the shops that back onto a laneway.  I thought this one probably belonged to someone… didn’t look scraggy.  Then Ricky informed me a couple of weeks later that he had seen that cat in our drive-way when he had come home late from work…..and it had a kitten with it.  A little ginger kitten.  Oh no!!!!!   So now I started to worry.  THEN ….  I threw some bread out on the little back garden shed for the birds.  This shed backs on to a side fence……that night I see the cat and her kitten on top of the shed eating the bird bread!  They were so hungry they would eat bird bread!!  Oh no…… now they totally become MY problem because they had been eating bird bread on top of my shed???  OF COURSE THEY DO!!!!  And I did a bad, bad thing and called them “Bubble and Squeak”.

Now, you will think I am stupid….but I bloody stressed about those cats so much!!!  But also, they were causing all my animals to go crazy!!  Scarlett knew they were on the other side of the fence and would spend all day working herself into a total frenzy and sniffing and snuffling at the fence ‘like a little bush pig and trying to dig under it!!!  I don’t know why she was driven so crazy by them…..but she hated them and wanted to know what they tasted like!!

The house next door was vacant at the time and Bubble and Squeak were living under there in the dry and warm.  They would come out and sun-bake during the day.  Also, my cat, Flo….knew they were about at night too and started using the litter again because she was too nervous to go outside for a wee.  She would wait until the morning and go out  while I was home and do her pooing….but not during the night at all.  She was stressing and losing her fur and was quite affected by Bubble and Squeak’s presence also.  As usual…..poor Harry had no clue 🙂  He would spend the first ten minutes of each morning sniffing around in the carport and down the driveway  to let us know they had been lurking.  But he didn’t realise we were under threat of an attack by two kitties like Scarlett did 🙂  Also…..they kept turning on the security light in the driveway and I would look out the window and Bubble would stare back at me and Squeak would just look so damn cute….  like kittens do.  Squeak would chase the moths and things that came to the security light.  Anyway…..I just worried about their welfare and it was also quite stressful that they were disturbing everyone and during the night Scarlett would tear out the dog door flap because she could hear them and she would have to protect her backyard.  The dogs can’t get into the front yard or driveway area unless I open the backyard gate… she only had access to the back.  Bubbles knew this 😦

What to do?? What to do??  I started leaving leftover food on the shed roof.  Each night I would watch out the window here in the computer room and watch them arrive and tuck in to whatever was on offer on their rooftop dining venue.  I was so torn!!  I just COULD NOT have another cat.  It just wouldn’t be fair on poor Flo.  She has given us 19 years and to totally stress her out and expect her to accept another cat in her twilight years was just too cruel.  Normally, I would have tried to tame up Bubbles and Squeak and kept them!  But that wasn’t an option this time around..  I felt guilty feeding them because it was just encouraging them to stick around and also, Bubbles would breed.  But then I justified it by telling myself if I didn’t feed them……she would still breed.  She was teaching Squeak to be wary of people and both would run away if I tried to get closer. Ricky wanted me to “just stop feeding them and they will go away”.  My argument was they would probably only go half a block away and stay in a territory they knew and breed and then our problem would be ten fold with more stray cats terrorizing Flo and keeping us awake at night.  So, I had to DO SOMETHING!!!

I decided to leave food in the carport each night and get them used to eating a regular meal there.  Then I would get a trap from the council and try to trap them.  I would pay to have Bubbles put down with the vet and try and find a home for Squeak.  I felt better just having a plan.  So, each night I would put their meal out and then we would see the sensor light come on once it got dark……Bubble and Squeak would be making their way up the drive to have their tea.  We got quite attached to them!!!  I kept putting off getting the trap…..but I knew I had to soon before Squeak lost his cuteness and it would be harder to find him a family.  So, we got the trap and I put the flap up on it and didn’t set it, but put their food in there.  That way they would get used to going in there to eat…..but it wouldn’t trap them and hence, gain their confidence.  And to cut a long story short…………  we caught Squeak in the trap.  He was just so scared…..but also a little bit curious about us.  I put Squeak in my laundry in the dog crate.  I had set it up ready with a bed and a litter tray and food.  We left him there and went and re-set the trap.  It was only a matter of minutes and we caught Bubbles!!!  The council man came and got Bubbles the next morning.  He had offered to “do the deed” with Bubbles.  He promised me it would be quick and humane.  I try not to think about it 😦  There was no way she could be given a home though…..she was just too feral.

Then we spent two days getting Dennis used to being handled by us and getting smooches………..yes, we changed Squeaks name to DENNIS!!!!  lol  lol    as in Dennis the Menace 🙂  He used the litter and spent a couple of days in his little “apartment” in the laundry.  I just couldn’t find Dennis a home, so in the end, we took him to the RSPCA.  Or, should I say, my good friend Margie took him to Burnie for us as she was going there anyway, and dropped Dennis into the RSPCA (Royal society for the prevention of cruelty to animals) .  I wrote Dennis a letter to take with him that would tell the ladies his little back story.  Hopefully having some history might help him to get a family.  I donated the cat carrier I sent him up with and also a heap of food and some bowls.  These animal shelters do a marvelous job.  I would dearly love to give them a ring and see if Dennis got a home…….but I am too scared to.  If they said, “No, he is still here”  it would break my heart and I would be tempted to go get him.  It would be easier if he had been put to sleep.  I like to think someone read his story and their hearts melted for little ginger Dennis 🙂

I have to say I felt like the weight of the world had been lifted off my shoulders though once I had dealt with “the tale of two kitties”.    Flo is not as stressed and is going outside again to lay in the sun and Scarlett has calmed down and no longer runs the fence all day.  I KNOW there are other strays out there……but these are the two I knew about!  So, I realise some of you won’t get what a stress that was for me…..  and some will.  Either way… the time… was a HUGE deal to me and I am glad that is over with and we can settle in our new house.

