I’ve had a visitor…..

Yes, yadda, yadda, yadda……I have been busy!!!!   I can’t believe how busy I have been actually.  I have so much to do and heaps I want to do but don’t have to do but I will still try and do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  And yes, I have been busy with this new job and it has clipped my blogging wings somewhat this week. 

But I had to come and blog to share with you the excitement I went through when I was visited by the lovely Cara & Chris….AKA  “THE DASH”.  How exciting is it to meet a blogger you “speak” with all the time in real life!!????………………..bloody amazing let me tell ya!!  🙂

Cara was just as I had imagined she would be.  A total hornbag (much like myself) and the nicest person .  Her Chris and my Ricky could have known each other for years and it was like we were all old friends just catching up after a break away.  A very relaxed visit and I am pretty sure they had a good time.  They didn’t end up at the medical centre after I cooked for them…..so that must have been a good thing 🙂  They arrived last Sunday and left on the Tuesday.  I worked on Monday and they did the tourist cruise thing.  It all worked in well……I am sure Cara will go into detail on her blog for you in regards to their trip around Tassie.  I loved meeting her…….this blog world is fantastic!!

We did manage to have a little drink together  🙂

Chris & Cara 031


I took them on my dog walk along Ocean Beach…………………….

Chris & Cara 025


Now, I have an appointment with Dr Dreamy on Friday of this week.  We are going to Hobart and have booked in to the Casino for the night for a bit of a treat now the house is sold.  I need to tell Dr Dreamy of my recent need to practically mainline anything sweet and easy to get down.  I need to confess my sins and get myself back on track……get serious at getting serious!!!!  I will let you know how that goes.

I’m Back……..

Sorry for taking so long…………….but fark me!!!!!!!  Why can’t we speak to a REAL person when we are having problems with the internet!!!!!!!!  And no offence meant……..BUT……………when you DO get a REAL person………….I can’t understand a farking word they are saying to me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  OK…..feel better now I have that off my chest 🙂

Anyway….new internet provider and safely connected to my precious broadband, so all is sweet in my world once again.  Band news??  Well, quite frankly, there is none!!  I don’t even feel too freaked out about the fact I have lost NOTHING in….oh, let’s say…………..FOUR MONTHS!!!!!!!!!!!!!  The fact is I haven’t put any weight on either and have kicked the evil smokes.  Now that I am settled in my new home and town and have started a new job I will get back to my “band business” in my own good time.  I have an appointment with Dr Dreamy at the beginning of November.  It seems a long way away……but the earliest I could get I’m afraid.  I will use the time to get a bit of weight off and back on track before I have to see him.  I was supposed to be seeing him today………..but I started my new job yesterday and I am working this afternoon, so I didn’t really like to ask for time off this early in the game.

I am working in a take-a-way shop that kind of doubles as a booking office for the cabin park and also hoping for sit down meals and table service to get up and going.  The owners have never done a shop before, only the cabin parks.  They have just brought their 2nd cabin park down here and the shop.  They wanted someone to help them get the shop up and running that knew what they were doing………..enter…………………Super Hornbag!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   I have had my own business before and I think I will find this interesting and fun.  I will be putting in quite a few hours initially………..but I have told them once they get some reliable staff and get on their feet I would like to pull back to probably no more than 15hrs a week………….we will see if that happens 🙂  So, I should have some good stories for you once the tourist season hits full swing from next month!!!  lol, lol

What else??………… the house we are in is quite OK.  It has four bedrooms which is handy.  I have turned one into the computer room and clothes airing room.  It has been so wet all over the state lately and it is nice to have somewhere to get the clothes dry without having to run the power bill up the pole with the clothes dryer all the time!  The other room is what I like to call the miscellaneous room!!  I have the ironing board set up in there and other “stuff” I will get to in good time.  Our bedroom of course and a spare bedroom.  We are going to put another spare bed in the misc room when we get around to it so we can sleep 4 people comfortably and throw one or two on the couch as well if need be!!  So come on down people!!!!!

I love Strahan.  It is a lovely little town and so beautiful.  I haven’t got to explore too many places just yet.  I love Ocean Beach…. just love it.  That is only a 5 minute drive from my house……….superb!!  That is my “dog walking” beach now.  Life is good…………………

Here are a couple of photos that I managed to take so far.  The sea was so rough last week and whipped up so much foam it was amazing!!  It looks like snow.  We couldn’t park the car where we usually would because the foam had come up over the banks.  We couldn’t even get down onto the beach because the foam was so thick!!

Ocean Beach Aug09 001


Ocean Beach Aug09 013


And, of course…………….  coat weather for the babies while they go exploring the Wild West!!   🙂   This one is titled, “Do stripes really make me look slimmer?”


Ocean Beach Aug09 034


And this one is titled……………”Fark you……it’s too cold………I’m going home!!”


Ocean Beach Aug09 033