I’m Back……..

Sorry for taking so long…………….but fark me!!!!!!!  Why can’t we speak to a REAL person when we are having problems with the internet!!!!!!!!  And no offence meant……..BUT……………when you DO get a REAL person………….I can’t understand a farking word they are saying to me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  OK…..feel better now I have that off my chest 🙂

Anyway….new internet provider and safely connected to my precious broadband, so all is sweet in my world once again.  Band news??  Well, quite frankly, there is none!!  I don’t even feel too freaked out about the fact I have lost NOTHING in….oh, let’s say…………..FOUR MONTHS!!!!!!!!!!!!!  The fact is I haven’t put any weight on either and have kicked the evil smokes.  Now that I am settled in my new home and town and have started a new job I will get back to my “band business” in my own good time.  I have an appointment with Dr Dreamy at the beginning of November.  It seems a long way away……but the earliest I could get I’m afraid.  I will use the time to get a bit of weight off and back on track before I have to see him.  I was supposed to be seeing him today………..but I started my new job yesterday and I am working this afternoon, so I didn’t really like to ask for time off this early in the game.

I am working in a take-a-way shop that kind of doubles as a booking office for the cabin park and also hoping for sit down meals and table service to get up and going.  The owners have never done a shop before, only the cabin parks.  They have just brought their 2nd cabin park down here and the shop.  They wanted someone to help them get the shop up and running that knew what they were doing………..enter…………………Super Hornbag!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   I have had my own business before and I think I will find this interesting and fun.  I will be putting in quite a few hours initially………..but I have told them once they get some reliable staff and get on their feet I would like to pull back to probably no more than 15hrs a week………….we will see if that happens 🙂  So, I should have some good stories for you once the tourist season hits full swing from next month!!!  lol, lol

What else??………… the house we are in is quite OK.  It has four bedrooms which is handy.  I have turned one into the computer room and clothes airing room.  It has been so wet all over the state lately and it is nice to have somewhere to get the clothes dry without having to run the power bill up the pole with the clothes dryer all the time!  The other room is what I like to call the miscellaneous room!!  I have the ironing board set up in there and other “stuff” I will get to in good time.  Our bedroom of course and a spare bedroom.  We are going to put another spare bed in the misc room when we get around to it so we can sleep 4 people comfortably and throw one or two on the couch as well if need be!!  So come on down people!!!!!

I love Strahan.  It is a lovely little town and so beautiful.  I haven’t got to explore too many places just yet.  I love Ocean Beach…. just love it.  That is only a 5 minute drive from my house……….superb!!  That is my “dog walking” beach now.  Life is good…………………

Here are a couple of photos that I managed to take so far.  The sea was so rough last week and whipped up so much foam it was amazing!!  It looks like snow.  We couldn’t park the car where we usually would because the foam had come up over the banks.  We couldn’t even get down onto the beach because the foam was so thick!!

Ocean Beach Aug09 001


Ocean Beach Aug09 013


And, of course…………….  coat weather for the babies while they go exploring the Wild West!!   🙂   This one is titled, “Do stripes really make me look slimmer?”


Ocean Beach Aug09 034


And this one is titled……………”Fark you……it’s too cold………I’m going home!!”


Ocean Beach Aug09 033


27 thoughts on “I’m Back……..

  1. Yay! It’s great to see you writing again. Glad everything sounds so positive and upbeat. I hope the new job is fun and a great challenge.

    Amazing photos of the foam!

  2. Wow, that looks amazing. Is’t is great not stacking on weight even though we take our eyes of the ball occasionally? Gotto love the band.

  3. went to Strahan on a booze cruise last night with my mother and I think I’ve scoped out your new home…Im pretty sure I saw your car….will come back sober roflmao

  4. woohoooo nice to see you back among the bloggos.

    I was wondering what you were going to do for a job with this move. Glad you found something that sounds like a bit of fun.

    I know your pain on the weightloss gig. Im not to 4 months yet but it seems to have stopped dead. Keep working at it maybe it will start up again?


  5. Hi daughter, thought your people might like some info on Strahan so here ’tis – Love Mum

    Hells Gates the only way out of the harbour to the sea is so called because opening so small that seas are often so rough and tides so swift that it is near impossible to get through without coming to grief on the rocks either side!

