Hi deeee ho campers!!  Just a bit of an update for you.   Looks like I might have to up the deep fried food and lollies for Ricky as my first attempt at claiming the insurance money has been a dismal failure,…………………….JOKING!!!!!  🙂

He is really, really well and is just having a couple of weeks holiday now to make up for the first two he spent fainting, farting and falling about-ing !  No damage. He feels really good.  He is on a “healthy eating” with me and has already lost one kilo in one week……bastard 😦  Why is it soooooo much easier for men when they set their minds to it?  So, we are both back in our happy place and things are ticking along pretty well.

I, on the other hand, have had to take drastic action with myself.  I had slipped back up to 94kgs and there was no farking way I was going to go up any further!!  So, I got on line and purchased the dreaded optifast shakes and desserts and, as of Monday, I have been supplementing two meals a day with them and being very careful with the rest of my eating day.  I actually feel really good for it. I feel like I have lost some weight also but I am trying to hold out until Saturday because I have made that both mine and Ricky’s weigh in day. 

We already walked most days with the dogs but you don’t tend to step it out much with them…..it is all about the pissing and sniffing….them…..not us!!  So it is all stop and starts.  So, Ricky and I have been going again in the evenings.  Ricky goes like the bloody clappers and I struggle to keep up some nights but it is fantastic because it forces me out of my comfort zone and makes me work harder.  So I am really feeling the benefits from that and I enjoy our walks together.  We have had some superb weather too and the evenings have been brilliant!  I feel so fortunate sometimes to live where we do!  Actually, I feel I have been taking a lot of things for granted lately and stuff like Ricky’s heart scare and other friends and aquaintances being sick with this and that brings it home that I have much to be grateful for. 

My parents had been married 50 years on the 6th February this year and we took them out for a little dinner with a few relatives.  Fancy being married that long!!??  I could go on and on and bloody on about how wonderful my parents are and how proud they make me and how grateful I am to have them and to have been guided in life by them……..but  I wont.  Mainly because Mum reads this and her head might swell 🙂  I love my sister too…….I had to say that because she also reads this…………..  Seriously though…..I consider myself the luckiest girl on the planet to have parents like mine……. oh, and a sister like her:) 

Here we are………………  I think my sister has the “sensible” photo…….do you??  Why haven’t you emailed it to me yet!!???? You said you would…..   *sigh* 

Anyhow…… I feel like I am on the right track again and I will keep you posted 🙂


20 thoughts on “Updates…..

  1. Thanks for the updates.. I am slack in keeping in touch.
    Glad Ricky is much better. What a scare.
    Your family look fun. I have parent Envy! LOL

    Look after yourself and even though I don’t contact you, email you etc… much any more, I often think of you and hope you are well.

    Take care.

  2. Yeah, double that for me: I have parent envy too! They look like a beautiful couple who produced two gorgeous daughters!!
    So glad Ricky is on the mend – or already mended as the case may be. Figures he’s dropped weight so fast – that really sucks (but good for him!!!) but what’s with that, that they seem to lose so much quicker than we do? Ahhh, the joys of being a woman! Sounds like you’re well and truly back on track too – you’re going to do well on the optifast… it does work but getting your head around the meal replacement thing is hard – so no cheating!! lol.
    So great to see you so upbeat. Really is. Mwah from me.

  3. Glad to hear Ricky is doing well. And that you are getting back on track. I wish it would warm up here enough for me to get outside and walk. I can’t stand being cold, so I stay inside and complain that I can’t get out. I know….shameful. But I hate being cold!
    Congratulations to your parent’s anniversary. 50 yrs. is a long time.

  4. Damned if I know how I missed this update!

    Hey, did you read Paula’s comment on my blog about LapBand surgery some of her freinds had? She reckons it mostly does not work long term, or is dangerous. I am still considering it…. but wondered what you thought of her comment? Is she just worrying too much?

