Drugs are bad…….

or in my case………drugs are farking fantastic!!!!  I am speaking of Champix……a new drug out to help break the dastardly nicotine addiction.  Yes folks…….I am a smoker.  Let’s just say I have smoked for a looooooong time.  I have spoken about giving up on here before I think?  Anyhooooo……I think about it quite a bit.  I hate that something rules my life like smoking does.  I hate how it makes me smell and what it does to my health!!  So, Ricky and I have started on Champix.  Apparently it works by blocking the nicotine receptors in your brain….therefore denying you the “pleasure” of the drawback.  I don’t care how it works…………..all I know is that………..so far…………it is working……….for both of us!!!!   

You start taking the tablets and continue to smoke while the whatevers build up in your system a bit.  Then you make your quit day between day 8 and 14……..no pressure.  If you fold………try again but keep taking them all the while.  I managed to stop on day 15.  I have had 4 smoke free days.  This is a miracle.  Normally I would have killed by now and drawn blood several times.  I also would have mugged a tramp and stolen his butts!!!!  I would have turned into the bitch from hell and my head would be spinning around whilst projectile spew flew across the room……………………..

but no……………………….  I am calm.  I am at one with the universe.  I have my ying and yang working bigtime…….I have had a couple of cravings……but they are quite mild and easy to resist.  I imagine lighting a smoke and drawing it back and it makes me feel physically sick and I no longer crave one.  Basically…………..this drug farking rocks!!!!!!!!!  I will keep you posted 🙂

In other breaking news……………I have lost NOTHING.  I have had the nibbles a bit over the last few evenings.  As a matter of fact, last night, I practically inhaled a whole packet of marshmallows!!!!!!!  And guess what??……..the night before that I did the same thing!!!!!!!!  I have been eating shit.  I have been walking like a mad woman to try and compensate for the shit eating and it must have helped me stay the same rather than put on………*phew*

So, no more mindless nibbling for me.  Back on the straight and narrow.  Regardless of the weather I will be walking.  I even went and brought Harry a new coat so he can walk in the rain with me.  Scarlett already had one.  Scarlett has been having “issues” with her poor little dicky knees.  The vet has said she cannot do the long walks anymore.  Just short ones and her “freerange” walks on the beach. 

Now that caused a bit of a dilema.  Because Harry is as fat as mud and myself and Ricky are not far behind him.  We still want to do longer walks.  There is no way we could walk out the door without Scarlett………..it would break her heart!!  She loves her walks sooooooo much!  So, we have come up with a brilliant solution!  Once Scarlett starts limping and tires this is what we are going to do.  ……..   some pictures of the test run we did at the beach.  I might add she thinks she is something special too!!!!!  Absolutely loves it in her “carriage”…………………All hail Princess Scarlett Dickyknee Fart-ima Maxwell………………………………………  🙂

BACKPACK 002                             BACKPACK 004


Spoilt???????………………………………………………… ya think!!??????!!!!!!!!   🙂


30 thoughts on “Drugs are bad…….

  1. Awww Scarlett looks quite pleased with herself in that lil carraige.. I might add that by carrying her extra bulk, might make your walks more of a work out.. Great idea.
    Congrats on kicking your smoking habbit. I also need to quit.. However, I do only have 1 or 2 ciggies per day (I know I know, I shouldnt have any) but.. if I dont have that 1 or 2 I lose my freakin mind.
    I think this cooler weather makes us feel a lil snackish.. Not good, but we cant deny ourselves every pleasure..
    xx Nene

  2. Yes Nene…I thought about carrying the weight. Like on Biggest Loser when they make them put their weight equivalent into the backpacks!! Scarlett is pushing 9kgs!!
    I was an average of 10 a day smoker……mind you….has only been 4 days….but I am feeling confident that this is the answer for me. I haven’t poked Ricky’s eyes out with a knitting needle or anything yet…..so bonus!!

  3. Hello love, got your message today. Thanks for your kind words. I got through it though!

    Well, let me start by saying HOW FABULOUS you are looking! I don’t care what the scales are saying, you look AMAZING! So healthy and fit looking!

    Secondly, giving up smoking was the single most difficult thing I have ever done in my life. I wish you well. I have been smoke free for over nine years now and I feel fantastic for it, but baby, was I hooked. Keep perservering, it is worth it. Even though on some days you will feel like throwing your hands in the air and giving in. The hardest times are social occasions, so try to limit them in the first month or so. And no drinking! That lowers your inhibitions so much, you just say to yourself, what the fark, one won’t hurt! It will hurt! Don’t do it!

    Finally, I love the kaboochie for the poochie!!! From one petlover to another, I understand the lengths you go to, to make sure your pets feel loved, and you sure do that!!!

  4. Thanks Tracey….I am so pleased you are feeling better. I can assure you I do not trust myself to drink at this early stage of the game!!

