Photography is an extreme sport!!……

Scene of the Stunt!

Good photo huh??  This may very well have been the last one I took if I hadn’t been so athletic, toned, alert and……………bouncy 🙂

Let me explain……..   Here in Strahan we are surrounded by some exceptional scenery.  I have found a new love of photographing this scenery.  Yesterday, today and tomorrow we will be  experiencing extremely rough, wild weather.  Roads are closed due to snow and here in Strahan we are  being blown away with hail storms, wind gusts and rain.  It is terrible weather, but it makes for fabulous high seas out at the beach and down at the “heads”.  I took myself for a drive out to the beach this morning and battled to stand against the wind, but got some great photos.  Ricky is on dayshift.  I asked if he was going out to the “heads” later if he would pick me up and take me  with him so I could take some more photos.  He obliged and that’s where the trouble started…………………………………….

Rough, rough weather out there being battered by the winds off the ocean but so beautiful !!  He drove down onto the beach in the big 4wd that is his work vehicle.  Oh yeah….. I was in my happy place.  Then the sand started getting a bit soft and “dodgy” towards the entrance to the harbour.  Not good to stop in soft sand as you may sink.  So, we are only going at walking pace  and Ricky says, ” You just jump out and take your photos and I will keep going up here a bit and turn around and come back for you”.  Good plan darling………….. so I open my door.

The next thing I am flying through the air with my head lower than my arse…..which I knew immediately not to be a good thing!!  I hit the sand and did the most spectacular “ninja” roll you have ever seen!!  The back wheel of the 4wd was about to run over my leg… another expert ninja roll by me, and helped by my adrenalin, averted squashed leg disaster and then it was kind of like in the movies where they cue to smudged edge dream sequence, and everything goes into slow motion.  I saw the car turning further up the beach and then I had a short moment where everything stopped.  Kind of like when you land a fish and it just lays there for a second or two and then starts madly flapping about on the rocks…..that was me 🙂

Then I kind of had an “Archmed the terrorist” moment where I thought….”My legs, my legs….I can’t feel my legs!!”  lol  lol  Then I spat the sand out of my mouth and jumped up…..  just like that 🙂  I was covered in sand.  From top to toe….smothered in the bloody stuff…and so was my  camera.  My left leg from the knee down feels a little tender and my right arm from the elbow down.    But I am OK….. thank the Lord…..I am OK….. Nothing snapped….or that I could feel at that point in time anyway.  I was upright……   what the fark just happened!!! 

I’ll tell you…….   as I went to step out of the 4wd my foot caught on the bloody big plastic mud catching mat that was on the floor.  The rest, as they say is history…..cue my slow motion, stunt woman dream sequence ninja inspired drop and roll out of the vehicle 🙂

Ricky came back and stopped next to me.  “What the farking hell did you just do??!!!”

“No really, thanks for your concern….but I think I am OK”

Then we both just cracked up.  Once he knew I was OK…well sort of….in a not dead kind of way……..  His exact words were…

“I am going at less than walking speed and you fall out of the bloody car!!  One minute you were there and the next all I saw was your bum followed by your legs up in the air….then you disappeared!!  It looked like you had your extreme sports mixed up and had launched yourself out of the car thinking you were going skydiving…. not taking farking photos!!” lol  lol 

We laughed all the way back home….. just couldn’t help it.  It was the most bazaar thing to have happened and really, very funny!!  I told Ricky he should be so proud to have a wife who is 50 yrs old but that can still handle herself in a spectacular, physical way like that!!!!  Who else’s wife does random ninja rolls out of Police vehicles in the middle of a storm in the wilderness???  Well………???    yeah…right buddy….  not bloody many!!!  🙂  

I told him he nearly ran over my legs…… how would we have explained that to the inspector.  Ricky very compassionately said he would have found it harder to explain how he got the car bogged out there!!!!!  I love you too honey 🙂  They would not have believed us anyway…….  ” Yes Sir, that’s correct….my wife is in hospital because she sky dived out of the police vehicle whilst going at walking pace and face planted herself in the sand whilst placing her legs under the wheels of my vehicle..”…………………   🙂

I have been home an hour or so now and things are starting to hurt a little.  I have hurt my right arm again…..and my left hip again.  How am I going to explain that!!!!!  My arm I hurt about six weeks ago…I am pretty sure it is just muscular.  However it is my right arm that I use all the time.  I had hold of the dog lead and Scarlett took off to bark at another dog and went behind me…and so did my arm…hurt like hell at the time.  The week after that I had cortisone injections into my left hip…..bursitis apparently.  The Monday after that I slipped in the moss at the picnic area in Rosebery near the river.  I was taking PHOTOS again of the beautiful river there while the dogs had a pee.  I re-hurt my arm and stirred up my hip that day.  They have only both started settling down and feeling better and what do I do…………………………..  launch myself ninja style from a moving vehicle and land on left hip and then roll onto my right arm in order to save my farking legs from being squashed !!!!  Might see if they settle down again before I try and explain that one to a doctor 🙂  Since I have been sitting here typing this my ribs are hurting a little too and my left knee is hurting like a bastard!!!!

