Lapbanded Lady in a Lolly Shop…..


Give me strength!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  This is just a small section of the shop and it hadn’t been filled up properly when I took this photo!!   I will take some more for you later……. *sigh*

I love the pink and orange colour scheme… is so bright and cheerful and very “Willy Wonka”.  The counter is quite big and tall and, I have to say, I do feel a bit like an Oompa Loompa!!!  lol lol  I like to pop up from behind the counter with a big cheery “Good Morning” and scare the shit out of a customer 🙂  I am finding the temptation not too bad to cope with.  There are certain things that I HAD to taste and now I have I am quite happy.  For instance…….rum and raisin fudge, chocolate coated raspberries and anything white chocolate really!  The smell is overwhelming when you first walk in and the speciality chocolate cabinet is divine!!  I am kind of like a cat in pile of catnip when I stick my head in the chocolate cabinet!  But…….I am proud of myself and I have shown great restraint.  I have my water bottle that I swig from regularly and I have found that even after only one week the novelty of being surrounded by such glorious temptation is waning. 

All the customers have been happy……so far.  Being happy does not exclude them from being annoying and dumb however 🙂  But that is what I love about customer service….. the variety.  We have long, thick straps of licorice for $4.00 and bags of fresh licorice for $3.70 and other assorted jar lines of licorice that you can purchase for whatever price per 100g.  So what does one lady want today???  She only wants a small piece of the strap of licorice.  I tell her the licorice in the bag is the same……….no, she only wants a small piece of the strap licorice.  We only sell it by the FULL strap madam.  But no……she really only wants a  HALF  piece of the strap.  How the fark would you like half a head butt madam!!!!!!!!!!!?????????????????  You know what I did??….I farking took the strap and cut off a piece of it and charged her like a wounded bull for it and she was happy!!!!  I cut the rest up as FREE tasters for other people that I LIKED 🙂

Then you have the really, really smart people that bring a box of fudge up to the counter and ask what flavour it is.  Well, don’t quote me Sir……..but I am guessing that because it has GINGER FUDGE written all over the farking box that it might just taste a bit like ginger!!!!!!  What do you reckon????????    *sigh*  So, the new job is going well and I am loving every minute of it really 🙂  It has been a bit full on getting it all up and running and settling into a routine, but I work with another lovely lady with a third starting in the new year… then it wont be as busy and I will have more blog time…

I had .2ml put into my band a week ago in amongst all the Harry dramas.  Dr Dreamy was his usual gorgeous self and he always puts a smile on my dial.  I thought .2ml would make bugger all difference actually……WRONG!!!!  Wow… is fantastic.  It has really pulled me up again and stopped the bigger portion sizes that were starting to sneak into my lifestyle again.  I have to admit I have ‘PB’d a bit this week but that is because I didn’t chew properly or I rushed too much.  I am gradually slowing myself down again and getting into the new groove.  Would you believe I managed to lose a kilo in the first week I was let loose in a lolly shop!!!!  Got to be happy with that 🙂

I have started a new page over on the right….my fresh start page.  I need to get the rest of my weight off in the next 12mths come hell or high water and I wanted to document and keep tabs on myself a little more with regular weigh-ins.  So I started a new page. All the gory details will be in there….

Thank you for all your kind remarks about Harry.  My dogs really are like my children and I would be equally devastated if something happened to them.  Ricky was vacumming before I came back from up the coast and found a pile of phlem with a wasp in the middle of it on the floor in the spare bedroom.  Harry likes to sleep on the spare bed so we feel it is a safe bet to assume that it was this wasp that caused the damage to Harry.  Wasps can keep stinging… it probably bit him on the way down and on the way back up again!!  At least we know what caused the damage now.

I am still struggling to find my Christmas cheer!!  I have just been so busy that I haven’t really stopped to take a breath and soak in the season this year!!  Oh well……  I am pretty sure it will find me on the day 🙂  Have a wonderful, safe, happy and joyous Christmas my friends……………………………..   🙂

Ahhhhhhh bugger it!!!!……………………………………………………………………………………………bring it on 🙂

Painting, Poisoning & Bloody Christmas!!…….

