Happy New Year……

Well better late than never I suppose!! 

I had a quiet Christmas……sort of 🙂  This was the first Christmas in our 18yrs of marriage that we hadn’t seen someone from our family on the actual day.  Even when we were working other years we at least called in for a while to see them or went before or after work because we lived close enough.  But this year it was just us.  So, we thought we would just do what we felt like doing and eat what we damn well wanted!! 

So we started with taking the dogs to the beach for a nice, long leisurely stroll on Christmas morning.  It was a bit cold and rough on Christmas morning and when we got there it was an unusually high tide.  Never mind….still plenty of room to walk along in front of the sand dunes……  half way along a big bull wave came surging in.  We were right in front of a steep bit of bank with nowhere to run!!!  Fark!!!!!  You could see it coming like a mini tsunami and I swung around looking for Scarlett who I thought was trailing along behind us.  I couldn’t see her……… but the wave was there!!!  It went up to my waist and I got saturated and it was quite strong…..enough to make me struggle to stay on my feet.  Harry was next to me dog paddling!!!  I grabbed his collar and saw Ricky was drenched too just up from me a little bit. 

I started sobbing and screaming Scarlett……where’s Scarlett??!!!!  I was like a farking crazed woman and can see now how parents manage to drown themselves trying to save their children.  I thought Scarlett had been sucked back out by the wave and I was quite prepared to throw myself into the surf to find her!!!  Ricky was all upset and grabbed me and Harry and then we looked up and here is the little bitch, dry as toast, looking at us from up the bank wondering what we were fussing and yelling about!!!! 

So, we headed back with one eye on the surf this time.  We got back near the car and both the dogs ran up the creek!!  The creek was all black and foamy from the rough weather stirring up the tanin in the fresh water……the dogs got filthy!!!  I was yelling at them to get out of there while freezing my tits off with wet clothes and a wind chill factor of minus 10!!!!  We were cold, covered in sand and over it……..  the dogs had one of the best mornings ever and were wet, dirty and in doggy heaven!!!!

So, I peeled off down to my underwear when we got home and bathed both the dogs which took over an hour……then had another shower myself.  Then had to put all the sandy clothes and towels through the wash and get them hung out……….it was 11am and I thought……………………FARK!!!!!  I hadn’t put the mini roast on for our Christmas lunch!!!

Thankfully it was a MINI roast, so it only took a couple of hours to cook…….we ended up with a late lunch and Ricky had 15 minutes to spare to get ready for work and head off!!  🙂  Ricky hates plum pudding….. so why have it??  The beauty of being just the two of us.  I brought a little mini speciality plum pudding and some cream & custard and had that for myself and Ricky had Vienetta ice-cream….his favourite .  I told him we will make that our traditional pudding for him every year from now on …  start our own “pudding tradition” 🙂 

I forgot to tell you the morning started out with my BROKEN Christmas present!!!!!  Christmas eve Ricky presented me with the most beautiful gold and diamond necklace.  We never usually buy each other presents, so it was a total suprise!  A round circle with diamond “waves”going through the centre.  He said it looked like waves to him and that it represented our new start at Strahan with the ocean……  awwwwww 🙂  Well, I put it on and wore it to bed and intended never to take it off actually.  When Ricky got up Christmas morning here it was laying in the hallway on the floor!!!  It must have fallen off my neck when I went to the loo through the night.  The chain had snapped…… *sob*  So I couldn’t even wear it on Christmas day 😦  So, I still haven’t got to wear it because we sent it back up the coast with Ricky’s parents when they left on New Year to have it fixed. So……even first thing Christmas day morning started with drama!!

You know what??…….  when Ricky went to work I did some ironing!!!  lol  lol  I had to go to work the next day and I didn’t want it piling up on me!!  Anyway…… I went up to my friends house for a “scrap” tea later in the day and Ricky was able to sneak in and have something too.  They have a house on the hill with the most glorious view of the harbour………we sat up there picking at salad and meats and watching that sun go down…………..  what a wonderful Christmas day!!

Dad....WAKE UP!!! Santa's been....but I can't find my bike?!!

No….fine…..don’t worry about it…..move just as Sue takes the photo!!!  It just wouldn’t do to have a  “perfect” photo at the end of such a  “perfect” day……..  now would it!?  (Cop an eyeful of that view behind us…..these people wake up to that everyday…. *sigh*)
I have three days of work,  starting in about half an hour,   at the oompa loompa workshop.  Once I have that out of the way I will tell you all about my New Years Eve…….  in a heatwave 🙂
 Oh……  and please feel sympathy for me when I tell you that we have just had a soft serve ice-cream machine installed at the lolly shop……OMFG….the temptation is unbearable!!!!!…….  and today is supposed to get very, very hot!!