    Hey girls….is it spoilt or spoiled?? It just looks wrong……I could go get the dictionary…..but that would be such an effort!!

  5. LOL Nola…… love the pooch carrier – talk about a poopsy dog! We have one too so I totally get it. Thought you might like to know about this if you haven’t already heard of it: its regarding Scarletts dicky knees!! Channel nines ‘A Current Affair’ had a program about this very thing. Apparently a company called Regeneus is doing this revolutionary thing for arthritic dogs where they use the dogs fat cells to heal the arthritic joints.

    (This is an excerpt – just google ACA)
    AdiCell™ is an advanced but simple treatment for your dog’s osteoarthritis. AdiCell uses your dog’s fat cells to heal an arthritic joint, such as a hip or knee. It is a safe procedure that puts to work your pet’s natural regeneration system. Think of these purified cells as your dog’s own emergency repair kit.

    Next up – GO BLOODY YOU!!!! Absolutely brilliant that you have had a go at giving up the smokes. Four days without and… (bearing in mind you have got thru the worst hurdle – the first THREE days!!) …you will just get stronger and stronger. Thank the God for strong ‘kick the ciggies’ drugs!! Take ’em and relish them I say!!!

    I would say the word you had it right also… spoilt it is… like ‘spoilt for choice’ …..not spoiled like rotten fruit (and other similar meanings lol) !!

    Still working on that expedition we talked about and should be heading over your way around October (I think… at last count anyway. Will keep you posted!!)

  6. Congratulations on the four day bit with no smoke!!!
    Can’t wait to hear it’s been four years!
    My critters are just as spoilt. Although, they don’t have a “carrier”, other than my arms, that is. Rotten mutts of mine. But I love ’em!

  7. Hi Nola! Does the dog really like it in the backpack? she looks very cute there! and 9kg you can really burn some calories that way.

    Do you gradually taper off the drugs as you put some distance between yourself and the cigs?

    in response to your post-I live on a quiet finger of the park 🙂 hmmm and if you think of it like a hand—the ring finger…I had a moment of panic there thinking I might live on the middle one haha. We don’t get much traffic except walkers and the occasional neighbor out with a frisbee.

  8. Good for you! Quitting smoking is a hard thing and it’s so easy for me to justify smoking a little – but I’m smoking a little more than a little right now. Ah well, this too shall pass.

    Your pup reminds me of a friend. She bought a carrier really similar to those baby slings you wear in front. Her dog thought she was a right royal princess riding around in that and the other dogs got jealous. I hope your dog enjoys the ride and you have fun on your walks. And may I say, what a beautiful place for walkies?!

  9. Good on you for quitting smoking. From all accounts it’s a bloody hard thing to do.

    That puppy backpack in ingenious! We have often thought about buying one of those kid carriages that attach to the bike so we can take our little westie on bike rides. But we worry that if she saw another dog she’d take off out of it!!

  10. Emma…. I saw one of those on the net when I was looking for a backpack for Scarlett! It was made for dogs….and had a mesh cover over it that zipped up so they couldn’t jump out and a wet weather cover that doubled as sun protection!! lol lol

    Thanks for the encouragement girls 🙂

  11. That is HILARIOUS!

    Scarlett is lapping up that luxury by the looks of it!

    Good for you with the smoking. My dad had a stroke last year which forced him to give up the smokes for good. It was hard watching him go through withdrawal without help. I’m so glad this is working for you.

  12. Oh my dear Nola. …you look fantastic and I’m so glad that the baby doesn’t have to be left at home. We here know much about what you call “dicky” knees…one of our little babes has had to have two knee surgeries to reattach the thingie that slipped out of the cap. $$$$$$$$$$$$$

    Congrats on the Chantix working for you. It’s what I used to quit before my surgery. Wonderful drug. But now of course I’m back to smoking….more than ever actually….and I also started having my evening drinkies again. Haven’t lost any weight for three months….actually have gained back a few pounds.

    I read an article about bariatric patients trading addictions…from food to cigs or booze. Afraid that’s me. The new job is SO damn stressful that I can’t wait to get home and unwind some spirits. This week we had an 8 yr old attack one of my employees. Afraid she’s going to quit, then I’ll have to take over working with the little bugger.

    Love to you from up here!