    Ocean Beach is situated on the West Coast of Tasmania and extends from Strahan in the south to Trial Harbour, west of Zeehan to the north. Its is an exposed, remote and often wild stretch of coastline that records very large waves during extreme weather conditions.
    Exposed to the I ndian ocean with no landmass at this longitude between it and South America, this beach can be exposed to extreme weather conditions. In serious weather it can have large extended lines of breakers, and a swell at the Cape Sorell Waverider Buoy at up to 20+ metres. Each year commercial fishermen are lost to huge seas that can appear from nowhere.

    From its beginnings as the base for bushmen seeking precious Huon pine, Strahan became the railway port for a rich copper mine inland. Deep in Macquarie Harbour south of Strahan, a notorious convict settlement was established on Sarah Island. Further south, the Gordon River flows through ancient Tasmanian rainforests into the harbour.

    Getting there; 4 hours from Launceston or Hobart.Warnings; Tasmania’s west coast has some of the wildest seas in Australia.
    Strahan, the perfect base for the area, is located on Macquarie Harbour, Australia’s second largest harbour after Port Phillip Bay and covers an area of approximately 260 square kilometres. The west coast region is a major tourist destination and the entire area is a fisherman’s haven, having the waters of the harbour to fish along with the coastline and a number of readily accessible rivers within ten minutes of Strahan.
    Beach Fishing
    Ocean Beach, six kilometres due west of Strahan, offers some great beach fishing that is comparable to anywhere, (when the rugged seas permit). This beach is claimed to be Tasmania’s longest with 34 kilometres of unbroken beach.

    So there!

  6. Yay you’re back!!! And our lives are freakishly aligned!??!?! Except – you’re clearing coping and I’m clearly not – YAY! I am so glad and relieved and strangely soothed by the fact that we’re both experiencing the same band situation – gets you down but you’re spurring me on to actually put some of my own effort in and see how that goes (think I might of suggested that to myself and others before but still yet to give it a try). so great to hear you’re on it all and so looking forward to seeing more of Strahan, see u round the traps!

  7. Mum – thank you for the local info – love it! Its appears our wild Australian has finally reached wild Australia – looking forward to some interesting stories out of this!

  8. Hey there,

    Glad to see you got your wireless broadband going! Everything simple can be such a hassle. Can’t wait to catch up with you a week or so!! Will sms you when we touch down and make a date.
    Perfect you are loving your new home. I was thinking of you with the big move and everything, but you sound so upbeat it must be good.
    Go you for staying off the cigs AND not putting on weight. Yeah, you haven’t lost but you haven’t gained either… so I guess that’s ok (for everyone else I hear you yell!)
    So much more to yak about but will wait until we meet. Really looking forward to it!
    Cara xx

  9. Busy Busy Busy!!! I look forward to catching up on all of your blog’s Nola. Looks like we have been going through similar with our bands,
    Glad to see the move went well.


  10. Great to see you back! Glad you’re settling into your new home and job. I agree with you, sometimes the band has to come second! Great job kicking the smokes and not putting on weight (I hear that’s hard to do!).

    Em 🙂

  11. wow, I’ve not ever seen foam like that..I find it rather creepy! Glad that things are going so well for you. I am interested to and looking forward to the stories that will come with the tourist season. Good news that you haven’t gained right? Now you can take off a few while waiting for your appointment. Stripes are definatly the way to go! Take care sweet girl…
    p.s. love the tourism report there!

  12. Nola, ya HornBag You!!! I LOVE WHERE YOU LIVE!!! Will you be there in 2012? I’m on my way Baby!!! Glad to see you back and doing well. I wish you success my friend!

  13. Welcome back, Hornbag!!! really glad the move went good and you are back on our blogging world…not that I’ve been blogging myself…LOL

    great to here from you via facebook

    got to go catch up everyones blogs now.


  14. OMG!!! Harry is so beautiful in his warm fuzzy coat! You have to come back home so I can see my boy xx Oh Aunty Georgie misses you Harry High Pants. I wuv you my baby boy xx Your so handsome! Oh yeah and hi to your mummy and daddy who took you away from me!!!!!! HA HA

  15. Kicking the nicotine habit is waaay more important for your long term health than getting rid of bunches of more pounds. Multi-mega-mighty congratulations for that achievement. I love the photos and (as usual) the captions. Yes, vertical stripes do make him/her?? look slimmer, but my attention is on his/her adorable face.

  16. …yes but you’ve gone away again! I expect you’re spending a lot of time getting your job up and running, what with summer coming up and all. Hope it’s going well. How’s your back??

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