why haven’t I blogged for a while……oh, you know……Ricky has been busy having heart attacks and other minor stuff like that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, I had better fill you in 🙂  Early last week he came home around lunch time from work and says he isn’t feeling well.  I say, “what kind of not feeling well?”  It is so hard to get information out of men sometimes….especially where their health is concerned!!  He starts to describe his pain in the centre of the chest and a feeling like a “blood pressure cuff is on too tight” around the top of his left arm.  I say,  “Get yourself around to the medical centre this instant!!” He says….OK!!!!  I knew he must have been worried because I didn’t get any argument out of him.  He goes out and gets back in his police car and off he goes around the road.  I fiddle about turning off a couple of things I had going on the stove and head out the door about 10 minutes after him.  Thought I would go to the medical centre also and make sure he tells them what is actually going on!

When I get there he is flat on his back on the bed hooked up to the ECG monitor thing and looking quite worried……so did the nurse….which in turn panicked me!!  Long story short…….he had irregular ECG readings coming back and they felt he should go to hospital.  Three hours by road……..for ME !!!     HE got to go by air ambulance in relative comfort in the space of half an hour 🙂  I was totally panicked and had visions of him dying on the flight or the plane crashing or something!!  I raced home, packed up me and the dogs….organised Sue to feed the cat and took off!!  It seemed like the longest drive in history.

Anyhow……we ended up staying with my parents for a few days until things settled down and we got required blood tests done etc.  No permanent damage and not even sure if he has had a heart attack or not really.  Just the irregular ECG thing.  We are going back up next week for him to have a stress ECG done….where they wire him up and put him on an exercise bike and get the blood test results.  Until then he is off work and taking it easy for a couple of weeks.  So, it has been a tad stressful but all is pretty good now and things are back to as normal as they will ever be in our house!!  🙂

This lolly shop is killing me slowly……but surely.  I don’t know why but it is getting harder not to nibble at things through the day.  Maybe the stress of late?  More than likely……but I need to learn to deal with these things without feeding my face!!  Being in a lolly shop is farking awful when you are under stress…..trust me when I tell you this.  I could stick my head under the soft serve ice-cream tap and turn that bastard on!!  I HAVE to get a grip!!  Way too much of everything is slipping down my throat.  I will leave my job if I have to…..it is just too accessible. I am struggling…..really struggling.  I love my job but I don’t love how it puts me right in the line of fire……I thought I would be OK.  The last couple of weeks I am starting to doubt it. 

I do know that I will come right….. I always do.  I think we all sink into lows….just the depth varies depending on our mental health at the time!  Sometimes it is harder to drag yourself out than before….but we do.  I have been walking as much as I can to compensate for what I have been eating.  Consequently I haven’t put any weight on……YET…..but I haven’t lost any either 😦  I NEED  to stop eating shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I CAN stop eating shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I WILL stop eating shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!   

DRAMA???!!!!!   MUCH???!!!!   WHO ME 🙂

Happy New Year……

Well better late than never I suppose!! 

I had a quiet Christmas……sort of 🙂  This was the first Christmas in our 18yrs of marriage that we hadn’t seen someone from our family on the actual day.  Even when we were working other years we at least called in for a while to see them or went before or after work because we lived close enough.  But this year it was just us.  So, we thought we would just do what we felt like doing and eat what we damn well wanted!! 

So we started with taking the dogs to the beach for a nice, long leisurely stroll on Christmas morning.  It was a bit cold and rough on Christmas morning and when we got there it was an unusually high tide.  Never mind….still plenty of room to walk along in front of the sand dunes……  half way along a big bull wave came surging in.  We were right in front of a steep bit of bank with nowhere to run!!!  Fark!!!!!  You could see it coming like a mini tsunami and I swung around looking for Scarlett who I thought was trailing along behind us.  I couldn’t see her……… but the wave was there!!!  It went up to my waist and I got saturated and it was quite strong…..enough to make me struggle to stay on my feet.  Harry was next to me dog paddling!!!  I grabbed his collar and saw Ricky was drenched too just up from me a little bit. 

I started sobbing and screaming Scarlett……where’s Scarlett??!!!!  I was like a farking crazed woman and can see now how parents manage to drown themselves trying to save their children.  I thought Scarlett had been sucked back out by the wave and I was quite prepared to throw myself into the surf to find her!!!  Ricky was all upset and grabbed me and Harry and then we looked up and here is the little bitch, dry as toast, looking at us from up the bank wondering what we were fussing and yelling about!!!! 

So, we headed back with one eye on the surf this time.  We got back near the car and both the dogs ran up the creek!!  The creek was all black and foamy from the rough weather stirring up the tanin in the fresh water……the dogs got filthy!!!  I was yelling at them to get out of there while freezing my tits off with wet clothes and a wind chill factor of minus 10!!!!  We were cold, covered in sand and over it……..  the dogs had one of the best mornings ever and were wet, dirty and in doggy heaven!!!!

So, I peeled off down to my underwear when we got home and bathed both the dogs which took over an hour……then had another shower myself.  Then had to put all the sandy clothes and towels through the wash and get them hung out……….it was 11am and I thought……………………FARK!!!!!  I hadn’t put the mini roast on for our Christmas lunch!!!

Thankfully it was a MINI roast, so it only took a couple of hours to cook…….we ended up with a late lunch and Ricky had 15 minutes to spare to get ready for work and head off!!  🙂  Ricky hates plum pudding….. so why have it??  The beauty of being just the two of us.  I brought a little mini speciality plum pudding and some cream & custard and had that for myself and Ricky had Vienetta ice-cream….his favourite .  I told him we will make that our traditional pudding for him every year from now on …  start our own “pudding tradition” 🙂 

I forgot to tell you the morning started out with my BROKEN Christmas present!!!!!  Christmas eve Ricky presented me with the most beautiful gold and diamond necklace.  We never usually buy each other presents, so it was a total suprise!  A round circle with diamond “waves”going through the centre.  He said it looked like waves to him and that it represented our new start at Strahan with the ocean……  awwwwww 🙂  Well, I put it on and wore it to bed and intended never to take it off actually.  When Ricky got up Christmas morning here it was laying in the hallway on the floor!!!  It must have fallen off my neck when I went to the loo through the night.  The chain had snapped…… *sob*  So I couldn’t even wear it on Christmas day 😦  So, I still haven’t got to wear it because we sent it back up the coast with Ricky’s parents when they left on New Year to have it fixed. So……even first thing Christmas day morning started with drama!!

You know what??…….  when Ricky went to work I did some ironing!!!  lol  lol  I had to go to work the next day and I didn’t want it piling up on me!!  Anyway…… I went up to my friends house for a “scrap” tea later in the day and Ricky was able to sneak in and have something too.  They have a house on the hill with the most glorious view of the harbour………we sat up there picking at salad and meats and watching that sun go down…………..  what a wonderful Christmas day!!

Dad....WAKE UP!!! Santa's been....but I can't find my bike?!!

No….fine…..don’t worry about it…..move just as Sue takes the photo!!!  It just wouldn’t do to have a  “perfect” photo at the end of such a  “perfect” day……..  now would it!?  (Cop an eyeful of that view behind us…..these people wake up to that everyday…. *sigh*)
I have three days of work,  starting in about half an hour,   at the oompa loompa workshop.  Once I have that out of the way I will tell you all about my New Years Eve…….  in a heatwave 🙂
 Oh……  and please feel sympathy for me when I tell you that we have just had a soft serve ice-cream machine installed at the lolly shop……OMFG….the temptation is unbearable!!!!!…….  and today is supposed to get very, very hot!!