Update & things that go bump in the night…

Ricky stayed with my sister and brother-in-law last night in anticipation of arising at 4.30am today and taking the “Great annual bus trip to Hobart to play golf” trip with Dean.  Last year he took three days to recover from the “golf”…….  this year he has been warned 🙂  So that left me with a night on my own and a free day today with no work and no Ricky…….  just doing a teensy weensy little high five here !!

I had my sister come and visit me yesterday.  She had a late appointment in Burnie…..so came early and we did a spot of lunch and some shopping together.  I took Scarlett to the vet as her back right leg is noticeably worse.  Her muscles are starting to waste because she doesn’t use it properly anymore.  So, back up to the vet today for some xrays so we know definitely what is going on in there.  Anybody want to buy a kidney???  Estimated cost for said xrays is between $180.00 and $300 depending on if they have to put her right out or can manage with just sedation!! 

We have sold our house!!  It sold on the third day to the 2nd looker!!  A single nurse that works here in Burnie.  I am pleased someone like that has brought our house.  She obviously has magnificent taste 🙂  We have been given our removal day…… 17th August.  I am on days off now and my last two days at work will be next Thursday and Friday….. *gulp*

Now for a story……………………………..   a TRUE story……………………………….

Last night I was on my own remember?  I am not usually a nervy person…,.not at all.  But I kept hearing a weird noise.  It sounded like it was coming from out on the decking or somewhere.  Hard to describe the noise…….like a click clacking sort of noise.  Sometimes it would sound louder than other times and when I sat really still and tried to listen for it I couldn’t hear it at all……..frustrating!!!!

I have to admit I peeked out the blinds once or twice (or was it more?).  I kept looking at the dogs because usually, if someone is about, they will know and start barking.  They didn’t really seem all that concerned.  Come on puppies!!!!  Shape up or ship out……can’t you see your mother needs some reassurance here???  She might even need saving!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  No reaction from the slumbering ones.  I have to admit I was getting quite nervous.  I suppose this went on for an hour or so and then I decided to catch an early night. 

I heard the noise as I walked up the hallway to the loo.  I stopped dead still…………nothing.  Was sitting on the loo and moved to reach the loo paper…….there it went again!!!!  I looked down……………………………………………………….


strahan house


I brought these slippers yesterday when I was shopping with Karen.  At her urging I might add because “she had a pair and they were sooooooo warm and cheap!!”.  The noise I had been hearing all night was the bloody beads hanging on the back of the slippers clacking together!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Do I feel stupid??…………………………..ummmmm       YES I DO 🙂    They will be forever known as the “Scary Slippers” now!


22 thoughts on “Update & things that go bump in the night…

  1. Shades of fake snakes – the subject of which will now be dropped – especially after a couple of chardonays! Love Mum

  2. At least they’re really cute slippers! I hope Scarlett feels better soon – vet bills are so expensive but how can we not do whatever we can?

  3. Congrats on the sale of your house.. From the pics I have seen, I can understand why it sold so fast.. Well done.. One less stress..
    I love your scary slippers.. They are so pretty.. I love pink.. but my feet and so big, that I have to buy ugly old mans slippers.. maybe when I get to my goal weight, I will have lost enough off my feet to get me some cutesy ones..
    Hope Scarlett is ok..
    xx nene

  4. Ok.. so what’s your secret regarding the sale of your house… I want mine gone within days too…whaaaaaaaa… seriously though, bloody well done. That was fast even by fast house sale standards.
    Lol at the beads making noises. You’re a true dag in the sense of the word. Have you found a rental yet at your new place..? update!! update!! I’m eager to hear everything.
    Good luck with finishing up with work and moving. Don’t envy you there (and yet…… who’s going to go through the same thing.. except clear across the country.. mama mia!)
    PS that would be moi!

  5. A load of your mind selling the house so quickly:-) You are going to be busy until then!

    You cracked me up with the noises in the night:-)

  6. Wow our housing market is so bad here that houses sit on the market for months! I take it the market is better where you are.

    I read your scary slipper story to my whole family and they had a good laugh!


  7. Those are sooooo cute and they look warm, too… despite the clicky clack noises they make. Is that kind of like what we call ‘belling the cat’ so it can’t sneak up on the birds and take them out…?

    And wow! Selling the place in only three days and to the second looker. I’d say that says scads about how you and Ricky took care of the place.

    So sorry to hear about Scarlett. It’s so scary when the babies have a bad turn. I just had my youngest one to the vet with hot spots all across under her neck… Eighty dollars for the vet charge and two medications. I know I take better care and spend more money on my two than I do on myself.


  8. No thank you, I do not need a kidney!
    Bummer about vet bills… they sure know how to charge like wounded bulls.
    Hope your dog is ok.

    As to the noise.. YA IDIOT TART!!!! I had to laugh at that, thanks.

  9. Congrats on selling your house – that’s terrific! I’m still laughing about the shoes – it’s exactly something that would happen to me!

    Really hope your dog is ok.

    Em 🙂

  10. can’t get up from the floor…..tears rolling down my face…..the slippers have really cracked me up!!!lol

    i had an episode with mine the first night too, one of the beads flipped inside the slipper, thought i had a spider in my slipper. i kicked the slipper from one end of the lounge to the other….i hate spiders……love ya sis you crack me up!!!!

  11. Thank you for nearly killing me when I breathed in the biscuit I was eating as I read your last sentence. When my eyes have stopped watering and I can breathe without sounding like I’m on my last breath, I’ll let you know whether I think you’re just lucky to have sold your house in ten minutes flat, or whether you must have given it away.
    Till then, I suppose I’d better just say I enjoyed your post.

  12. Cant really string too many words together right now but just wanted to say – luv ya girl, luv reading your blog. Luv all round really….

  13. so, scarey boots, whats next clicky clacky mules……………………….and the ubiquitous g-string? Just love Kath and Kim…………………..

  14. Oh my goodness, That was funny!! I thought I was the only person who could do something like that! very cute slippers although!! I adore Pink!!

    Wow, selling your house so fast! Congrats! here in the states it takes forever, with the economy the way it is.

    I hope the furbaby is OK. vets are so expensive!!

    God Bless~
    Debbie Jean

  15. Well I haven’t kept up with your blog and don’t know why you are moving, so I’ll refrain from commenting about that – except to say that, whatever the reason, moving is always stressful.

    Your bump in the night reminds me of the sound of a didgerydoo (sp.?) that I periodically heard in a certain area of my house – actually an upper bedroom where my didge playing daughter had lived for a year. It terrified me because I was home alone. I almost believed an Indian friend of mine who said that my house was blessed by the presence of ancient spirits. It turned out to be a rumble in our pipes caused by a faulty watering system. I felt foolish, but also bemused at my susceptibility to superstition.

    I’ve written my first real post in a very long time. It’s about my new approach to “getting rid of the regain” and my first food related victories in a very long while. I hope that you’ll check it out.

  16. Sorry to hear about the leg. Hope it will get better.

    Wow! Three days?! Must be some kind of place.

    Sorry, just had to add that. tee hee
    But it was funny!

  17. Nola, I love the slippers and that sounds like something I would od. I hope your puppy gets better soon. Great news about selling the house so quickly. You must be so busy!

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