Photography is an extreme sport!!……

Scene of the Stunt!

Good photo huh??  This may very well have been the last one I took if I hadn’t been so athletic, toned, alert and……………bouncy 🙂

Let me explain……..   Here in Strahan we are surrounded by some exceptional scenery.  I have found a new love of photographing this scenery.  Yesterday, today and tomorrow we will be  experiencing extremely rough, wild weather.  Roads are closed due to snow and here in Strahan we are  being blown away with hail storms, wind gusts and rain.  It is terrible weather, but it makes for fabulous high seas out at the beach and down at the “heads”.  I took myself for a drive out to the beach this morning and battled to stand against the wind, but got some great photos.  Ricky is on dayshift.  I asked if he was going out to the “heads” later if he would pick me up and take me  with him so I could take some more photos.  He obliged and that’s where the trouble started…………………………………….

Rough, rough weather out there being battered by the winds off the ocean but so beautiful !!  He drove down onto the beach in the big 4wd that is his work vehicle.  Oh yeah….. I was in my happy place.  Then the sand started getting a bit soft and “dodgy” towards the entrance to the harbour.  Not good to stop in soft sand as you may sink.  So, we are only going at walking pace  and Ricky says, ” You just jump out and take your photos and I will keep going up here a bit and turn around and come back for you”.  Good plan darling………….. so I open my door.

The next thing I am flying through the air with my head lower than my arse…..which I knew immediately not to be a good thing!!  I hit the sand and did the most spectacular “ninja” roll you have ever seen!!  The back wheel of the 4wd was about to run over my leg… another expert ninja roll by me, and helped by my adrenalin, averted squashed leg disaster and then it was kind of like in the movies where they cue to smudged edge dream sequence, and everything goes into slow motion.  I saw the car turning further up the beach and then I had a short moment where everything stopped.  Kind of like when you land a fish and it just lays there for a second or two and then starts madly flapping about on the rocks…..that was me 🙂

Then I kind of had an “Archmed the terrorist” moment where I thought….”My legs, my legs….I can’t feel my legs!!”  lol  lol  Then I spat the sand out of my mouth and jumped up…..  just like that 🙂  I was covered in sand.  From top to toe….smothered in the bloody stuff…and so was my  camera.  My left leg from the knee down feels a little tender and my right arm from the elbow down.    But I am OK….. thank the Lord…..I am OK….. Nothing snapped….or that I could feel at that point in time anyway.  I was upright……   what the fark just happened!!! 

I’ll tell you…….   as I went to step out of the 4wd my foot caught on the bloody big plastic mud catching mat that was on the floor.  The rest, as they say is history…..cue my slow motion, stunt woman dream sequence ninja inspired drop and roll out of the vehicle 🙂

Ricky came back and stopped next to me.  “What the farking hell did you just do??!!!”

“No really, thanks for your concern….but I think I am OK”

Then we both just cracked up.  Once he knew I was OK…well sort of….in a not dead kind of way……..  His exact words were…

“I am going at less than walking speed and you fall out of the bloody car!!  One minute you were there and the next all I saw was your bum followed by your legs up in the air….then you disappeared!!  It looked like you had your extreme sports mixed up and had launched yourself out of the car thinking you were going skydiving…. not taking farking photos!!” lol  lol 

We laughed all the way back home….. just couldn’t help it.  It was the most bazaar thing to have happened and really, very funny!!  I told Ricky he should be so proud to have a wife who is 50 yrs old but that can still handle herself in a spectacular, physical way like that!!!!  Who else’s wife does random ninja rolls out of Police vehicles in the middle of a storm in the wilderness???  Well………???    yeah…right buddy….  not bloody many!!!  🙂  

I told him he nearly ran over my legs…… how would we have explained that to the inspector.  Ricky very compassionately said he would have found it harder to explain how he got the car bogged out there!!!!!  I love you too honey 🙂  They would not have believed us anyway…….  ” Yes Sir, that’s correct….my wife is in hospital because she sky dived out of the police vehicle whilst going at walking pace and face planted herself in the sand whilst placing her legs under the wheels of my vehicle..”…………………   🙂

I have been home an hour or so now and things are starting to hurt a little.  I have hurt my right arm again…..and my left hip again.  How am I going to explain that!!!!!  My arm I hurt about six weeks ago…I am pretty sure it is just muscular.  However it is my right arm that I use all the time.  I had hold of the dog lead and Scarlett took off to bark at another dog and went behind me…and so did my arm…hurt like hell at the time.  The week after that I had cortisone injections into my left hip…..bursitis apparently.  The Monday after that I slipped in the moss at the picnic area in Rosebery near the river.  I was taking PHOTOS again of the beautiful river there while the dogs had a pee.  I re-hurt my arm and stirred up my hip that day.  They have only both started settling down and feeling better and what do I do…………………………..  launch myself ninja style from a moving vehicle and land on left hip and then roll onto my right arm in order to save my farking legs from being squashed !!!!  Might see if they settle down again before I try and explain that one to a doctor 🙂  Since I have been sitting here typing this my ribs are hurting a little too and my left knee is hurting like a bastard!!!!

