Blog slog…..


I am afraid it is just not happening for me blog wise lately. My heart is just not in it at the moment and I have so much going on I just can’t be arsed sitting down to blog .

I am a total Facebook addict…..I think because it is quick and instant. I sit and have my morning coffee and flip through the latest from everyone. Whereas, writing a blog takes effort….and wading through everyone else’s does too. I don’t think I am lazy…….it’s just that things are changing around a bit.

I am not going to delete this blog. I am quite sure I will come back to it eventually. More than likely in the winter when I am not so active elsewhere? I will also continue to read and comment on all my blog friends blogs. I notice nearly half of my regulars have not blogged for months either…….I understand. Sometimes life just gets in the way of a good blog!!

Come chat to me on Facebook if you want. Just send a friend request and mention you are a blog reader in the message bit. I would love that!! You can search for me with nolam

So, I have started packing for our move to Queenstown and will be quite busy and distracted for the next month or two I suppose. Also have some interviews for new jobs in that town and everything else that goes along with new town, new house, new people etc etc

Stay well and happy my blog friends……


13 thoughts on “Blog slog…..

  1. Yes I know exactly what you mean -I too am a total FB addict – you wouldn’t have guessed!!! I’m also finding blogging a bit of a chore at the moment but don’t want to let it go completely so just posting a bit less frequently. Don’t disappear completely – your blog is always such fun to read. Zxx

  2. hi,

    I have slowed down on my blogging and it is even Winter for me :)…Your new move sounds exciting! Good luck with it and I hope to see you around on blogland again soon.


  3. I agree with Zanna – you give people a lot of pleasure. However, I don’t want to lose touch with you so I’ll see if I can find you on FB. I’m very inexpert at it though… I may need to come back here for help first!
    On one level I agree with you – I have my downs, ups and downs and downs with my lapband, probably driven by my state of mind, and I’m bored with having to write about weight and food. Even if I was being super-successful, all I would do is just keep up the weight chart and feel smug about it. However, I really do love writing, and telling stories – and it’s very good practice for me to carry on, so my blog is morphing too…
    At least by not deleting this blog I can leave you the odd message which isn’t as public as FB, which feels like putting up a poster and leaving it there in perpetuity.

  4. Caroline…. you can send private messages on facebook. It is quite easy really….and you can limit your privacy settings so only those you want to see can see it. Anyhow….I am glad you are still blogging because I enjoy reading it. I will blog again….just not for a couple of months while so much is going on.
    Thanks Zanna and Tina. I went for a job interview today actually! Looks like I might get it too. Receptionist for the doctors surgery in Queenstown. I would love it do that…… a bit easier physically for me and NO LOLLIES!! lol
    So, it really is busy, busy for me for a month or two….but I will still be lurking about 🙂

  5. You better not disappear! You’re the only Australian friend I have. Take a break if you must, but I will miss reading your funny writings!
    Seriously, I hope all goes well with the move AND the job hunt!!!

  6. I have you as my facebook friend anyway Chris!! AND I WOULD come looking for you…..and I still read yours anyway….so there ya tart!!

    Mark……I hadn’t thought of it like that!! That is very true…all the new friends I have made through this blog is incredible! I am about to meet another one in person next month when they tour here (Jen). I don’t know that I would want my blog to go on facebook…..rather keep them seperate:)

  7. I understand where you’re coming from. I barely blog myself. Too busy with life.

    I’m probably the only person in the industrial world who doesn’t have a Facebook account. Just can’t face any more internet stuff at the moment.

    Anyway, I have you on my link list so can see when you eventually update here.

    Best of luck with the move.


  8. Ah, you’re moving again. And just as I was considering a trip to Tasmania at some point. (I still might go.)

    Yup, I’m one of the bloggers that have just not been blogging all that much lately. And HERE it is winter. There are just soooo many other ways to spend one’s time. I enjoy blogging, but I enjoy a whole bunch of things. Not to mention the have-tos.


  9. Hi Nola,

    It’s time you got your arse into gear and started blogging again. Stop moaning that you are bored and need a job – you have a job – entertaining ME!!!!! (and everyone else you loves you!)…. so, get off crackbook, get back on here where you belong!

    Love your work.


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