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Hi-de-ho campers! Well, I have had a full on couple of weeks really. Harry Highpants (the dog) had a seizure at midnight a week ago.  Much panicking and crying and a trip out to the vet etc.  Looks like we might have an epileptic dog in the family.  I just hope the time between fits stays at months….not days or hours.  We will cope now we know what we are dealing with.  It is just so frightening and upsetting when you don’t know and can’t do anything to help.  If he starts having them on a more regular basis we can medicate him…… but that makes them put on weight and very tired all the time and you basically lose their personality……I don’t want that if we can avoid it.  Then there is the cat, Flo, who is due to go back for her 2nd round of blood tests tomorrow to check how her thyroid is going now she has been on her drugs for a few weeks!  Scarlett is still taking her fish oil for dogs to help her “dicky knees”….  lol  lol.   We will cope….I love them all. I wish people would consider these things when getting a pet though.  It is all hunky dory while they are well…..but it can end up costing quite a bit of money if they become ill.  Then people just dump them or worse 😦  I am terrible….I can watch shows with people all banged up and bleeding but I have to walk out or look away if it is on animal abuse!

Now for my band…….. well, I am having a few problems with it at the moment.  Yesterday and today everything I eat hurts!!  I am not sure if it is because I have aggravated and inflamed it by trying to shove too much through it……my guess is that would be the reason.  So, anyway, today I have reverted back to liquid/sloppy stuff until it calms down a bit.  Even yoghurt is a bit painful today!  Also, I didn’t think this to be true, but now I do believe that stress plays a part in how tight your band becomes sometimes.  I have had the dog thing going on and I have been getting very over-tired because of Ricky’s snoring……..which is another issue……………..and travelling out to the coast more often than I would like etc etc etc  We just have these weeks/months where everything seems like a mega effort don’t we?!

So, half way through this post I heard a dripping noise… I am waiting for a plumber because the roof is leaking via my food cupboard!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I have just finished emptying all the cupboard and mopping up water with towels and placing buckets underneath the main drip area.  See what I mean!!!????  Just little things one after the other…..but they all add up to one big meltdown!!  Looks like we might have a leak in the roof and it has been pooling in the ceiling until it has found a weak point where the overhead cupboards are fixed to the ceiling…….   *sigh* 

I don’t know about you, but I seem to have a little meltdown about every six months or so…….then I feel better and carry on carrying on!  Because I was tired and hungry last night and couldn’t keep food down and my hip was particularly painful even after the cortisone injections and my back was “dicky” and I felt like a total scrag….. I had a bit of a cry on Ricky.  You know……no real reason, or at least, not one you could single out.  Just you feel miserable and decide to go with it…..yeah….that’s how I felt last night.  Oh, and I have another sty on my eye…which is a sure indicator that I am getting a bit run down!!  So, anyway, I feel heaps better today.  I even love my band again today even though it is giving me grief at the moment.

We are counting down the days until our holiday!!  Leave Tassie on the 8th June…woohoooo.  We are going to Fiji again.  We love it there and this will be our third trip.  Our first trip was probably 15yrs ago and we always wanted to go back.  Then the last trip was two years ago…….the one documented on here where my sister got sick!!  So, we are thinking third time lucky 🙂  I know some people have fill out before they go on holidays so they can eat what they want.  I can’t see the sense in that. Why do that……your band is helping you to eat “normally”….. and that would include on holiday.  I will still have treats for sure!!  I just wont have so many that I feel full and uncomfortable and want to sleep the afternoons away.  This time I will be snacking and full of energy and snorkelling my afternoons away!!  I will be over 20kgs lighter than I was last trip.  I am looking forward to being more comfortable in my plane seat and not have my bum and thighs spilling over into the aisle.  I am looking forward to fitting into a nice floaty “cover-up” when I have finished swimming and be able to have a sarong actually meet around my middle and tie it in a knot…….not have to throw on a big, shapeless sundress!!  I will be wearing a pair of bathers that are two sizes smaller than the size I wore last time!!  The heat will not affect me as much and I am pretty sure I will not chaff between my legs from the sweat and have to “powder up” each morning just so I can walk!!  Yep……..when I start getting a bit despondent about not having lost much weight lately, I only have to look at the differences just 20kgs has and will make and I have to be happy!!  Just imagine what another 20kgs will do!!?  It may be slow, but by God it’s worth it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

