I woke up with really hot knees this morning and I thought, “Oh no!…not something else wrong”….then I realised my tits had dropped another 6 inches!!

Turning 30 was  but a blip on my radar….didn’t notice it.  Too busy getting married and working etc.  40…..same. Not getting married again but I didn’t feel any different and was very busy. Dealing with leaving my dream career after 15yrs and all the reasons that went with that and  brought a shop at 40 and had lots going on…….Actually my 40’s was a blur!!  But turning 50 this year….mentally?????   I am pissed off!!!  All of a sudden I am thinking…..”damn!!  where did that time go?” I don’t feel any different mentally……I still think the same things are funny and the same issues still upset me but I have realised just lately that “young” people view me as elderly!  Well, that sucks balls big time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I don’t hold my grog like I used to. In fact, I hardly drink much at all these days.  I pretend I am a wine soak…..but I’m not really 🙂  All of a sudden, or so it seems, I am sagging!  I am getting really noticeable wrinkles on my face and more grey hairs.  I feel a bit sad that finally I have lost some weight with the help of my band and feel the best I have in years, but the outside of me is going to the pack!  Bummer………………………..    I love how the pillow marks on my face take until lunchtime to plump back out again.  Or the mark where I have crossed my legs or had my leg pressed up against a desk or something just stays there…………….  all day!!  New veins have popped up all over the farking place!!  Well, I suppose they have been there all along, but they are all clamouring to make an appearance now:) 

But I’m happy most of the time and I guess that is what counts.  No serious illness for me or my loved ones….so I am blessed really.  I still say getting old sucks.  I am a hell of lot wiser of course…..  but nobody likes an old smartarse 🙂  I just love to laugh and make others laugh and as long as I’m able to do that then everything is OK in my little neck of the woods………or at least, that is what the voices are telling me 🙂

I work for the next four days.  Ricky is at work now and doesn’t finish until 2am if he is lucky.  We had an early Christmas catch-up with Ricky’s parents this week as they are going to Hobart for Christmas day.  We did the last of our Christmas shopping while we were up the coast visiting them. My family and Ricky’s daughter and her partner and girls are coming to us for Christmas day and Boxing day.  I guess everyone is busy leading up to the big day. 

Harry Highpants has developed quite a nasty limp on his back left leg and we think he may have done some real damage.  So, I am going to give him the weekend to see how he goes, but it is looking like a trip back up the coast to the vet early next week.  I thought I had finished with the trips until after Christmas!!  Oh well, you know I would sell my soul for my fur babies.

So, I will probably get another post in before the big day! I will let you know how Harry goes………  Stay safe and try and avoid those bloody awful hangovers!


9 thoughts on “Aging………………

  1. Happy Birthday? I can relate. Turning 30, no big deal. Turning 40, well there was lots of other drama going on. But turning 45 a couple years ago – I was suddenly on the downside of the hill to 50.

    Go bravely.

    Best of lucky to Harry, too.

  2. Well, you OLD hornbag!!! If it makes you feel any better I’ll be 66 in February and I’m here to tell you you’ve got a ways to wander before you are truly OLD. I do remember the hissy fit I threw when I got a letter on my 50th birthday that was an ad for pre-planning my funeral… It was not a pretty reminder of time that was passing too fast! The good thing is that each year that passes makes me a little less quick on the trigger to blow the fuse about aging. Doesn’t mean I’ve stopped having the occasional ‘dammit to hell I’m getting old’ when I’m slow about doing things that took no effort or thought in past years. Doesn’t mean I don’t have the ‘shit fire I hurt’ when the weather changes and my body starts rejecting me like with the bursitis in my hip that I’ve had to have injected twice in the last month, but … At least I’m still vertical… most of the time anyhoo, as a Tassie friend of mine likes to say. My little momma had a cross stitch in her kitchen that someone had given her… A simple saying…

    Old age isn’t for Sissies!

    She loved it and I have it in one of my boxes. I’m thinking I should be getting it out.

    Love you Nola, and will say a prayer for old Highpants Harry. I’m as bad about my babies as you are…

    Your Okie Red dirt OLD friend…

  3. I love this post. I’ve just turned 45 and while looking in the mirror at all the grey hair and wrinkles (where the hell did they come from all of a sudden) give me the craps, I really like who I am on the inside. I feel like the next phase of my life is beginning and I like what it’s bringing.

    Had to laugh about the hot knees though. Im hearing ya!


  4. I’m 14 months away from the big 50 and I relate so much to everything you’re saying. I try and like my aging self but it’s not easy. I’m certainly trying to make the most of what I’ve got left!

  5. Actually I rather enjoyed turning 50. I reached a new level of self acceptance at that point in my life, a kind of the-hell-with-them attitude instead of worrying how people were judging me.

    Very recently – 14 years later – I had the experience of a young woman giving up her seat at the front of the bus when I got on it. The sign above the seats instructed people to give them up to disabled people and senior citizens. I thanked her and took the seat only because one of my shoes was untied.

    One of my disappointments when I reached my goal weight the last time around was that my thigh flab almost seemed to reach my knees. No bikini for me no matter how slim I ever get.

    Aging does sincerely suck, but (as they say) what’s the alternative.

  6. Hey lady, it won’t be long till I’m hitting that mark and I’m not looking forward to it at all.
    Seems when I hit 40 I developed a new pain everyday. As one faded another took it’s place.
    I was hoping that was just a 40 something thing, but now I’m getting worried. LOL
    I hope you had a Merry Christmas.
    And I hope that the new year is better than the one before for you.
    Oh, and I hope Harry is all better now!!

  7. well i’m still under 40 but am old enough to talk about life experiences in terms of decades ago. I work with people i am old enough to have given birth to and i remember when floppy discs were floppy. i think i am officially an adult, but Nola, you and i are blessed. Until you become a parent you never grow up, so here is to being adolescent for all time!!!

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