12 thoughts on “Happy New Year……

  1. I ABSOLUTELY cracked up when you called Scarlett a little bitch! Totally agree! Wish I’d been there to see you screaming in a panic, then seeing her all safe and dry! What a hoot!
    Ice cream on a hot day..yep had one of those yesterday! Was yum too! Sorry.

  2. It sounds like an absolute adventure – what better than a story to tell that’ll last for years and years? Memories are the best gift.

    And you have my condolences with the ice cream machine. Don’t they say that familiarity breeds contempt?

  3. I know what Ricky means about Christmas pudding – I don’t know what all the fuss is about, though I’ll eat spoonfools of the brandy butter…
    My Christmas was spent feeling nauseous and rushing to the loo every 15 minutes – a monster bug which made the toilet my best friend for 3 days. When John would come in and ask me if he should do this or that to the turkey I couldn’t even bear the conversation, it was that bad…! He managed the lot, eating included. I was pleased to lose 8 lbs, but of course it all came back on again…
    I must say I couldn’t work in a sweet shop, let alone have to serve people icecream…. and follow this aspect of your life with enormous interest!!!

  4. Nola – I’ve been playing with photo-fiddling over Christmas and when you remarked that this pic with Ricky was the only one taken I thought I’d see if I could bring up your faces a bit more (though sadly the programme doesn’t get Ricky to open his eyes). Hope you don’t find this a rather cheeky thing to do – no serious meddling intended! Point is I tried to e-mail the result to you at bigpond and it bounced. Have you changed e-mail addresses??

  5. I just love your posts they make me laugh every time! Glad Scarlett survived the mini tsunami and happy to hear you had a nice relaxing xmas day other than the morning drama!

  6. Ice cream!!!!!!!!! I would be a gonner for sure. I agree with Ricky the plum pudding is crap. Hot desserts are all crap for that matter when you can have lovely ice cream …Now the naughty dogs..well 🙂 they were only having a bit of fun.


  7. OMG…my heart sunk along with you in the sea!!! Glad that you are alright and Scarlett is obviously much more intellegent than you, Ricky and Harry as she managed to stay nice and dry!!! although I have to say that she does spoil it a bit by getting a dirty bitch in the creek!!! ROTFLMAO!!! I thought this Christmas we would be on our own…and I freaked out! I planned on going visiting around the country rather than stay in the house without family!!! but luckily Kerys decided that she would come and stay with the grandkids….huge sign of relief from me!!! How weird that after years of wishing for a nice peaceful Christmas, I dreaded the thought of it!!!

    Take care Lovely


  8. Oh Nola, how I envy you. I love the water and to be able to walk on the beach on Christmas Day!!!! The plains of South Dakota just don’t hack it. I have missed you! I think about you now everytime I see a lollipop (like tonight when I took my grandson to a basketball game and he had one). The soft serve ice cream would do me in. The picture is grand and you are LOOKING GREAT GAL! Take care and keep the stories coming. Happy New Year

  9. Jeez, Nola.. I think your dogs get into more mischief than my kids sometimes, and that’s saying something. I’m glad little Scarlett was ok.. horrible feeling you must have lost her.. I can’t begin to imagine.

    I’m not sure if I envy you or pity you working in a lolly shop – willpower will have to abound! But you seem to be making a go of it. That’s brill – you will be a magnificent Manageress!

    Shame about the necklace 😦 Why doesn’t stuff last any more. Go Ricky for surprising you. That was just lovely to read (he’s a lovely man!!) Hope you get it back soon so you can show it off to everyone.
    Cara xx

  10. Aren’t dogs completely sneaky! Our Westie will be lying as innocent as pie near us and the next second will be halfway down the street!

    That sucks about the necklace – same thing happened to a pair of earrings I got for my birthday.

    That lolly shop is out of control! First lollies, now icecream! That would be too much for me to handle that’s for sure!

    Em 🙂

  11. Happy New Year! I am happy to read everything is moving along nicely. You look great! Keep it up and do yourself a favor, stay safe and out of the water. 🙂

  12. I love the way you tell your stories Nola. I sit at the computer reading them with a smile that continues to grow. I’m glad Scarlett was okay (and probably laughing at you). Glad also that, despite your (ahem) lack of enthusiasm for Christmas, it turned out to be a good day after all. (Of course, having been reading your posts for awhile, I knew that there would be some drama and that you’d be able to laugh about it.) A soft-serve machine where you work, eeek. I would have to quit. (I’ve been on track since seeing the Thanksgiving pix my daughter’s boyfriend took.)

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