I’ve had a visitor…..

Yes, yadda, yadda, yadda……I have been busy!!!!   I can’t believe how busy I have been actually.  I have so much to do and heaps I want to do but don’t have to do but I will still try and do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  And yes, I have been busy with this new job and it has clipped my blogging wings somewhat this week. 

But I had to come and blog to share with you the excitement I went through when I was visited by the lovely Cara & Chris….AKA  “THE DASH”.  How exciting is it to meet a blogger you “speak” with all the time in real life!!????………………..bloody amazing let me tell ya!!  🙂

Cara was just as I had imagined she would be.  A total hornbag (much like myself) and the nicest person .  Her Chris and my Ricky could have known each other for years and it was like we were all old friends just catching up after a break away.  A very relaxed visit and I am pretty sure they had a good time.  They didn’t end up at the medical centre after I cooked for them…..so that must have been a good thing 🙂  They arrived last Sunday and left on the Tuesday.  I worked on Monday and they did the tourist cruise thing.  It all worked in well……I am sure Cara will go into detail on her blog for you in regards to their trip around Tassie.  I loved meeting her…….this blog world is fantastic!!

We did manage to have a little drink together  🙂

Chris & Cara 031


I took them on my dog walk along Ocean Beach…………………….

Chris & Cara 025


Now, I have an appointment with Dr Dreamy on Friday of this week.  We are going to Hobart and have booked in to the Casino for the night for a bit of a treat now the house is sold.  I need to tell Dr Dreamy of my recent need to practically mainline anything sweet and easy to get down.  I need to confess my sins and get myself back on track……get serious at getting serious!!!!  I will let you know how that goes.


20 thoughts on “I’ve had a visitor…..

  1. About bloody time too…but I can understand!! I’ve missed not reading Cara’s blog….she writes most days, you know….not like some…LOL. You are looking good, you must have had loads to chat about and compare…

    So…Steve retires next year…how long can we stay for… ;o)


  2. OOOOH so back to leaving you messages….sigh.. liked it better in person!!

    Chris and I LOVED LOVED LOVED meeting you and Rick, and yeah, it was like those two men had known each other for like.. ages!!!! As for you madam, you cook a mean roast chicken (whew… not the roadkill you had promised… lol) and the bedding was lurvley… not a hessian bag in sight instead of sheets. We scored!

    Seriously, Nola… Chris and I can’t thank you and Rick enough for putting us up (and putting up WITH us) for the couple of nights. Loved meeting you guys so much. You ran us around, fed us and gave us a comfy bed for the night(s)…. pure bliss … (and after that camper bed.. trust me.. I don’t lie! lol) We will totally return the favor when you rock on over to W.A.
    Much hornbag(iness) luv
    Cara x

  3. Company!!! And they even wanted to walk the pups with you? Sounds like you crammed some fun into a short time.

    And, you hornbag, you look like a new person. go back a year and look at your photos compared to now!



  4. As long as you like Dawn!!!!!
    Yeah…..I kind of missed you when you went actually 🙂
    Helen….we did manage to cram a bit in! Thanks for the compliment my lovely..

  5. Welcome back….

    What a fantastic time you all seem to have had, it is fantastic meeting up with bloggers/onliners.

    Good luck with Dr Dreamy.

  6. woohoo you posted-I had to do a double take when I saw your blog at the top of my new posting lists as it has been hanging near (not at!) the bottom for so long. Post more will ya 🙂 and tell us all about things! I miss the vomit tales and dog walks.

    I’m glad you had a great time with the visitors. Its looked like great fun!


  7. So good to see you post an update… I was thinking about you and getting curious as to your what-abouts.
    Looks like you had a fantastic time with your bloggy friends… I so wish I could meet some of mine. How fun to hang out together for awhile. And by the way, you are looking quite fancy. Freaking fantastic! Hope you have a good visit with the ol’ Mc Dreamy. Take care sweets..

  8. Great to get an update! Lovely to meet up with another blogger, it’s amazing how you seem to click with someone you’ve only met online previously.

    You are looking hot!!!

  9. Oh when bloggers collide! How awesome for you both! I’ve been trying to hook up with a blogger buddy but school hols etc etc it just hasnt happened yet. Now here comes the preaching bit – I was farting around just as you were heading for the crap at the first chance cause its all that “goes down” thinking that I was too tight and well fark me, I come clean and the doctor gives me MORE fill and alot MORE fill at that! And let me say – after 7 months this farking thing is finally working! I have to be really careful when I do actually eat but really couldnt give a shit if I never ate again. LOVE IT! IT WORKS! Fark ME!!!!!!!!!! Go get filled you’ll either find out whats its like to be too full or you’ll lose 20 kg either way – you’ve learnt something and you’re laughing (and not eating). BTW you’re looking farking hot you little hornbag foxymoron!!!!! Love it!

  10. When are you updating? Don’t give me this shit about losing your mojo! Just blog right through it! We miss you on the Island and I miss reading your blog. Pull your finger out TART!

  11. I’m glad that you managed to post even though you’ve been so busy. Meeting on-line friends in the default world is a hoot, though I’ve only had that opportunity once. Coool that your visit went so extremely well.

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