We have done some fun things this last month.  Each time we get a day off together and the weather seems OK we try and do a walk somewhere we haven’t been.  We find a track that looks interesting and just follow it and see where we end up!!  Well, we followed a track for an hour or so and came out on the sand dunes….beautiful.  The sand dunes go for miles and miles here and are actually spread out in some places three to four kilometres inland away from the sea!!  Like being in a desert.  Where we came out we sat and soaked it in and had a drink but we didn’t keep trying to get to the sea……it looked like it was probably another three kilometres or so away from where we emerged from the bush track.  It would be very, very easy to get lost out at the Henty dunes.  If it was a windy day and blew your tracks away you would be hard pressed to find your track back again that’s for sure.  So, that is just a little update for now…..not a particularly cheery one…..but that is how it is going at the moment.  Mostly smooth and happy with the occassional meltdown…..pretty normal I would suspect 🙂



EVERY EXCURSION NEEDS A GOOD PACK MULE……:)                  DUNES……..                                                                          


10 thoughts on “Band & Stuff….

  1. Hey girl,
    Good to see you back. Poor Harry – and poor you! My first thought was OH NO.. not gorgeous Harry – but good thing hes in the best possible hands with you and Rick.
    Going to Fiji again huh (jealous here!!!) And it’s only a matter of days away.. have the BEST time and make sure you take heaps of pics.
    I love your walks.. that creek looks collllllldddd… Love the pic of you on the dunes lol.. flat out.. tired!
    We can be band sisters today : my bugger of a one is also rather tight today. Think it’s stress!! ACK! And I agree – why work hard to lose weight then get the fill out when you go away. Kind of defeats the purpose huh?
    Safe trip Madam Nola,
    Tell us all about it when you get back. xxx

  2. Hi Nola – I’ve never visited your blog before, thanks for leaving the comment on mine. Oh I just read about your last trip to Fiji, how horrible what happened to your sister!! Hopefully your next trip will be much more fun 🙂

  3. I know, there are days when nothing seems right, though I would comment that you have more health problems to cope with than a lot of people.
    I feel the same about animals, I just can’t bear it when people won’t look after a pet if it’s ill, because it will cost them too much.
    I’ve just had a very weird stuck episode, which squeamish though I am I’m going to have to put on the next post because I’ve never read about this before and it could help other people. However, I want to leave the one about Argentina there for a few days first.
    Really appreciate the nice comments you leave – I always feel as though you live nearby, and I could just ring and say “Help Nola, can I come and see you?” and you’d never say no…

  4. O.M.G. You old hornbag!!! Look at you! I’ve been away for a while, deep in the pits with all that’s been going on in my life, and what a change. You must feel incredibly better despite the hinky hip, back and general out of sorts but we keep bouncing back, don’t we…

    Hate to hear about Harry’s seizures. I have a friend with a boxer that has developed seizure syndrome and it is such a scary, helpless ordeal. Good luck to the boy.

    I’m proud that you aren’t going to loosen your band for your vacation. I think that is so smart. It takes quite a bit of time to start changing old habits so why set yourself back into old habits and have to start all over?

    Love you, girlfriend, and you are looking great.

    Your old Okie friend.


  5. People really go and get a “fill out” before they go on hols so they can ENJOY themselves more….wellllllllll now I have heard it all !!!!! Hope you have a funtastic time in Fiji…with no drama’s….
    Love the pics…ya looking great !!

  6. Great post, as you say, you have a lot to thank the band for…and if you are like me, its easy to get down and have a bit of a cry, but we pick ourselves up and get on with it.

    Enjoy your time away, sounds like its just what you need!!


  7. sheesh such a lot going on! I hope your darling pets are all better soon.
    And you… are going to love Fiji girl… hang in there… you need the holiday mate.

  8. Enjoy Fiji! Not long now! Sounds like you need it. Also enjoy the lighter you on holiday. LOL Hope the band allows for a few pina coladas at the pool. I ate loads in Samoa – well so I thought but came back only just under a kilo heavier which I was happy with. Old habits are still there but not to the same extent, it wouldn’t be a holiday unless you could enjoy eating.

  9. I, like you, cannot handle shows where an animal is in danger. Tears my heart out. I have a dog that has seizures also. But they are random and not frequent. Poor thing.
    Hope you have a great time in Fiji!!!

  10. First 20kgs is a HUGE loss and you are right, it’s important to remember how far you’ve come.

    So sorry to hear about your physical discomfort, the animals and the leak. Sometimes it does seem as though the ill-winds have descended, doesn’t it.

    Love the photo of you sliding down the dunes. There’s a certain playful innocence to it that makes me smile. Even in the midst of trouble they’re always things to appreciate, right?


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