Yes…I have had a bit going on of late!!  Firstly…..SYLVIA…..yes, it is a candy shop if you MUST call it that 🙂  It’s title is Chew Choos Lolly Shop.  We will have all the lovely old English sweets and everything else you could possibly think of.  John, the owner’s, first shop is called Chew Choos and is situated in an old train carriage in Southern Tasmania….hence the name……Chew CHOOS….get it?????  Anyhooo…….the Strahan one I will be managing is called the same.  We have a tourist train here that takes you through the temperate rain forest to Queenstown, so the name kind of fits here also.  I am away from home at the moment but I will most certainly post some photos of the finished shop when I get back…………you are nearly finished aren’t you John!!????

John has been very busy renovating and painting out the old building he is converting into the lolly shop.  It is a fabulous little character building tucked in under the hill overlooking the township of Strahan.  I am very excited to be opening soon……this Monday if all goes according to plan.  John had to go back to Hobart for a few days, so I did some painting and cleaning and Ricky helped by digging up the wild garden beds and tidying the outside which I really appreciated.  The colour scheme is a very bright, cheery pink and orange which I love and it looks great!  It will be such a bright, happy place to work.

I wasn’t supposed to be up here at my Mum’s place until Wednesday.  I was going to do my Christmas shopping and go see Dr Dreamy on Saturday and head back to Strahan.  The best laid plans ehh?????

Monday afternoon Ricky headed up to the golf course with his son who was visiting and I tooted off to the supermarket.  When I returned I grabbed my couple of bags out of the car and headed for the backdoor.  Harry and Scarlett were in front of me leading the way.  Harry got to the top of the steps and just collapsed and fell back down to the bottom of them unconcious!!  I threw the groceries down and went to him.  He was concious again but salivating really badly and trying to lift his head.  I had a total meltdown and my first thoughts were he had been bitten by a snake.  I had my mobile phone in my pocket and rang my Strahan friend to go and get Ricky off the golf course and tell him to come home immediately!!  I was howling my eyes out and could hardly talk.  I felt Harry all over for ticks and checked for any bite marks but I couldn’t find anything.  I then rang Mum and got her to ring the vet and give him the symtoms.  I knew in my heart it didn’t matter what they were really……the vet is just over two hours away from Strahan and if it was a snake bite he didn’t have much hope of making it that long to get anti-venom.

The house phone rang and I left Harry out on the back porch and ran into the house to answer it.  I looked up and Harry was trying to follow me.  His legs were going in all directions and he was staggering and falling over……but he made it to the loungeroom where I was.  I made him lay down and just tryed to calm down and stop crying and pat him and keep him calm.  I suppose 20 minutes had passed and Ricky came home.  When Ricky walked into the lounge Harry got up and walked over to him and wagged his tail !!!!  It looked like I had made it all seem worse than it was!!!!    Anyway… cut a longish story short……I had a shower and calmed myself down while Ricky transcribed my list of things to do up the coast off the whiteboard for me.  I packed up and me and the two dogs hit the road for Burnie.  I was to ring the vet when I got there…….

Harry had an injection and is on a course of tablets but is back to his old self again except for the fact the tablets make him a bit tired.  The vet told me the back of his throat is burnt like he has drunk something caustic……but this could be from the release of poison from whatever he may have swallowed.  We think it may have been a bumblebee.  Ricky pulled out some big rose bushes from the side of the house and two bumblebees have been buzzing around for a while.  He thinks he may have wrecked their home.  I believe Harry was probably rolling around on his back on the grass like he does quite often and has accidently huffed a bee down his throat and it has stung him on the way down.  The vet seems to think whatever it was caused an allergic reaction and his airways started to close up….hence the going unconcious bit.  I had some antihystamines that I keep for Scarlett because she is allergic to bees………I threw 6 of them down Harry’s throat.  I knew they wouldn’t hurt him and could only help if he had been bitten.  The vet thinks that may have saved his life!!  So……drama this week for us !!  But I have my Harry for Christmas and that is all that matters 🙂

So I am staying at my Mum and Dad’s until Sunday morning.  Now I know Harry is OK I have been going to town and getting some shopping done.  I still haven’t really got that Christmas spirit going on though.  In fact….I feel quite blahhhhhh    Maybe when I get into the shop and happy holiday touristy people come in I might cheer up!!  Or……. I could slap them with a giant python lolly!!!!!  Or shove an outsized candy cane up their……………………………..  oh never mind 🙂  I am not exactly sad…..  just not Christmassy…ho, ho bloody ho ho kind of frantic happy……you know??

I think roast turkey is soooooooo yesterday don’t you????        wahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa  🙂

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