I’m back & rested….

Hi everyone  🙂

I have had my little rest and I think I am all the better for it.  Blogging was becoming a chore and I didn’t want it to feel like that.  I wanted to want to blog….. ya know?  So, I am pretty bored with Crackbook and the fact it won’t let me prattle on for more than so many characters etc….that sucks!  I have done a bit of housekeeping on here and condensed my pages a little.  I have kept the Fluid and Mushie pages for new lapbanders that might like to refer to them.  My blogging is not focusing on the band so much these days……but I will definitely do the odd band report!

I hope you have noticed that I have done a new winter themed header?????  I took that yesterday 27th Aug when we stopped for a pee on the way back to Strahan from Devonport.  A beautiful winter wonderland with fresh, fluffy snow……but these two were more interested in the bloody possum poo under the bush!!  Oh well, I got a good bum shot…..and you know how I love my puppies bums 🙂

This happened while I was gone also………………………………..

Bugger……………………………………………………………………  🙂

After spending nearly an hour removing all the candles from the cake…..Nola deveoped a nasty stitch in her side!!  🙂

I had a lovely suprise dinner.  I knew a couple of friends were coming….but I didn’t know they would have 50 plastered over every available surface at the venue and I would be required to wear a badge and a 50 crown just in case strangers missed the serviettes, balloon, glass etc!!  lol  lol  I had a great night and got very spoilt. That was on the 15th Aug … so I have had some time to recover…..

We are certainly in the depths of our winter here!  Today is a miserable day with hail and wind and very cold….about 10 degrees celcius today I think!  I start work in a couple of hours and, as you can see, I am filling in my time constructively by getting back into my blog!  I spent a few days with my sister who lives in Devonport….about 3hrs drive North of here.  I did a little retail therapy and a lot of laughing. I just made it back here before we got snowed in.  Strahan doesn’t exactly get snow on the ground because we are so coastal, but all the hills that surround us and the two roads out to the major towns/city to the North and South East of us get closed due to heavy snow falls.  I heard on the radio they have been closed today.  Here are some photos that I took travelling up and again coming back yesterday for your viewing enjoyment 🙂

This is the Stitt River at Rosebery…..about one third of my way to Devonport.  I fell over here!!  I had taken this photo and the dogs were happy peeing on everything.  I went to walk back up towards the car and down I went in the moss 😦  It bloody hurt too!  I was saturated and covered in moss, so I used the dogs towels to wipe myself down.  I was just grateful I didn’t hurt my back, break me or my camera!

Our stop on the way back….the toilet block and rest area near Waratah.  We couldn’t stay long here…..it started snowing really heavilly.  A truck driver pulled in going the other way and he told me the road was clear….so I loaded up the dogs and pushed on.  I was considering turning around and going back to Burnie at this point to stay with Ricky’s parents. 

The rest area again…….just beautiful.

So, this will do for now and I promise to blog regularly from now on.  I have been skulking about reading your blogs lately and leaving the odd comment……..how is Coco and her peeing, Chris?  🙂  I enjoy the blog community and I have missed it after only one month away!!


11 thoughts on “I’m back & rested….

  1. All that snow does NOT look beautiful…. it’s looks friggin freezing. God I don’t miss snow and freezing me buns off@!

    OMG.. HAPPY 50th Ya Tart! You are younger than me… lucky thing. I’m 52 in October!

  2. Yay! Good to see you back again. I know what you mean when blogging gets to be a chore. I’m not sure where my blog is headed, I’m kind of tired of myself.

    I love the puppy bums and congrats on the birthday! I think the snow looks great. It’s been 100° here (that’s almost 40°C). Snow sounds appealing right about now.

  3. Nola, so lovely to have you back – I miss your wacky sense of humour and general joy at living. But your right – blogging should never be a chore – I try to post once a week and if I’m not in the mood then it’s just a short sharp touch base type post whereas if I feel like then I was lyrical! Love the pics – I’m going to try and have more of them in future – makes it easy to blog!!! Zxx

  4. Great to have you back!! Your blog always makes me smile or at time laugh out loud. Have missed you but can understand the need for a break.

    Happy (belated) 50th:-)

  5. Welcome back, seems you & I have had the same hiatus.

    Glad to see the dogs in their “Calender” pose of showing their dates !!!!

    I know how cold it gets down in Tassie but it looks so beautiful, I can feel the icy winds ripping through by arthritic bones now ! lol!

  6. Glad you’re back!
    We missed ya!
    Oh, and glad you didn’t break anything!!
    It fascinates me that there is is snowing and cold and here is it miserably hot. It is starting to cool down though. Autumn will be here soon.
    Oh yeah, and glad you are rested up.

  7. don’t you go falling and breakin’ something now at your advanced age…!
    glad you are back to blogging, I feel a little burned out with facecrack but I keep going back, over and over…
    I’m so glad to see snow over where you are, do not, I repeat do not, send it our way. I hate winter, I hate cold, I hate snow. Now that we have that worked out…
    take care and don’t be a stranger.

  8. wooohoooo you back ! Gee I am glad when we travel that way in February it won’t be snowing….I don’t like the cold much !!
    Ohhhh and a belated happy birthday…wish I could be 50 again !

  9. Lovely to see you back! Perhaps the answer is to blog less often? I appreciate the importance of FB as a means of communication, and I exchange remarks with the best of them from time to time, but it’s like snacking instead of having meat and two veg – it just ain’t enough. Plus I’m not always keen on having every inanity I say on display for ever and ever on people’s walls. And whenever anybody puts a revolting photo of me on there and tags it, I’ve had it – there it is for all to see for all enternity….

    If you don’t want to blog about the band, just wait till you have a good story to tell… You’re so good at that.


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