Happy Birthday Mum……

It’s my gorgeous Mum’s birthday today (30th Aug) …..  happy birthday Mum!!  How old doesn’t seem to matter … (I think she is 69).  She is never sure herself and it certainly doesn’t faze her!! How do I tell her exactly how much I love her? I mean, I have told her I love her on many occassions, but it just never seems a big enough word for how I feel about her. I think of Mum and I think of how very, very fortunate I am to have a Mum like her. We share the same month birthday wise…but not the same star sign.  I think we are very different……and yet……very alike.  I can’t imagine my life without my Mum in it.  She is my rock …………… and she rocks!! 🙂

I don’t think she realises how clever she is at so many things and how proud she makes me feel with the accolades she receives for her writing and other things.  She is so classy with how she dresses and always looks so up to date and dresses beautifully…… except the odd “bag lady” moments around the house!! lol  lol  Myself and Karen are always helpfully honest in pointing this out 🙂  She is not so “up herself” that she wouldn’t receive visitors in her housework clothes though….. I love that.  “If they don’t like it then they wont come back then, will they?!! ” She is a housework maniac!  Loves a shiny floor does my Mum 🙂 

My Mum is…………………………….a computer nerd:  she did a course to find out how a computer works inside. Over the years she has become our computer tech head.  Any problems….and I mean any problem from virus erradication to printer problems, we ring our family computer tech….. She “sets up” her pensioner friends on their computers and then spends countless hours teaching them how to use it.  She is then like their free, on call, computer whizz…and they do call !

Writer:  she has been published in the Readers Digest and many short story anthologies.  She is sought after in Tasmania to give talks etc to different groups on writing and is a member of this and that all over the place to do with her writing. She gives her time to many organisations, running little poetry and writing workshops for them.  For instance, the local aged care home.She has won countless competitions for short stories and poetry.  She takes workshops.  She chases us around the house and forces us to sit and listen to her latest story . We stir her and let out load moans and screams of protest if we have to “endure” sitting and listening to another story……. but we really are very, very proud of her 🙂 She puts comments on my blog longer than my bloody post was!!

Cheersquad:  She has always told me I can do anything I want! Has always been supportive of all my crackpot dreams and ideas.  She has always told me I am beautiful.  Has come along for the lapband ride with me and supported me all the way because it is what I wanted to do.  She has given me confidence.  In the most dire of situations and fashion disasters she always finds something good for me to focus on.  I could look like I had just been dragged through a blackberry bush backwards and she would cast her eye over me and say, “That colour in you hair looks lovely when the sun hits it”.

Photographer:  She loves her camera!!  She always has it shoved in someones face!  Drives us nuts with it.  “No wait!!   Don’t move….go back there. Do that again….oh, please!”

Fisherwoman: She is really good!!  Annoyingly good…..well, to Dad anyway.  I think perhaps she may have caught more trout than Dad….but who’s counting, right Mum??  Well, he needs to remember that your fishing trips would not be as enjoyable if it wasn’t for the expert way you pack that thermos and cake!!

Dog Lover:  She loves her dog quite possibly more than she loves us!!   * enough said  *  🙂  No really, she carries a brag book in her handbag with Alice the dog shots in it………and not one of us!!!!   lol   lol  She has my sister’s dog, Gloria, every work day in doggy day care while Karen works and enquires about my two and their health long before she will think to enquire about mine!  lol

Style Queen: I always think Mum looks amazing.  She never does the “mutton dressed as lamb” thing, although her penchant for glittery and shiney things has been a tad worrying in recent times!  She has always taken care of herself and looked beautiful.  Every night she puts moisturiser cream on her feet while she sits in her chair and her toenails are always nicely polished. She always smells delicious and has never smoked.  She has legs to die for!!  Her make-up is just right and not too much. I love her hair.  Naturally wavey and a quick blow dry and a squirt of hairspray sees her right.  She spent time with us in some wonderful childhood and teenage-hood moments, teaching us how to apply eyeshadow and paint our nails so we didn’t get “globs” and things like that. Perfect mother, daughter memories. 

Memory Maker:  There is not one moment growing up that I don’t want to remember.  Mum made my dancing costumes, she sat up into the early morning hours sewing whole outfits for my beloved dolls for “Santa to leave” . Frilly little pants, petticoats, dresses, coats, hats…..I adored those dolls clothes!!  The best Christmas present ever.  Mary and Princess got dressed and undressed in those outfits many, many times. She scratched my head while we watched TV.  To this day I still love someone scratching my head or touching my hair……  I have always felt safe and happy in her presence. Who could ask for more of their mother? 

Shrink:  And let’s not even begin to try and estimate how many “dramas” she has mediated and “fixed” throughout my life!!  Career, relationships, finance etc etc.  Let’s just say I have kept her very busy in that department 🙂

I could just go on and on and on!!!  So many stories ….. so much laughter and love.  Heaps of tears too don’t worry….. but Mum could usually put things back into perspective and quell my worries. 

So, have a happy birthday Mum.  Don’t forget you got your present early!! Don’t try playing the dementia card and saying I didn’t get you anything 🙂  So medicate and take it easy today……no wait!!!!…….  that’s me 🙂     xxxxx

Goddess Gallery…………

Beautiful lake, boat, thermos mugs, cake, silly hats....let's go fishing!

She is a multi tasker!! Cornered us to hear a story and has her camera in the other hand!!

On the beach with our step-sister, Alice 🙂

Style Queen! Dad, you are a lucky guy 🙂

Oh, and Mum……..  I still have the vase……for now 🙂    (This is a whole other story. I might tell you next post!)

****  Happy Birthday also to my blogging friend, Anne who is going through a rough time at the moment…..thinking of you today and every day.


9 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Mum……

  1. First of all I hope your mum has a wonderful day. Wish her a very Happy birthday from this Virgo. She sounds a very special and also a very interesting person. Thanks for sharing the photos.

    Second – thanks for your birthday wishes and thoughts.

  2. Happy Birthday Mum – you sound like a wonderful woman.

    Nola, I think you have inherited alot of your mothers traits.

    I laughed so hard at Alice’s brag book.

  3. Bloody Hell Nola – I suppose you expect me to live up to that highly exaggerated report on my ‘doings.’ I have scaled down the writing thingos now – and you owe me a cup of coffee when you come up again – Karen is ahead of you! Yes, I love you too.

  4. How wonderful! I’m so happy that you love your Mum (and I guess Dad, too). I have great parents, too, and I’m so lucky to have them!

    And oh!!! My mum scratches my head when I lay down on the couch with my head on her lap, too!! I’ve taught my husband to do it, too, heeeeeeeee. He’s not as good as mom, but he’s getting better. 😉

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