  13. Nola – Such is your power of persuasion that I found myself thinking – wow that Champix sounds amazing – BEFORE I remembered that I don’t smoke.
    My partner John smoked 60 a day till 1999 when he got flu so badly it scared him and he went on nicotine patches for 6 weeks and hasn’t smoked again. I got to to wishing that losing weight was that easy… but it’s not true – whatever the addiction is, it’s your head that’s the hardest to cope with. The band may stop me eating, but my addiction to sugar bypasses the band, and as a diabetic I should know better, particularly as it’s in my family and I’ve seen the terrible things diabetes does to you.
    A comment to pjblue – I think it’s fair to say we frail human over-eating bloggers absolutely hate perfect people who are always in control, the types who narrow their eyebrows in refined puzzlement when you try to explain your addictions. Our imperfections make us infinitely more interesting…

  14. congrats on the fags mate…..went to Hobart yesterday and actually got to meet your Dr Dreamy lol…..told him he was Dr Dreamy and he looked at me and cracked up laughing…he knew straight way who I had been talking to…i told him to check out your blog as you had some amazing pics on here that i thort he should check out.
    BTW your ass looks so amazingly small in that last backpack shot…wtg woman

    see you on the 15th

  15. WoW Nola…you are a woman of change. Congratulations to you because this is not an easy transition. I wouldn’t worry about the weight thing. Just keep exercising. I love the doggiePack!.

  16. Congratulations babe! Quitting is hard work so good on you for making that commitment and getting into it. Between that and the band etc you will feel like a million dollars soon!

  17. Go Nola! giving up is never easy, but hey if I can do it so can you. x

    My buster has dodgy knees too… apparently he has sports injuries from running like a mad idiot at the ripe old age of 13!!! The backpack looks like a great idea, maybe I can not longer use his knees as an excuse not to go out for a long walk.


  18. Our friends have just given up (well about 4 months ago) on some type of drug as well, wonder if it’s the same!

    Great work – and well done you! Could be why you are have the nibbles – but you will get that sorted again:-)

    Love the back pack!

  19. Well thankfully I don’t smoke so don’t have the added pressure of giving something else up, but I do sypathize with you and hope you both kick the habit.

    Love your little invention for Scarlett, she look like “The Queen of the May” in her carry all!!!

  20. Been there and come through the other side of the smoking disaster – stay strong – and if you eat a few mallows, what the fark. Smoking will probably kill you faster than the few kilos you’ve got hanging around.
    You’re doing well

  21. Congratulations on quitting smoking, Nola! I’m so happy for you and I wish you and your man the best of luck. I can only imagine how hard it must be (based on my addiction to food, not cigarettes), so I’m glad you have some assistance.

    I love the doggie carrier, too! And I love burning the extra calories when you have to carry the dog in said carrier. 😉 I’ve taken my nephew on small hikes when they were younger, but we’d go so slow that I basically burned almost no calories. Certainly didn’t get my heart rate up… that is, until he pooped out and I had to put him on my shoulders for the rest of the walk back to the car. THEN I got my exercise! 😉

    Hahaha, I love “Princess Scarlett Dickyknee Fart-ima Maxwell.”

  22. Look at you!!! And toting Ms. Scarlett around like a little queen to boot. That’ll give you a bit more of a workout. I am so proud of you, despite the marshmallows.

    When I quit smoking Champix wasn’t even invented yet. I went to a hypnotist and she performed the miracle of helping me to quit after 40 years of smoking. I would have a dream about smoking and I’d think in the dream… I can’t do that! And I’d wake up remembering the dream and the panic I felt about smoking again. It was so funny. I won’t sit here and say I don’t think about smoking anymore. I do occasionally have a bad day and maybe see some one smoking in a car next to me and I want to get out, smack ’em around and take their smoke… but I don’t. I just take a deep breath like I’m inhaling and the urge passes. I used to joke that I had such an oral fixation if I ever quit smoking I’d have to carry a pacifier around or suck my thumb during my breaks.

    You keep up the good work, my friend… except maybe for the marshmallows.


  23. Champix are the bomb! I have never been a smoker, however hubby was a pack a day. He started taking champix 12 months ago and has easily kicked the habit.

    Do we need to start calling you Paris Hilton???? I would do the same for my dogs!

  24. Wow, you look fantastic!! You look so great! Those pics of you in the blue top are stunners. Well done!! And i’m so proud of you for giving up the cigs, i’m a fair way away from that but one day i’ll get there. Love the pics of harry and scarlet too, very cute 🙂

  25. Nola, the added benefit of carrying her as well is that is extra weight to push around. You look marvelous. You should be so proud of the addiction kick. My sister-in-law used the same drug and has had success as well. Good for you. I know you will feel better and better. We have decided to take our dog on vacation with us in the car. Have to love her to do that as well. Take care.

  26. Awwww, I like the doggie backpack. I haven’t been visiting blogs for quite some time and am AMAZED at the difference in how you look. Remember, you can do anything you want with a marshmallow and not gain weight as long as you don’t eat it. You can dip it in paint and use to stamp a design on wallpaper. You can melt them and use them to glue pebbles together. You can place them on your eyelids to keep out the light when you are taking a nap. You just can’t eat the friggin things. Good on you for taking steps to give up the poison sticks. Your clothes will smell soooo much better if you persevere. I say this as an ex-smoker.

  27. I know how hard dealing with an addiction can be. You’re toughing it out by not smoking. Good for you!! I think the Scarlett idea is wonderful. I bet she’s grateful for your loving care 🙂

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