Back to it then………….

Sooooooooooooooo,  where to begin??  We are well and truly settled into our new place now.  It is one of the nicer police rentals we have lived in.  An older style home with squeaky floors and old carpet, but on a par with some of the others we have had, I like it!  It is situated off a carpark.  Sounds weird, but there is a big carpark out the front and you have to drive through that to get in our drive.  The street continues along to a dead end with a park and visitor display thing along one side.  It is actually a lovely central position and I walk everywhere from here. At this time of year the carpark is mainly empty anywhere and totally full with tourists and their vans and campers in the summer months.  They leave all their vehicles here while they go on the tourist steam train trip that leaves from up the other end of the carpark area. The dogs love being allowed to play in the front yard.  There is always something for them to look at.  Life is one big drama for Scarlett… having the freedom to bark at every passing tourist is total bliss to her!!

This is looking down our driveway and out to the carpark area.  The front door is on the side of the house here, under the carport.

I was successful in getting a job as a medical receptionist as soon as we got here.  I lasted three weeks.  I need a job where I can laugh…….that was never going to happen.  I am so fortunate that I don’t have to stay in something I am unhappy in these days……so I quit!!  🙂  I have never done that before.  Normally I drown in my own guilt and stick things out….not this time.  It was strangely freeing!!  Then I was doing some casual work just as a waitress at the coffee shop called “Tracks” .  It was mostly tourist driven and was situated at the railway station where the tourist train leaves……strange that!!  Anyhooooooooo….I only got a couple of weeks work and they had a bloody landslide half way between here and Strahan (the town I used to live in before here) and the trains destination.  So, a good portion of the track is presently under half a farking mountain and will probably take until July to clear.  No tourists……………….no job.  😦

However………………………  my old GM is back in town working for a different contractor this time up at the mine here.  So, I gave him a call when I heard they might be looking for administration staff.  I go for my medical this coming week and will probably start the week after.  Will be doing a bit of everything…..payroll, accounts etc.  I used to do Occupational Health and Safety and Workers Compensation……so this is more office based and more “admin-eeee”  than what I am used to….but I am up for the challenge.  I have to say I am more than looking forward to getting my impulse spending money back 🙂

We had a 2.8 earthquake here!!!!   I wondered what the hell it was.  We thought there was a truck about to crash through our house!!  Pictures moved and things fell off the window ledge.  I just don’t know how my New Zealand blog friends cope!!!  A tiny little one like that felt weird and frightening….let alone the big buggers you lot get!!!!  Hasn’t the world gone mad with all the natural disasters happening around the place?!  Tornadoes and tsunamis and earthquakes and floods…..hottest summers on record and coldest winters………..quite concerning!  We also had a big building fire here in the main street.  It started in an old petrol station that was being used as a mechanics workshop and spread to other buildings in the street.  Five shops in all have been ruined.  Very distressing for such a little town and very sad and depressing.  There was a big explosion during the fire also.  That also rattled our house and threw people off their feet and blew windows out of the hotel etc…….  I had the earth move for me twice in two weeks 🙂  I panicked because Ricky was at that one and I worried he had been hurt.  He wasn’t thank goodness.  I have lots of little “side” stories to tell you…..heaps of “things” have happened to me since we moved here in February!!  I have met two bloggers in person!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Jen and Flip!!!  I will leave you with some photos for now……and then I will tell you the WHOLE story and stories about these meetings and the “things” that have happened in smaller blog posts over the next week.  It feels good to be back 🙂

Queenstown syncronised swimming team!!

I was pleased to live back in the same town as another band friend called Margie.  I was also happy to be able to go swimming as Queenstown has a pool!!!!!  Only open in the summer though:(  Now we walk every day together and go on “adventure” walks when we have the time.

I got to meet Jen in person and found out that we both used to be super models and knew all the poses!

Harry is still excruciatingly handsome!! 🙂

A picture I took of people standing under the hotel awning looking at the fire....I think it is brilliant

We went to St Helen’s on the East Coast of Tassie for Easter. We met up with my friends from the lapband group on Facebook and had a wonderful time!

My first ever attempt at mosaic!

The airstrip for Queenstown. A great place to take the dogs for a "freerange" . - only really used by the flying doctor, mining exploration helicopters and the vet flys his own plane in every Weds!

I met Flip.... another blog friend!

Now, I don’t know why these pictures have gone all over the bloody place and I can’t be bothered trying to fix them and make them “tidy”….so you will just have to sort through them best you can 🙂   I can’t even get them bigger for some reason.  Oh well……………………..that’s it from me for now.  I PROMISE to blog again in the next couple of days….I have missed it and my friends here in blog-ville!!    xxxx


Ricky and I have been married 20yrs on the 4th of this month xx

This was taken from my driveway the night of the fire..

I went to Hobart for my Police 25yr reunion. I met Meegan (a bandster and now good friend) at the Salamanca Markets and we had a fling together!


15 thoughts on “Back to it then………….

  1. Phew, call off the search, Nola’s back. I’ve tried, I truly have, to get into Facebook – after all everybody I know uses it. I can’t get away from the feeling that I’m snooping on others, and in any case most of the time they’re discussing things they and the other person know about but you don’t. So it’s playground time, with me in the corner watching the other kids play. The pictures are the only thing I enjoy to keep me in touch with people. So I saw your fire pictures, and also very much admired the silhouette one that you like – you’re right, it IS brilliant, and you should do something with it, like send it into a competition. You certainly get a lot more excitement in your part of the world than we do…
    Hope you’ll feel inspired to start telling your stories – in fact that’s what I’m enjoying most about blogging now. I seem to be on a sabbatical band-wise, but am glad that the ole bit of plastic is still there, waiting for me to pick up again.

  2. Wow – you’ve certainly been having adventures! It’s good to see you back again and I look forward to reading your stories.

    And Happy Anniversary! 40 years! Wow!

  3. You’re BACK!! Yay!!! Great to see photos of the house, and also the fire photo is spectacular! Maybe you could be a self employed snap happy photographer?

  4. What a joy that you are back?

    That too bad that you and the town you live in have had so much recent unpleasantness. When you have the world “move for (you)”, it shouldn’t be about an earthquake, although as a California, that is something I’ve experienced a number of times though not too recently. Your photos of the fire are incredible.

    It’s good to know that you are living in such a tourist mecca. If I manage to get into your neck of the woods before your next move, it would be easy to get there. On the other hand, I was hoping to visit you in Tasmania.

  5. That ? in the first sentence is a typo. That wasn’t the only typo.

    I had to write this comment twice because I accidently deleted it the first time when I had to go back to my blog to get my website address. Errrg.

  6. I AM in Tasmania Arlene!! On the West Coast of Tasmania actually. You will have to get your map out and have a look. We will always be in Tasmania, even if we move again it will only be within the State of Tasmania. You can’t transfer to other states with the Police Department here. You have to actually join up with their individual police depts if you want to live in another state and do the same job. Stupid really. The Federal Police are a national concern….but not the state police.

  7. Nola dear, I miss you so much. I just can’t keep up with you on Facebook…you’ve got too many freaking friends….and they all talk at once….and I can’t make heads or tails of the conversations…so I give up.
    Anyway, enough self-pity. You look absolutely stunning in these pics. And Harry is one hunk of burning love, isn’t he?
    I hope you’re happy in Queenstown…in your new home…and in your job.

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