Bad blogger…….

yes, well…….I have been off in la la land or something….but I think I have my mojo back.  I seem to have been so busy but have nothing to say!!  Not like me I know 🙂  I am a bit addicted to facebook…..but I am going to try and wean myself off that a bit and spend more time here.  Or maybe I will just put my whole life on hold and spend all day on here bouncing between crackbook and blogging and drinking coffee and eating shortbread.  I freaking love shortbread!!!!!! 

I will update the weight thing on my weight thing page……..but nothing spectacular to report.  Actually, I think I may have been suffering some kind of low grade depression the last few months…..or maybe it could have been totally high grade, depths of despair depression but I just didn’t realise?  How do you know?  I was crying all the time.  I just felt like crying constantly….and angry!!  Don’t know where that came from?  I wondered if it might be menopause or something or hormonal rather than ridgy didge depression?  But not crying so much that I couldn’t function or anything….just feeling like crying but didn’t mostly if you know what I mean?  Anyway……I found it bloody annoying and inconvenient!!  I told the doctor and she suggested St John’s Wort…….so that is what I am taking.  So, now I don’t know if the Wort is working or if I am just over it…… thats farking complicated isn’t it?????  I suppose I could stop taking it and if I feel like a good cry then the wort must have been working 🙂  Nahhhhhh……might stay on it and be merry for the Christmas for now at least.  Maybe I’m possessed?  Maybe I just crossed to the dark side and now I am back?  Maybe that was the real me and this is the fake me????  Oh stop me….stop me now  🙂

I am still at the lollie shop and I am still struggling in that regard.  I am still addicted to eating porridge at odd times of the day and night.  Matter of fact…….I just had a bowl not 10 minutes ago…..  What else??……

We got our licences and intend to do a lot of fishing this season.  We both enjoy fishing and find it very relaxing.  This was our first day up the river after getting the licences and arsie pants caught the biggest trout at 6lbs either of us have ever caught!!!  Of course, he would have lost it if it wasn’t for my superb netting skills.  I haven’t heard the end of this catch….and never will until I catch something!!  *sigh*  I had to take an extra St John’s Wort that day 🙂

I gave up and poured myself a nice hot coffee!!  The thermos and biscuits are the highlight of any fishing trip for me ..

Harry is still tired and doesn’t like to be disturbed 🙂

Ricky is the Christmas tree and Scarlett is the angel………………………….don’t ask 🙂

And Flo might be nearly 19yrs old…..but she still enjoys a good Christmas decoration!!  Just a quick little round-up for you……I will be back…….because I have my MOJO back!!!!!   yayyyyyyy


10 thoughts on “Bad blogger…….

  1. Nola – so glad to hear from you. I’m a member of the same exclusive club as you – I’ve been feeling weepy for a long time (couple of years in fact) and I thought I needed some form of counselling, but it seems to have combined with mood swings as well, so doctor prescribed low grade anti-d’s, which after taking for a month has me feeling wonderfully normal. Not high or super cheerful or anything – just not weepy and able to function properly, and occasionally quite happy. Strangely enough the low periods made me want to write, as long as it wasn’t about myself, so I’ve kept up my regular posts.

  2. Always glad to hear from you! It does sound like depression to me and I’m glad you’re feeling better. I, by the way, had a wicked porridge addiction last winter. This year, it’s greek yogurt.


  3. Ahh Caroline….who knew?! I have no idea why and it was bloody frustrating!!! But life was “normal” on the outside….a very, very strange state of affairs and one that I didn’t deal with too well I’m afraid.

    Zaz……I freaking love Greek yoghurt also!!! Now you have put the idea in my head 🙂 Hey…maybe porridge with a dollop of greek yoghurt on top!!

  4. Mmmm – yep it is very frustrating to be in that space. Take it from someone that knows!!

    Email sometime if you want – would love to talk further rather than on here. I’m trying “alternative” remedies, Vit B, Magnesium/ Calcium supplements and so on.

    Have to say it’s great to have you back with a post, have missed you:-)

    Take care:-)

  5. Oh fine, now I’m craving one of my favorites, hot oatmeal (made with milk and raisins.)

    Unfortunately I understand the addiction thing far to well. I’m addicted to my iPhone which included social media like Facebook = keeping up with friend’s bogs (not writing my own though) and crossword puzzles.

    This time of year, winter where I live, has often been difficult for me. Unfortunately I tend not to be able to cry. I eat and say glued to the couch with my iPhone.

    I enjoy connecting with you whether on crackbool, our blogs or e-mail


  6. ohh nola, i know what you mean. i’ve been weepy on and off for the last few months. in fact i spent saturday in bed sleeping, feeling nauseous and weeping!!! I think a fair wack of it was frustrated anger and pure tirededness, the over-work being what i was frustrated and angry about. now i just feel nerves sick, like i haven’t done something or should feel guilty for something. it is all bloody ridiculous this whole human condition thing.

  7. Re the crying, feeling down… been there! I hope the St Johns Wort continues to help.
    Love love love fishing! But I prefer salt water fishing. I love catching sharks, they fight like shit! Then you get to shoot them in the head! lol
    Glad you are back chick.

  8. Oh, Nola, how I’ve missed reading your blog. How I’ve missed reading everyone’s blogs…and writing my own. I fell into an abyss of my own. It was awful but I finally feel like I’ve clawed my way half way out. I’m glad to hear I’m not the only one. At least I mostly know what was causing it.

    Anyway, I’m glad to see you are still writing. I’m going to try and pop in my regularly….when I’m not watching Facebook to make sure I don’t miss anything that’s happening in my life.


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