20kgs down pictures………

ID 017                             20kgs 006


   ID 020                                                                                                      

                                                     20kgs 008


ID 019                                             20kgs 007

Hi there,

I got Reagan to take these “Blue Wiggle” shots at work yesterday.  I have been getting a bit down about how long it is taking me to lose this blubber……..or at least get into the 80’s.  I needed to see if there was a difference I could see!! I hadn’t put any pictures side by side before.  I took the first ones the week after my operation.  I was wearing a reasonably loose shirt because I hate anything that “clings” to my back fat!!!!  Yesterday I was wearing a black vest over the blue skivvy.  A vest, I might add, that wouldn’t do up on me at the time the first photos were taken 🙂  I took the vest off for the purposes of the photo and so I didn’t come up as a black blob with blue arms!  Well…..at least I can say the back fat is shrinking!!

I do feel different…………….no doubt about it.  I was to the stage where I was “lumbering” around and “heaving” myself up from a sitting postion.  I feel sooooooo much more comfortable now and move with much more ease.  I cross my legs now and “spring” up from a sitting position (most days 🙂 )  Maybe it is slow……but by God…….it’s working!!!!!   I feel better now………think I just had a case of the SADS!!!!


35 thoughts on “20kgs down pictures………

  1. Wow Nola – what a dramatic difference! You’ve not seen it coming off because it was gradual – and here’s the evidence. I do love before and after pictures – they’re so inspiring for everyone else… Thanks so much for sharing with us. (And that blue really suits you too).

  2. You’re looking fan-fricken-tastic girl! But you already knew that right, so I didn’t really even need to leave this comment… You SEXY HORNBAG!! LOL

  3. Wow, you look fantastic Nola.. You are doing so well.. I wish I was down your end of the scale.. But I know it will come with time.. It sucks that it sometimes takes a look at pictures to see that the weight has been lost..
    xx Nene

  4. Hello Nola!

    Congrats on your road to success losing some “extra luggage”… I myself have being on that road and still going because since I moved to Grand Cayman I put on 15 lbs in a couple of years, now just got down 7 but will like to go down the rest…

    Thanks for checking my new blog and I’m glad to hear you’ve been enjoying Marks log for a while.

    Keep up the good work… your are looking fab!!!

  5. Wow Nola!!!!

    Photos are the best way to judge how far you’ve come!!!

    You look great. You can see that you’ve lost weight all over.

    I love how you don’t need to add the accesories now….. hehehe


  6. Looking great Nola – well done. Do u realise we are about the same weight now. By the time we get to Sydney we are going to be ‘annies’.

  7. I know how you feel when you cant see it yourself and need the pics to help your eyes catch up to what the rest of your body is doing….Im hearing ya yet again lol.

    On another note you are looking fantastic and those 80’s must be fast approaching….congrats on a great effort mate….proud of you heaps


  8. You look terrific – more comfortable in your body and pretty darn sexy. Pick up 20 kg of potatoes in the supermarket and see what you’ve lost – how did we do it

  9. I can relate. It’s easy to get discouraged.
    But, dang, woman, you look great!
    They say when it comes off slower, it’s more likely to stay off. And I know that is what you want.

  10. You look brilliant – but it’s not just your body – your whole face shape is different – look at those beautiful cheek bones. Way to go Z xx

  11. Wow… you look fantastic..
    I was up your way Saturday… met up with a friend in the harvey norman carpark then rode through to cooee to have a squiz in the bike shop and then on to Somerset for coffee with a friend… Often come riding up your way… maybe oneday we can catch up for coffee…

  12. Well fark me! Get over yourself you skinny bitch! You are looking hot! Top pics girl! You’re going to have to stop identifying yourself as a fat chick cause we’re all going to think you’re taking the piss. Love it! Can you send me some of that losing vibe?

  13. Congratulations! You did it. Your baby steps paid off. Remember, what you do today will impact you tomorrow, so keep doing whatever you are doing. 🙂


  14. FARK!!! hun you look amazing….well done Nola….I am down 27kg….83kg now…I can’t believe it either…who would have thought huh?? Dr Dreamy didnt restrict my band anymore last time I went cos I was still losing big numbers and struggling quite a bit with food….tuna mornay and pumpkin soup are my best friends…lol
    Don’t forget me my little lap band buddy….I cant believe it has nearly been 8 months since we were banded…time flies…love you mate…Stacey xx

  15. Oh Nola, you just have to be so happy. You are just gorgeous in your new body. Keep on working at this. The color is definitely yours. You go girl! Hornbags unite!

  16. I’m incredibly slow these days – but I wanted to say what a wonderful and very visual difference! I have trouble seeing the difference and since I hate having cameras pointed at me, I never did take a before picture. Maybe I should take one now…

    Anyway, congratulations on your journey! The best part is being able to do things you couldn’t do before and to have the energy to get up and out there. Plus you look absolutely wonderful!

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