Before I go………..

Bula!! 🙂

Two more sleeps and we will be in Fiji.  But for now I am sitting here in my loungeroom sipping coffee and typing this while I wait for it to be time to get ready for work.  I suspect other people would be still in bed at this time on a Sunday morning if they had any sense!  It is quite cold here….maybe 6 degrees by the feel of it and will probably get up to about 12 degrees through the day.  Heater weather from now on that’s for sure!  I don’t mind the winter but I am always glad to welcome the summer around again! We had quite a heavy frost in our yard last week which is unusual because we are so close to the sea but still we get the most fantastic sunsets…………..       this is taken from near my clothesline in the backyard……

My band is still tight.  I worry that I am not eating enough red meat or iron rich foods.  I think when I get back from holidays I will have my doctor check my iron levels and start supplements if I need them.  I do seem to be more tired than usual…… but then……  I could just be feeling tired and need this holiday and it could have nothing to do with that.  I take multi vitamins and fish oil tablets plus vitamin D boosted calcium tablets.  I also have to take my celebrex anti inflammatory tabs and hormone tabs every morning…….no wonder I can’t fit any breakfast in first up!!  I rarely have breakfast these days actually.  The last few weeks I have been having an Up & Go or Optifast smoothie with yoghurt and Benefibre thrown in about 10am.  On work days like today I will have that just before I go and then have my cup a soups through the day and maybe some salada crackers with vegemite or something like that. 

Before this last fill I could eat salada crackers all day constantly with no problems if I wanted.  Now I very, very slowly nibble maybe two (half the big square) and then I have to stop and it hurts a bit if I am not careful and go slow and chew like a mad woman!  BUT….. of course………….  lollies and chocolate and other shitty foods go down so easily!!!   Why is that!!!???  I do wonder really, because the biscuits kind of disolve in your mouth before you swallow them like a piece of chocolate or a lolly does……but it seems to “reform” or glug back together in your stomach whereas chocolate and similar must stay in liquid form and slide through the band easily?  I think that may be why…….

If I drink straight after a food like the “gluggy” biscuits ( just one sip of coffee for instance)  it seems to just sit on top of the biscuit in the stomach and more often than not, that is when I have to go and spew it up.  It is the strangest feeling……sometimes no pain at all accompanies this……  just a build up of phlem right back behind my back teeth and then I just have to open my mouth and out the last thing I ate comes!!  No effort….no heaving….just open up and out it comes.  And it is not everything I just ate usually……just the last mouthful.  I am mostly glad of this because it means that some food has got through the gatekeeper and is doing it’s thing!  It must sound terrible to a non-bander….. but it really isn’t as bad as it sounds.  Strangely it is something you get used to in a way….

So, anyway, that is where I stand bandwise at the moment.  I am not sure how I will go on holidays.  I am not too worried ….  I know I can live on fruit smoothies at the ice-cream place at the resort and I have packed optifast and my shaker for a protein hit.  Yoghurt will probably be my friend at the breakfast buffet and I will have yoghurt and vitamin water and things like that in the fridge in my room.  Or I may just survive on banana based alcoholic cocktails for two weeks!!!  🙂  I have packed special tablets to stop vomiting if I was to catch a “bug”.  That would be my biggest fear whilst overseas…..uncontrolled vomiting.  But….if we worried about this sort of thing we would never go anywhere.  I have packed a little first aid kit to quell this sort of thing and I will forget about it now and just enjoy myself!!

So, it will be a few weeks before I post again.  I will have plenty of photos and stories for you on my return I am sure 🙂

Stay safe and well my friends………………………………….


11 thoughts on “Before I go………..

  1. Enjoy! We know from experience you have to be preapred for any of the Pacific Islands, LOL don’t forget the insect repellent!!! Also just think Pina Colados would go down very nicely for you!

  2. Nola, have a brilliant time – and thanks for the comment on my blog, which made me laugh, and again when I read this post of yours. I’d love to go to Fiji one day…

  3. Hope you have an absolutely awesome time – Fiji is so lovely and the people are just delightful. Look forward to hearing all about it when you get – and of course with lots of photos. Zxx
    ps re your fears about getting sick or the dreaded travellers diarrhea – in all the travelling we’ve done I’ve only had it once and that was on my way home from Hong Kong – a very civilised country – not third world and for the previous two days the only places we’d eaten were the hotel and the Qantas club – so you can just never tell.

  4. Have an awesome time in Fiji! I totally know how you feel about the coffee back up. I think it is just too much in the space allowed and that’s what pops back up. I have had it come after one bite too much or an ill-advised drink too soon after food. I am pretty cool with it too–it doesnt hurt like something stuck does.


  5. You will have a wonderful time chick.
    Your sunset is beautiful.
    I had visions of you ‘regurgiltating’ your food for ya babies… like a mother bird… weird! lol

  6. Hi Lovely, Have a great break. I am most envious…Fiji sound just plain perfect. You have put down in words exactly how I am with my band at the moment. I think I like it! Although it is difficult to balance the right foods. I can’t eat anything in the morning, even a smoothie takes me a while to get through. And I have to remember to drink before I eat or the same happens to me, and up it comes again…not nice when out for a meal…Oh and the other day something tickled the back of my throat just after taking a swig of water…and I ended up irrigating my nostrils!!! While at work!!! LOL

    Have a fantastic break, Looking forward to the pictures


  7. You are probably in Fiji now which is, I think, highly cool. I’ve never been there. You are right: As a non-bander, I read about what you are going through, and it sounds highly unappealing to me, but if it’s helping you get where you want to be, then it’s a good thing for you.

    I also have a hard time relating to you living where it is now winter, while summer will soon be here (though you’d never know it from today’s weather). I was in the mountains for a music festival and it snowed one night. (I wasn’t prepared for THAT kind of weather.)

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