But still…………………………………………………………

I really wish someone had been filming that…..because I think it would have been one spectacular stunt sequence with the whole “drop and roll” thing that could have opened some doors for me 🙂

Has it put me off photography?   I will let you know when the pain really sets in tomorrow…….  might go shake the sand out of my clothes now they have dried off a bit and get them washed, and maybe I might have a nice, long soak in a warm bath with some Radox!!  This ninja shit takes it out of a girl………………………………………….


Yesterday after my whinge I got stuck into the housework and got the house all nice  for my visitors. Today I have walked the dogs………then bathed the dogs due to an “accidental” incident involving seagull poo!!!  I have been up to the supermarket and grabbed some things….the important stuff like mixers for the top shelf 🙂  All is in readiness….  I am really quite excited!! Of course I took them here…………

Yesterday didn’t let me down.  Had a lovely drive around with”Basil’s Blue Light Coach Tours” for an hour or two.  A lovely sunny winters day. We had fish and chips for tea….. a good day.

Now my friends are off on a harbour cruise that I managed to get them on.  They will be back around 3pm.  Nice for them to have some “alone” time together and I am preparing a nice dinner.  I have asked a couple of friends from here also, to mix it up a bit conversation and company wise.  Mostly I can pre-prepare everything… then I can just relax with a drink and have a chat until it is time to serve up!  Looking forward to it 🙂

It is Thursday now and my visitors have headed off.  I have totally enjoyed their visit.  I was a little disappointed that I had this damn cold and felt a bit under par for the duration…..but still, loved their company.  We had two sunny days which has been quite rare here lately!  Today it is back to rain again….. so we couldn’t have ordered better.  I will leave you with a couple of pictures from the last couple of days……

Looking down the valley to the mining town of Queenstown from halfway up Gormanston Hill

This one is looking up the other way from the same spot

Myself & my friend Sue, who lives here in Strahan, at the lookout halfway between Strahan and Queenstown


I never feel full lately….. just uncomfortable.  Doesn’t matter what I have I just don’t feel that satisfied feeling.  I either feel pain and maybe spew a bit up and then just feel uncomfortable and miserable for a while…….or I eat a slider food and feel guilty, guilty, guilty and still hungry anyway!!!  It isn’t helping that I am not losing weight. I feel like a bloody failure and that I might as well have the band out and get stuck in to a decent meal and give myself something to really feel guilty about!!!!!!  I don’t know…. it is a lot of bloody mucking around for a measely 20kgs or so.  Sure, I look and feel better so far…..but I have so much further to go and it is really starting to get me down…….. 

Ricky is still sick with this cold/flu thing and has just recovered from a bout of vomiting and the runs thrown in for good measure.  I have a headache, sore throat and feel pretty shitty myself.  I have guests coming tomorrow for three nights……please don’t let me get the 24hr vomit thing!!!!!!!!  I can cope with the sore throat and headache….but not the vomiting.  I am really, really looking forward to their visit.  Another lapbander who I have made great friends with in recent times and who I feel I have known all my life!!  It might do me good to have a good talk to her and get this shit off my liver!!!!  She is an inspiration and has lost over 50kgs.  What a woman!!!!!!

It is raining, cold and windy and terrible here today.  Our yard is nearly under water and the stupid heaters in this house are just not enough to cope with the really cold weather……bloody landlords!!  Bloody police department renting this bloody house off the bloody stingy landlord!!!!!!!!  My mood is a good match for the weather

We will have to put some floaties on Scarlett so she can have a poo soon!!

I feel bad having a whinge about the state of our wet yard when I have just seen the damage the earthquake has done in New Zealand….  and my thoughts do go out to my blogging and facebook buddies across the ditch!!

It is Father’s Day here and I have rung my Dad and told him how much I love him.  He got his present a little early last time I went up to visit.  I am so blessed to have a wonderful Dad like mine, and indeed, to still have him here with me.  I know there are many of you out there that have lost their Dad’s.  I don’t want to think about that for now…..I am just so, so grateful that mine is about and I can ring him and tell him I love him 🙂

A bit of a bleak post for a bleak day…..oh well…..we all have those I suppose.  Guess I’ll just have to put on my big girls blouse and deal with it!!


 I thought I might do a diary entry each day or two as a blog post.  I forget what I have done and how I am feeling, so putting a little bit on here each day might be the go.  I am pretty sure it has everything to do with being 50 and nothing to do with being busy as to the reason I can’t remember what I have done! I will then publish it each couple of days………  I know…..brilliant!! 🙂  If I keep it up that is……………………………..