  5. Chris…..I will make my next blog all about addressing your comment…because I am just a really nice person like that!!!! I won’t sugar coat it for you either…..about time I did a “serious” look back on how it has been etc etc. Probably wont do it today but will get to it in the next couple.

  6. YOu are so so lucky you feel like that about your parents and sister.

    My Dad drowned 9 years ago… and I didnt’ even feel sad.

    My Mum drives me insane by constantly holding her will over my head to get her own way. (she keeps saying she will change it and disinherit anyone who pisses her off!)

    My sister is a manic depressive alcoholic bitch who lives in Australia (You are WELCOME to her).

    Just saying.

    My two brothers who I loved so so much both died in seperate car accidents. Life sucks sometimes.

    Hmmmm.. maybe I will stop there!

    I am thrilled you are doing so well, even if your weight has gone up a bit.

  7. You should’ve titled that blog…”When offing husbands go awry”. Too funny. I certainly don’t like how men can drop weight quicker than we can. What’s up with that? How wonderful to celebrate your parents 50th wedding anniversary. Guess her plans to off her husband didn’t go well either…runs in the family! I can totally understand not telling us about how great your parents are….sometimes parents can be so conceited! You already have to deal with your sister… Of course, you know I’m joking. I’m just so happy that things are working out for you and that Ricky is feeling much better. Toodles my friend!

  8. This post made me smile (as your post usually do). I think it’s highly wonderful that you value your parents so much and have a sister who you genuinely like. Unfortunately (still), I was an only child. As to my parents, they’d have probably been happier if they’d opted for childlessness.

    Your writing reminds me (again) that I need to start going for walks again. Also that your side of the planet is more desirable in this season than mine is. Also, that that is not a good reason for me NOT to be going for walks.

    I’m glad your hubby is healthy again. And, as usual, I enjoy your description of his previous state: “fainting, farting and falling about-ing.”

  9. ohhhhh it must have been great to have parents married for soooooo long…..my parents only stayed together till we were all grown, there’s was not a happy relationship…but despite this I had 2 parents I love/loved dearly(my dad died in 2001) But I have a brother and sister I love dearly, and a brother that was killed over 30 years ago that I still miss dearly.

    Glad Ricky is ok…and that you both working towards a “healthier” lifestyle together.

  10. This is not your Mother. This is another person entirely. So you can praise her and your father up as much as you like and they won’t know about. I, the other person won’t tell them so go on …. sy how good and beautiful they are.

    Yours sincerely, The Other, unknown person.

  11. Happy 50th to your gorgeous parents – what a lovely couple they make.

    Glad Ricky is feeling much better – what a worry that must have been.

    Hope your weigh in on Satrurday was successful.

  12. Not only do I have parent envy – but your MUM is also FUNNY!

    How cool.
    My Mum thinks face book is a beauty treatment you book in for …. YOUR’s is on here being funny….

  13. I miss you when you’re gone girlie! I guess sometimes (like when someone has a heart attack) I have stop thinking about my own needs and realise there is a whole other world out there that doesnt revolve around my super nova status. Wow Nols, what a gene pool you come from!!! How good do your oldies look??? No wonder you’re such a foxy moron!!! PLease post us a funny lil tale one day soon, wont you??? I need a good “food through my nose” kinda laugh.

  14. hey sis,

    had to laugh at MarkD60 i think their name is, commenting about every blog i read it’s about someone wanting to lose weight……Hello!!!!! these are lapband blogs and weight lose blogs…..lol.
    cant wait to come up and stay with you in march….i know pick youself up off the floor, it’s only for two days…haha.
    love ya

  15. Awwww!!! Happy Anniversary to your Parents!!! Glad you had a great celebration with them.

    My parents have also been married for 50 … actually 53 years. They are crazy but I love them to death and don’t know what I would do without them and my three sisters.

    So glad to see you’re still blogging and still fighting the good fight weight wise.


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