Here is a copy of the letter I sent to the shelter with Dennis…..   I  hope he gets a home  xx


I am from Queenstown and the lady who brought me here believes my mother was left behind by people that were renting a house a couple of doors up from her.  She is not sure how long my mother had been fending for herself, but she thinks it may have been a few months …maybe longer.  She has only just moved to Queenstown and not long after they were settled in they noticed my mother sneaking around at night.  She kept setting off the security light, which gave her away.  One night they noticed I was with her…that was about four weeks ago.

It was then they realised that me and my Mum were living under the empty house next door.  She would look over the fence and see us sunbaking in the yard. She would laugh at me chasing bugs and thought I was very cute.

But the lady already had two dogs and a cat called Flo who is 19yrs old.  Flo is on thyroid tablets and was very nervous that my Mum was wandering around at night and so she had to use litter again for night-time.  The Jack Russell was going mental because she knew we were on the other side of the fence and sneaking into her carport at night.  We were nearly tipping her over the edge and her mother said if she kept it up she would have to be medicated!

Well, the lady couldn’t stand knowing me and my Mum were unloved and unfed so she started leaving some food out in the carport where the dogs couldn’t get us in the evenings.  She knew there were probably 100’s of stray cats in Queenstown, but she said ,  “We were the two she knew about and felt responsible for us now that she knew we were there!”  She started calling us Bubble and Squeak…..I was Squeak.  She knew she couldn’t fix the whole cat problem in Queenstown, but she could do something about the two of us at least.

My Mum was very wary of her and would always run away, but I liked to stand and look at her from the safe side of the fence. I would chase moths at night under the security light too and I knew she was watching me out the window….but I didn’t care. But if she came out when we were in the carport I would run away with my Mum because that was what she was teaching me… run away and be scared of people.  You couldn’t blame her because she had a rough life so far!

Well, one night she put our food in a trap and I went straight in it!  The lady and her husband came out and took me inside and put me into a huge cage with a bed and food and litter.  Then they caught my Mum…..but she would not have been able to be rehomed, so they organised with the man from the council to come and pick her up and “do the right thing” by her. 

They then changed my name to Dennis.  Dennis the Menace they said!  The lady has tried and tried to find me a home, but nobody wants me because there are just so many kittens here in Queenstown.  She can’t keep me because of the dogs…..they hate me and would probably eat me and also because it would be just too stressful on Flo the 19yr old cat and it wouldn’t be fair on her.  She feels terrible, but she just can’t have me.  So, that is how I have ended up at the RSPCA.  I am a good boy and I am getting used to people handling me and I have only been practising this for two days, which the lady thinks is pretty good!  She hopes you might be able to find me a forever home…….at least by sending me here she thinks I am in with a chance. 

So, that is my story.  I know you have heaps of kittens and some of them are even younger than me.  The lady says you are swamped!  But she has run out of options and is sorry to burden you with one more……but you never know my luck!

PS:  The lady is not 100% sure I am a “Dennis” …. If not, she said I would have to be a Denise!


15 thoughts on “The tale of two kitties………….

  1. Well Chris……poor little Dennis was finding it hard enough to be handled at first and given cuddles. He was quite scared to start with. So we just had sneaky peeks. One of us would lift his tail while the other one was cuddling him….. lol lol We didn’t want to turn him upside down and totally stress him out and make him feel vulnerable … but, we were both 90% sure he was a he!!

  2. I don’t think you’re crazy in the least. I end up with stray cats all the time because weekend people dump them here at the lake. I really fell in love with one last summer and my vet was fortunately able to find him a home. I think someday I’d like to have a cat sanctuary. Crazy, huh?

    This is what I’m reading right now – I think it’d be right up your alley: Homer’s Odyssey

  3. Zaz….I have just ordered myself Homer’s Odyssey…you’re right, it does look right up my alley 🙂
    I have just finished one that I absolutely loved!!! It made me cry a couple of times (which I don’t usually do when reading) anyhooooo….you HAVE to read it….
    “A Dog’s Purpose” by W. Bruce Cameron

  4. Awwww…if I had known you had the kitten I would have taken him.
    Gorgeous story Nola. I hope he has found a good home.

  5. I wish I had known Shane!! I was so stressed about the whole thing! I have linked your blog in my Blogroll so my blog friends can get to see your fabulous photos!!

  6. Oh well…that’s life hey. Ya did good Nola…at least he has a chance of getting a home now 🙂
    Thanks for linking..I’ve also linked you on mine…not that I have many people looking at mine. I hope your friends like my images 🙂

  7. You should have seen our house when we livd in Morocco –cats everywhere!
    Our cat Mimi was the only cat in the old town to have a ‘little op’ so she didn’t have endless kittens after the first lot!

    Buster sends his best wishes to you!

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