Blog slog…..


I am afraid it is just not happening for me blog wise lately. My heart is just not in it at the moment and I have so much going on I just can’t be arsed sitting down to blog .

I am a total Facebook addict…..I think because it is quick and instant. I sit and have my morning coffee and flip through the latest from everyone. Whereas, writing a blog takes effort….and wading through everyone else’s does too. I don’t think I am lazy…….it’s just that things are changing around a bit.

I am not going to delete this blog. I am quite sure I will come back to it eventually. More than likely in the winter when I am not so active elsewhere? I will also continue to read and comment on all my blog friends blogs. I notice nearly half of my regulars have not blogged for months either…….I understand. Sometimes life just gets in the way of a good blog!!

Come chat to me on Facebook if you want. Just send a friend request and mention you are a blog reader in the message bit. I would love that!! You can search for me with nolam

So, I have started packing for our move to Queenstown and will be quite busy and distracted for the next month or two I suppose. Also have some interviews for new jobs in that town and everything else that goes along with new town, new house, new people etc etc

Stay well and happy my blog friends……


Just wanted to quickly wish you all a very merry Christmas !!  I am sitting here waiting for my parents and sister and her new man to arrive…..not to mention their dogs, Alice and Gloria.  I am all set to go…… a thunderbird!!  🙂

This bit and the next bit I started to write on Christmas Eve…… I left it here for you to read.  Then the big change news after that 🙂

I feel quite “Christmassy” this year.  I think because I have people coming here and we can just prop and have a drink if we want without stressing about having to drive to the next place and all the packing and worrying if we have forgot something preceeding the travel.  It will be nice to have them come here and we can all just relax and enjoy each other’s company for a couple of days.

Ricky’s daughter, her partner and her 8yr old twin girls arrive late tomorrow…..too nice!  Having a couple of children will make it all the more like Christmas and I have gone just a touch overboard with their presents of course!!  Only Mum and Dad will be staying here in this house.  I have put the daughter and her mob around in the little unit we have available to us behind the police station and Karen and her fella are staying up in my friends house because they are in Queensland for Christmas……give them some privacy and be quite romantic up there for them with the beautiful view and everything.

The weather is being kind to us and the sun has come out….supposed to stay out for tomorrow as well.  So that bodes well for some nice long evening walks after all the eating and drinking!  I have to say I feel very blessed right about now 🙂

I love that I love my family and we get on so well.  I am thankful that the only stress I have this Christmas is in my own head about the cooking side of things.


Well, that’s as far as I got!!  Everyone turned up as I typed that last sentence and that was it really up till now.  I just haven’t had a chance to get back in here and update.  We had a wonderful Christmas and everything went off really well.

I can’t believe that my life is about to take another turn!!…..we are moving AGAIN!!!  Well, we are 90% sure we will be. Queenstown is a mining town about 1hrs drive inland from here.  We have lived there twice before.  We know the people and the town quite well.  The first time in 1991 we were there for three years and we were both police.  The 2nd time for two years about 5 yrs ago and I worked as OHS co-coordinator for a mining company.  They have had quite a bit of trouble and strife with a few of the police depts younger members I believe and two have left and two more are going.  They have asked Ricky if he would consider coming back as he knows the town and the people and holds quite a bit of respect there.  Quite the compliment really.

I have QUIT the lollie shop….. I did this before I knew we were moving. Big load off my mind….It really was like putting an alcoholic in a bottle shop!!  Everyday was a struggle against the dreaded sweets!

I scored a job back at the take-a-way where I first started out and should be starting Monday…… just been around to tell them they probably only have me for a fortnight and do they still want me to start?……  waiting on an answer there.

Been up to QUEENSTOWN……( which is where we have been asked to move to)…..  and looked at the house we would be living in if we go.  It is OK…typical Police rental…but I think nicer than this one!

Harry is having an operation on Tuesday to repair his cruciate ligament…….bye bye $800…..but we all know I would sell my soul for my fur babies 🙂  I have to come back and work (maybe) and he will stay with my Mum and Dad and be babysat post op until he is up for the long drive again. My Dad has even procured a wheelchair ramp for him so he doesn’t have to negotiate steps!! We have a wedding in Hobart the next weekend and we were going to go that way around and drop the dogs at my Mum and Dad’s anyway for them to babysit as we will be away for two nights.  So, he can stay there until then and we will bring him home after that wedding weekend.

I have already been and put my resume in at Queenstown for a job that my friend let me know about at the local supermarket. They were very positive when I spoke to them and looks like I wont be unemployed for long!!  I have since been told about another couple also……. boy oh boy!!  I wouldn’t have minded a week or two off to settle in, but I can’t knock them back!!

So, how much things can change in the space of 2 days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!     Jen, if you are reading this I may not be in Strahan when you visit in February…..but we will be in Queenstown, so you can still use us as a base!!  I have contacts up there as well you know 🙂 I will facebook you 🙂

So, just wanted to update you all.  Busy, busy, busy for a month or two by the looks of it.  I will keep you up to date.  I am actually looking forward to it.  Strahan is a beautiful place, but not a lot for me to do here.  I might be able to do a course or something at Queenstown and they have a pool !!!  yay  I also have another lapband friend that lives there, so we can walk together and get motivated once again.