Where was I????

Look…… I’m really sorry…..but sometimes life just gets in the way of a good blog!! 

I honestly don’t know what happened !!!! I haven’t updated my blog….I haven’t been to other favourite online places, I haven’t talked to anyone on Facebook…..I have just been an all round slack tart really.

I haven’t been depressed or anything….or I don’t think I have!! I just haven’t had any energy to do anything else except the absolute basics to get through my days. I think I just had a meltdown after the moving and starting the new job and all that stuff? I still feel really tired and a little mentally exhausted. Unusually tired actually…..enough for me to think I should mention it to my GP at the next visit….might be low in iron or something??


STUFF YA !!!   I have no reason except that I was slack and I have a care factor of …ohhhhhh….let’s say zero!!!! 🙂
So, since moving to glorious, wilderness surrounded Strahan with fabulous beaches and walks and water and forest vistas……I have started a new job at the takeaway……..last week I quit that job. Too physically demanding and I just found it really hard to soar with the eagles whilst surrounded by turkeys if you get my drift!! So, luckilly for me I have been stalked by a man who wants to open a lolly shop (oh, OK…it was advertised and I approached him!) and would like me to manage that for him. So I am like……………oh OK………because I would rather smell like a licorice allsort than a dim sim!!

So, on the 1st December Chew Choos in Strahan will open with Moi at the helm. If I can manage to keep my head out of the dusted english jelly babies jar I may even manage to serve someone and even turn a profit for the guy……..I am now on the lookout for someone to share this exciting little opportunity with me and so far am having no luck!! I can’t do 7days a week……I need to find someone.

The owner is a lovely guy who resides down Hobart way. He already has another Chew Choos shop in the old train at Margate and is looking at opening more if the opportunity presents itself. So who knows??!! We will see how it all goes…….a nice, easy, pleasant position I think with minimum stress…….except for the “resist the stock” part of the job!!

Ricky is loving his new position as 50% marine work and the rest normal uniform work. A nice mix and he gets to play in the Police boat and other cool toys for boys stuff. The house is pretty good and has lots of room and a fantastic yard for the dogs and us.

I am starting to feel more like myself everyday. I didn’t realise how “withdrawn” I had become……I have given myself a good slap around the face and I am back!!!! So there……

Thanks for your concern as to my absence…….  I am alive and well……so cancel the caterers!!  Now I must spend the next couple of days visiting all my blog buddies sites and seeing what I have been missing!!  Sorry I haven’t been about to visit lately……I intend to redeem myself in the next few days!

Lapband wise…………….not a lot to report.  I am still off the smokes which I am amazed at!!!  I have a Dr Dreamy appointment on the 12th December.  I want to have another big chat to him and see what he thinks.  I am not happy with my lack of progress thus far…….

I can’t give you a photo this entry because I have a new computer……a very sexy HP TouchSmart big shiney screen thingy………with windows 7 and all the good gear…….just can’t work out where to find my bloody photos yet since we did the windows 7 upgrade…..I hope I haven’t lost them!!!


17 thoughts on “Where was I????

  1. Lovely to see you back ya tart!
    I love the sound of the lollie shop…. temptation every day will be hard to resist!
    But I am sure you can do it.
    Can’t wait for photos of your new house… area… bla bla bla.


    Of course you were stressed out to the hilt! Too much, young lady. Now go on the Island and tell us you’re coming to Canberra in March – don’t let this job stand in the way of having a LIFE and catching up with your friends. We really missed you in Sydney…

  3. Good to hear from you. I would imagine uprooting yourself from everthing familiar would be pretty daunting.

    I hope the lolly shop works out and maybe after being there 8 hrs a day may make you hate them – I remember feeling the same about donuts when I worked in a donut shop.

    Five weeks ago I insisted on another fill in my band – and boy it is tighter than a gropers bum at 100 metres, but I’ve also lost 6 kgs in 5 weeks, so I need this type of disipline.

  4. Good to hear from you Nola – thanks for the update. As Beetricks said, come visit us on the Island – you’ll be pleased to see an old familiar is back too 🙂 Good luck with the lolly shop.

  5. Hala-farkin-loo-ya!!!! you’re back in the blog world..
    Sounds like you’re gonna have some fun in the lolly shop 🙂
    Welcome to my world of constant temptation.
    xx Nene

  6. YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYY She is back. I was worried about you..Sometimes big house moves can really depress a girl. I’m glad to see you back in the blogosphere.

    It does sound like you are needing a fill or something.


  7. Yahoooooo (trying something different other than whooos and yayysss) but thank God you’re back in blogland – girl, we have missed you.

    Seriously Nola, sounds like it was all a bit much for you and you needed the break away. Good for you for tossing the other job – it would have sucked the life out of you and double good for you for being boss lady of A LOLLY SHOP! Well, if that doesn’t beat all lmao…. You have to see the irony of that? That said: you are going to be a brilliant Manager(ess) and say hi to Rick for MOTH and I. You guys are the best. xxxx

  8. I’m glad your back and love the expression “slack tart” which I intend to steal from you. The place where you live sounds like an absolute paradise. You should be soaring with the eagles at every possible opportunity.

    Your Christmas photo, “Ditto,” is awesome. It reminds me of a car commercial that is currently playing here in Northern California. The camera pans on one house after another that are bedecked with huge displays of Christmas lights, then settles on a house that is completely dark. The announcer says something about having the lights which will ‘really impress.’ The garage door opens and the headlights of two cars flash on.

  9. She’s BACK!!! Figured you were busy settling in in your new home and exploring your new town.

    You’ll figure out that new shiny computer before you know it. And you and Dr. Dreamy will figure out that band business.

    Love you and glad to see you pop back up.


  10. Well its about time! But you know that already. About the tiredness – I went back on the liquid multivitamins just the supradyn from post op I figured anything was better than nothing and wow have they helped!!!!! So go hard on that and see how you go and then get off to your hot doctor (is there any other kind!!!!!) and get him to crank you right up, try out being overfilled – its tops! And boy do those kg’s melt away!!!! Anyhoo, kept at it or just set us all free and tell us you’ll never be back (cue heartbreak music)

  11. Ah Dearest…I think we all get a little tired of blogging…then something comes along to shake up our world and we can’t keep our mouth shut about it. Don’t feel bad.

  12. Nola, I am so glad to hear from you. I have truly missed you and wondered at your absence but I too was off record some. What is a lolly shop? Is that a short for lollipop? Meaning candy? You do have the will power. Take care and stay in touch.

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