I’m moving……

Well, here we go again!!  Ricky is taking up a position at Strahan.  Strahan is on the West Coast of Tasmania and extremely beautiful.  It is an opportunity we don’t want to miss as the job involves marine work as well as just general police work around the town.  So, in the last few days I have been flat out organising a real estate agent to sell this house, travelling down to Strahan to look at the rental we will be living in there, and just generally spinning around in circles!! 

Now you say Strahan like this……..  straw-nnn        Not like this……  stra-harn                    Got that??


So at the moment we live up the top of Tasmania in Burnie which is to the left of Devonport a bit.  We are about to move to Strahan half way down the left side of the map.  It is coastal and beautiful and right on the edge of the World Heritage area that is the South West of Tasmania.   It is very touristy in the summer months and has many, many attractions such as the cruises up the Gordon River, the steam train trip to Queenstown, salmon farms, Ocean Beach…..just beautiful.  So, I am excited and we intend to stay there until maybe Ricky retires in 7 years.  Please come and visit us if you are holidaying in Aussie……we will have four bedrooms in this house with plenty of room!!

If you have a look at my November post titled “Bloody Samsung” there are some Strahan photos in there.  That is the wedding we went to and they got married on one of the cruise boats.  Or google Strahan and have a look…….

As far as band news goes…… there is none really.  I have only lost a kilo over quite a few weeks.  However, I am happy with that because I have been nibbling a bit with this giving up smoking caper.  I have become addicted to Bejewelled on Facebook instead of having a smoke!! lol lol  As long as I don’t put it on I will be happy for the next couple of weeks.  I have made an appointment to see Dr Dreamy on 6th September….it is the earliest I could get in!!  I suppose that will come around really quickly anyway because of all that is going on!! I will be asking for a little bit more fill.

So, sorry I have been a bit slack with the posting…..but I will try and keep up more from now on…….

So, just a quick update for you.


18 thoughts on “I’m moving……

  1. Ahhh she’s off an about to strawwwwn now huh! Can’t keep a good woman down. Sounds exciting (we are doing the same thing with house.. the selling up part is horrible lol keeps us very busy!!)

    Cant wait to catch you … gives us now an excuse to get to Strahan.. safe moving!!

  2. Strahan!
    You’ll be around the corner from Margie!! Well, a 50km corner!!

    Hope you’ll be still be effluent in Strahan!

    So exciting! Except for the moving and selling business, thats not so much fun, but I’ll be thinking of you!!

  3. I receive a lot of powerpoint presentations with photos of places in the world, from a friend in Spain – and strangely enough last week there was one of Australia, featuring some pix from Tasmania (Marie Island, Cradle Mountains, Dove Lake). They took my breath away, and I found myself thinking ‘lucky ol’ Nola living there’. Hope the move goes well for you – it sounds like a wonderful opportunity.

  4. Fantastic news – guess this will mean a change of job for you too – or are you going to be a lady of leisure? Well done on the smoking – so proud of you – how long now – you must be at the stage of counting in weeks rather than days. Go girl go!! Z xx

  5. Sounds lovely! Are you sad to be leaving your lovely home where you are?
    Glad the weight is still coming off, albiet slowly.
    I will definitely come and visit you if I am ever in Tasmania! Well… you and Wanna of course! *smiles* She would kill me if I didnt!

  6. Oh Nola, how lucky for you to move to the beautiful side of the island. Thanks for the geography lesson. Actually, Australia is on my list of places to see. I remember the wedding pictures from last fall. The stress of moving will keep you busy. We will need to see pictures. Take care of yourself as you stay very busy.

  7. Oh lovely…. and a bed offer…woohoo I will have to contact you if ever we come down that way on the bikes!!
    Good luck with selling the house and the move… when do you go?

  8. That’s awesome news… although I don’t know about you, but I HATE moving 🙂 But as long as you’re happy about it, that’s what matters.

  9. It sounds like you are really happy about the move and really, isn’t that all that matters!! I googled it and it looks like a lovely place, I may have to ask my husband if we can vacation there after he retires in a few. I look forward to hearing all about your new adventures, take care Nola…;p

  10. Hi Nola,
    Thank you for your kind comments and welcome on my blog 🙂
    If you don’t mind, I’ll add you to my list as well so I can read all your bits and bobs.
    I’ll have a read through a bit later when Bubs is asleep and not terrorising me for ignoring him!
    Take care

  11. just stumbled onto your site, I was so pleased to see another Tasmanian on the same journey that I am on, keep up the good work and keep the faith, all the best Diane

  12. How exciting , though I imagine all the work you will have to do will not be pleasant. Do you have to leave your job as well?

  13. What a move!!! To the edge of Tassie…I’m so excited for you. Those photos you put up of the wedding trip, there were some very beautiful photos. I will be looking for a tour when I win the lottery and I come to visit my very favorite Tassie Bandit… well the only Tasmanian I know, bandit or not.

    Seriously, it sounds like quite a good move for Ricky and for you and for him to be able to do the marine work as well would be exciting for you both.

    Now don’t you go getting all hoity toity on us as you’ll be the queen of the painted toes ladies in the touristy town.

    But I will take you to task if you don’t post more often… after all you aren’t doing anything but sitting around snacky snacking!

    Love you, you old hornbag!


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