why haven’t I blogged for a while……oh, you know……Ricky has been busy having heart attacks and other minor stuff like that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, I had better fill you in 🙂  Early last week he came home around lunch time from work and says he isn’t feeling well.  I say, “what kind of not feeling well?”  It is so hard to get information out of men sometimes….especially where their health is concerned!!  He starts to describe his pain in the centre of the chest and a feeling like a “blood pressure cuff is on too tight” around the top of his left arm.  I say,  “Get yourself around to the medical centre this instant!!” He says….OK!!!!  I knew he must have been worried because I didn’t get any argument out of him.  He goes out and gets back in his police car and off he goes around the road.  I fiddle about turning off a couple of things I had going on the stove and head out the door about 10 minutes after him.  Thought I would go to the medical centre also and make sure he tells them what is actually going on!

When I get there he is flat on his back on the bed hooked up to the ECG monitor thing and looking quite worried……so did the nurse….which in turn panicked me!!  Long story short…….he had irregular ECG readings coming back and they felt he should go to hospital.  Three hours by road……..for ME !!!     HE got to go by air ambulance in relative comfort in the space of half an hour 🙂  I was totally panicked and had visions of him dying on the flight or the plane crashing or something!!  I raced home, packed up me and the dogs….organised Sue to feed the cat and took off!!  It seemed like the longest drive in history.

Anyhow……we ended up staying with my parents for a few days until things settled down and we got required blood tests done etc.  No permanent damage and not even sure if he has had a heart attack or not really.  Just the irregular ECG thing.  We are going back up next week for him to have a stress ECG done….where they wire him up and put him on an exercise bike and get the blood test results.  Until then he is off work and taking it easy for a couple of weeks.  So, it has been a tad stressful but all is pretty good now and things are back to as normal as they will ever be in our house!!  🙂

This lolly shop is killing me slowly……but surely.  I don’t know why but it is getting harder not to nibble at things through the day.  Maybe the stress of late?  More than likely……but I need to learn to deal with these things without feeding my face!!  Being in a lolly shop is farking awful when you are under stress…..trust me when I tell you this.  I could stick my head under the soft serve ice-cream tap and turn that bastard on!!  I HAVE to get a grip!!  Way too much of everything is slipping down my throat.  I will leave my job if I have to…..it is just too accessible. I am struggling…..really struggling.  I love my job but I don’t love how it puts me right in the line of fire……I thought I would be OK.  The last couple of weeks I am starting to doubt it. 

I do know that I will come right….. I always do.  I think we all sink into lows….just the depth varies depending on our mental health at the time!  Sometimes it is harder to drag yourself out than before….but we do.  I have been walking as much as I can to compensate for what I have been eating.  Consequently I haven’t put any weight on……YET…..but I haven’t lost any either 😦  I NEED  to stop eating shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I CAN stop eating shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I WILL stop eating shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!   

DRAMA???!!!!!   MUCH???!!!!   WHO ME 🙂


18 thoughts on “Well……….

  1. As always with your posts Nola, I gasp and laugh at the same time. Poor Ricky! John had a heart attack 3 years ago while eating a steak, and I thought he had just swallowed it too fast… then I saw this face was going blue and he kept yawning, and I knew it was the real thing. The ambulance came in 15 minutes and they and the hospital sorted him out. Thank goodness I didn’t have to think about 3-hour drives!! So glad all is OK.
    All my sympathy to you with those sweets, love the photo! Don’t suppose they would mind if you chew gum during working hours? I’m not a ‘chewing gummer’, however I’ve find it to be handy to be chewing when there are temptations around, as it stops me wanting to put high calorie stuff in my mouth…

  2. I think you deserve a little drama! Goodness I hope everything is OK with Ricky! Your boss should use that picture for advertising 🙂 its great!!


  3. How very scary for you guys! I’m so glad that everything is okay so far and hope you get good results from the stress test. As for the Lolly Shop? I know I couldn’t do it. I am so impressed with how well you’ve done and I hope you can get the stress eating back under control.

  4. It’s stress eating girl! And I can totally understand.
    Hell I hope Ricky is OK!
    You must find your WON’T power again chick.. because you can do it …. you love your job …and it would be a shame to have to leave because you can’t resist the lolllies!

  5. Oh jeez, just when you think life can’t get any worse with the dramas.

    POOR Ricky (and poor you.. frights all round)… I read about his suspected heart attack with horror!! I’m so glad it turned out NOT to be what you thought it was, but still, it now means somethings going on. Keep us up to date huh.. (sms or call me if you want to talk xxxx)

    As for the lolly shop – I don’t know what you do about that. It’s a tough situation. You seem to love your job but if the job is causing stress.. well, what to do? I hope you find some peace with whatever you decide. xxx Thinking of you guys.

  6. Gees how frightening!

    I am also a stress and emotional eater. I don’t know how you do it working there!

    To have got where you are you must have will power, I hope you find it again!

    I’m 2 weeks off being banded too so that’s why I’ve found your blog. 🙂

  7. Well if you are thinking of leaving then you’d bettter ignore last impassioned plea from me, given in a moment of sanctimonious madness, to NOT bring any more lollies up here – just bring a few boiled types as they take longer to eat. No creamy, chocolaty things!

    Love Mum

  8. Well first off, I’m glad that your hubby is apparently okay. What you’ve been through and are still experiencing to a lesser extent is gut wrenching. Working within 50 yards of a soft serve machine would totally so me in at the best of times. Give yourself a big gold star for keep the lbs. off despite your current circumstances.

  9. I hope Ricky will be OK and the stress test is normal, what a worry!!

    As for the lollies well that’s a hard one – why not imagaine they are covered in poo!!!

  10. Wowser how stressful! If it were me there’d be no lollies left in that shop! Hope Ricky will be ok and is already on the mend.

    mmmm lollies….

    Em 🙂

  11. Your braver than me, I would never attemp to even try and work in a lollie shop…let alone one with soft serve icecream…..eeeeeek !!

    Hope all goes well for Ricky.

  12. I’m so glad to hear that the Rickster is doing better. What a scare for the both of you. Girl…I know EXACTLY what you mean…i.e., under stress??? Mouth must be filled with something fattening, sweet and delicious! I’ve been feeling that same thing for the past 2 months. I’ve been off on my blogging, so I’d better get back on, but I feel ya sister! I really do!

  13. Oh no, poor Ricky – I’m so glad he is okay now. Very, very scary! Your life is never calm and simple, is it Nola?! hehehe.

    I think even people who DON’T have food issues would develop them working in a lolly shop, so don’t feel bad if you do decide eventually it is not the right place. Whatever is best for you!


  14. Far out Noles????!!! I’d have cleaned out Sizzler by now trying to get through a suspected heart attack while working in a lolly shop. Do you think the universe is trying to test you by putting you “in the line of fire?” What can you learn by this experience (and blah blah blah blah psycho blah)?? Hip hip hooray to you for not gaining weight – go easy on yourself and how come the dogs got to go but pussy had to look after herself? Is it because the dogs are cuter?

  15. Oh holy cow! What a frenzy you are in. I am thankful your guy is OK for now but don’t let him get around the tests. As for the lolly shop, I know I couldn’t do it. As for sinking and needing to get up and take stock of things and quit eating shit, well I can relate. We need to live closer so that we could support each other in this battle. Hang in there

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