It’s May!!!

Bloody hell this last couple of months has flown past!!!  Where has it gone?  Well, I had better update you on the band stuff…..

I went to Dr Dreamy on 1st May.  Karen, my sister, came with me.  The hour drive to Launceston from her place was hilarious…..I don’t know how I didn’t crash from laughing so much!!  We had the best trip singing old rock n roll songs at the top of our lungs.  It was a bit of a miserable day weather wise…… but not in my car!!  We sat in Dr Dreamy’s waiting room and just laughed…….. at nothing!!!!  I think a couple of the ladies waiting were wondering what we had been smoking!

Then I go in. Karen comes in with me.  She has been with me before and Dr Dreamy knows she is a nurse….so they have that special “medical” understanding thing going on:)  We have a chat and a few laughs with Dr Dreamy and then down to business.  I STILL weigh 93kgs.  I have been gaining and losing the same kilo for ages now.  He checks my hernia, which by the way has been not as painful lately.  He seems to think that has popped back in because he can’t feel it anymore .  Then he puts another .2ml in.  So now I am sitting on 6.4mls in a 10ml band. So, it didn’t hurt one bit… usual…..went out and sculled the water….no problem as usual….and off we went!!………………to LUNCH!!!!!  lol   lol

Some wonderful girls started up a Facebook group for Tasmanian Lapbanders.  They have meet ups and do lunch around the state and I think they have nearly 90 members now.  So, this day they happened to have a luncheon in Launceston!!  So we headed for the lunch to meet some of the girls.  It was a fantastic lunch and I just loved meeting ladies I have so far only chatted to on facebook.  A fabulous day!!  It is so wonderful to talk to people that are going through the same thing.  A couple of them have lost over 50kilos…..what an inspiration they were!!  I really didn’t notice the extra fill…….I had pumpkin soup followed by salmon patties and then we had DESSERT!!!  lol  lol    However, I am feeling more restriction now.  For instance – I cooked Ricky a nice steak for his lunch today before he headed off to work.  I brought myself a Lean Cusine vegetable canneloni…I could only eat one of the two canneloni roll thingies and had the 2nd one for my tea tonight. Before I could have eaten the both of them. 

I have had a bit of a rough trot with people dying lately also.  Yesterday we travelled out to the funeral of an extremely close friend and it was so emotionally tiring!!  I feel tired tonight actually.  I also had the death and funeral of an old police workmate that knocked me about a bit also.  Not that we had been that close in recent years….but she had been my mentor when I first joined the force and I had had many, many funny times with her and some great memories….she was only 52.  Poor Ricky was pall bearer for both funerals!!  The most he has ever worn his suit!! lol lol

So, as you can see I have had quite a bit going on.  Things are still ticking along at the lolly shop with my love/hate relationship there.  I try to walk at least once a day even though the winter weather is starting to arrive in force.  So, I will leave you with a couple of photos and hope you are all well and happy!!  🙂

    Oh yeah!!!!  We had dessert 🙂  This is my new best friend Lisa….you know how you just know you are going to like someone when you chat online.  You feel like you have known them all your life when you meet in person??…well it was like that with Lisa …She is a terribly wicked person 🙂

Here’s Karen ready to roll…….  and speaking of rolls……  are they because I like to be prepared or is it just that my sister gives me the shits??!!  🙂  Nahhhh…..when you live in the wilderness you have to grab the specials when you see them!!  I removed them before setting off 🙂




13 thoughts on “It’s May!!!

  1. Glad to see you are very well, I also have a wonderful relationship with my sis, she is getting married on Saturday, I wish we had a group for banded ladies in or town would be great to get together.

  2. You sound happier – I hope that life is settling down a bit but oh yes, this year is just whooshing by. I’m wondering if I need a fill and should probably get in for a band check-up if nothing else. Gotta make some time for that…

  3. When I met you at the lapbanders lunch, I felt like I’d known you forever as well. Maybe its because you and I have had similar journeys and you have the same wicked sense of humour that I do. Hope to see you at the next Get Together.


  4. Woww what an awesome idea that lapbanders meet is….and looks like your first meet with them was fantastic !! I bet some great friendships will be made.

  5. Well, seems like you are doing better, madam. Really glad to see it.
    Sorry to hear about the funerals. They suck full stop (but probably not as much for the people who they are for.)

    Here’s hoping the restriction really kicks in after a while. As you know, sometimes it can take up to a week. Lunch sounded fun too – and love the dunny roll shot lol. Pure Nola!

  6. You know, I always love coming here and reading you. No matter what’s going on you spin it into a humorous tale and that’s such an important talent … to be able to see the humor in things.

    Glad you have a great get together with your sis and other lapbanders. It must have been very encouraging to hear how they achieved their weight loss. Maybe the latest fill will help move those pesky kilos that keep leaving and coming back.


  7. Hope the new restriction works for you, and I’m really envious that you’re well placed to meet lots of bandits in the flesh. They sound like a lovely bunch of people. Those puddings looked wonderful (sigh…)

  8. You really sound like you are on a non stop comedy fest!! good for you, laughter is the best medicine, Good luck with the restriction and hopefully the kilos fall away!

  9. You’re like a breath of fresh air and I just love your sense of humour. Sorry to hear you’ve had such a tough time with friends dying – never easy – and some in particular just take a bit of you with them. Take care possum! Zxx

  10. Awwww Poor Teddy! I will dedicate a video JUST for him soon.
    He would hate Tazzie, it’s too cold over there!
    Brrrrr… he gets a hottie bottle at night here as it is!
    He would have to sleep with YOU if he came to visit… and I can assure you, you would get NO sleep with that little bugger in bed with you!
    He likes licking toes.

    AND we love him far too much to send him anywhere… so there!

    YOu will just have to come over here and visit him instead.

  11. So sorry to hear about your friends. And so young. It is a shame.
    Wish I had a sister to “sing” with. I get tired of listening to myself all the time.
    Our summer is just beginning and I am loving this weather. Except for the fact that we just had to replace the air conditioner. *OUCH*
    And there’s not a thing wrong with being “prepared”!

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