But still…………………………………………………………

I really wish someone had been filming that…..because I think it would have been one spectacular stunt sequence with the whole “drop and roll” thing that could have opened some doors for me 🙂

Has it put me off photography?   I will let you know when the pain really sets in tomorrow…….  might go shake the sand out of my clothes now they have dried off a bit and get them washed, and maybe I might have a nice, long soak in a warm bath with some Radox!!  This ninja shit takes it out of a girl………………………………………….


19 thoughts on “Photography is an extreme sport!!……

  1. Hey Hornbag

    Well first off I am SO SO glad that you are back blogging I have really missed it. And secondly I really am not suprised that you are rolling ninja style out of moving police vehicles the day that something crazy doesnt happen to you will be a suprise lol!! Though seriously i hope you are ok and selfishly I have to admit it is hilarious. I really wish someone had captured it on video too. Missing you heaps

  2. Hoorayyyyyyyyy you just gave me the best bedtime story ever!! I have had a depressing evening (just of the disappointing people variety) and whammo…you have me busting out laughing right when I needed it…thanks!!! and even if your ribs are bruised and your hip and arm hurt..know that you did it for a cause…and I for one appreciated your extreme ninja skydiving from a 4 wheel drive vehicle.

  3. ohhhh my giddy aunt…what a crack up….must tell hubby if I giggling in my sleep tonight he can blame this post….!!!

    Hope the radox bath helped all the aches and pains xx

  4. Oh lordy, woman, you’re having a tough go of it lately. I hope the pain is temporary and you heal soon. And hey, the silver lining is you made several people’s days! That has to count for something, right??

    I just caught up with your blog and I wanted to say how wonderful you are and request that you be kinder to yourself. 🙂 People like us, we will always struggle with food (much like an alcoholic does with booze) with or without the band. It truly is a journey where we never really can stop traveling once we allegedly reach our destination. If that means we have to take things slow and ocassionally pause along the way, then so be it. Just keep on the journey.

    The other thing I wad going to suggest is the 5 day pouch test. Google for it and read about it. You might benefit from it. Also, it’s possible that you experience first bite syndrome. When I get that, I hurt a lot and can’t eat but still feel hungry. That’s because I’m not actually full, but rather, the muscles in my pouch and esophagus are cramping up. If you have questions about that, email me!

    Hang in there and don’t float away in the rain!

  5. … and I’ve been turned down for a job and have been feeling liks sh*t all morning, then read your post and I’m still laughing. You’ve cheered me up no end without intending to Nola, thank you.

    I thought it was the wind that blew you to hell and back, much more ROMANTIC and WORTHY……..not a bloody MAT. We have a beach near Bristol (Weston-super-Mare) which is famous for swallowing up cars in soft sand, and as you’re describing the event I’m thinking “No, don’t do it….”

    You’re at your very best telling stories against yourself – but it’s BAD BAD to wish things to happen to you for our amusement……


  6. If someone had been watching from the sidelines they might have thought, at first, the it was a body dump.
    You know, with the door wide open, someone falling out and the whole time the vehicle did not stop.
    But I do hope by now that the only thing left is the humor. Meaning that I hope the pain is GONE!!!

  7. Well, I’m glad it turned out almost ok. Once my cousin fell off my Grandfathers tractor the same way, very slow, fell fight in front of the back wheel. He didn’t get squished, but almost….

    Nola, on your blog profile is a link to your blog that needs to be fixed. It is very difficult to get to your blog from your blog profile.

    Thank you for commenting on my Bats in Australia post, BTW!

  8. This is sooo funny. The wonderful thing is that – no matter what – you don’t seem to lose your sense of humor. Or your dedication as a writer. Though you writhe in pain, you settle down to write your post. Kudos, my friend.

    I hope you realize that if you were a wee kidlet in the U.S. and went to see a doctor with all the trauma to which your poor body has been recently inflicted, the doc would be required to contact the Department of Social Services because of suspected child abuse. You might be well advised to set up the next following weeks as a ” Be Kind to Nola’s Bod” time.

  9. I just re-read the entire thing again forgetting that I’d previously read it and finding it totally amusing (again). I guess this senior state of mind has its advantages.

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