Yesterday (Thurs 2nd) was a terrible, terrible day between me and my guts and head.  I just could not stop eating.  I ate what they refer to in bandland as “slider” foods.  You know, I have had the band nearly two years now and I am only just starting to hear some of these terms and know what they mean and “getting” some of the stuff I hear others talk about!  Well, slider food is just what it sounds like really… that slides down through the band easilly without having to chew it to smithereens first…..  nice and effortless and mindless and 99 out of a 100 times it is FATTENING!!!!  I was home alone yesterday and last night….  but I wasn’t bored.  I always have plenty to do.  Maybe if Ricky had been here I wouldn’t have eaten what I did because I would have been embarrassed.  I can’t explain it…….I just have to eat.  Until I feel uncomfortably full.  Even then I still look around and see what else there is I could scoff.  Why, why, why??????? 

Because I keep a “safe” house…..most of the time, there wasn’t much “shit” to eat.  But still I gave it my best shot 🙂  I am trying to remember what I ate…..  when I sit and try and remember the next day I feel so ashamed….and a little bamboozled to be honest.  I don’t understand what comes over me and why I feel I have to eat so much?  It’s like I become obsessed.  I need that full feeling?  I need a sugar rush?  I need a dairy rush? … stuffed if I bloody know!!  One thing I know….I cannot have cream in the house.  It takes over my thoughts until I know it is gone.  Go figure……….     I brought a container of thickened cream because I had intentions of making a lemon slice that required this as an ingredient.  I never got to make the slice because I plastered a third of the container on my morning porridge….with sugar!  Then I had another bowl for morning tea…..same.  Then I had another bowl for lunch…..same.  And….later last night I had another bowl !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Yesterday was all about the cream.  Anaylise that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  🙂

Actually don’t….I wouldn’t want you doing your heads in!  I am quite happy working through my “issues” solo.  After all….I have done so up until this point.  Today I am in “regret” mode.  Or “why” mode…..or just plain…” well fark me …wipe that day!”mode.  I’m leaning towards the last one 🙂  So today is a new day.  What else can you bloody do really?  Oh, there was much more inbetween my porridge and cream fest.  Oh yes…. much more.  Without the band …  of course I would have still given it my best shot and just ate more solid shit!!!  With the band…… you can still go down the shitter with your slider foods……..    you are still going to have your “head spin” days.  No getting around it.  The people that don’t lose any weight after having a band and continue to put weight on really must have huge “head issues”.  I don’t think mine are that bad…….  I just need to find some discipline from somewhere on the odd occassion.  And not keep CREAM in the house!!! 

Today I have had a fruit smoothie on my return from the dog walk.  I just had a glass of water and a coffee.  I am about to have another coffee and I intend to have a modifast shake for my lunch.  I will be doing an extra walk later this evening to try and counter the damage I did yesterday…..  and a few other days lately, just quietly .  Time I got myself back on track!!  I have been a ditzy tart lately.  I have been lucky enough to be in a position where I could have a lapband to give me a hand with my weight issues……  time I appreciated that fact and start working with it not against it.

My next big hurdle comes at 1pm today…………………………   BLOODY WORK IN A LOLLIE SHOP!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am home from work.  I did OK.  I got busy when I arrived at 11am.  Not with customers….but I made myself busy.  I took some photos for my boss ready to email him and bagged up some bits and pieces.  One piece of fudge went into my mouth before I thought about it!!  I had my Optifast.  I had also brought an Optifast bar with me.  I chopped that up into little pieces and just had a little piece of that every now and then throughout the afternoon……that seemed to work.  I also sat a bottle of water on the bench and forced myself to drink that over the course of the afternoon. I am pretty happy with how I went.  I think I have put the brakes on myself before I got too carried away……..  I might send this photo to the boss…..

Bored much??!! lol lol

 Ricky returned from Burnie with a small Kentucky Fried chicken popcorn for me to have for my tea…….bless him!!  I had asked him to bring it back if he was going to get himself something….but I had forgotten that request.  Anyhooooo….I had probably 4 pieces and it hurt like hell…..the “chipmunk cheeks” thing started and I spewed it up.  Hmmmmm…still feel hungry.  Now this next bit I am very, very proud of.  You see, I forgot to mention that there was still about a third of the cream left in the fridge!!  🙂  I can’t begin to tell you the mental tussel I just had with myself.  Cereal smothered with cream for tea….just to use it up you understand?  Once it is gone I wont get anymore…blah, blah….head talk, head talk.  You know what I just did???  I got up….went to the fridge….got the cream out….and………………………  tipped it down the farking sink!!!!!!   Thank you….thank you very much “:)  🙂

I am sitting here at my computer feeling very full and satisfied having half completed a smoothie with raspberries, banana, soy milk and yoghurt. Ricky has gone off to fight crime and corruption and I might have an early night and read a book in bed before I go to sleep 🙂