Weekend photos…..

On Sunday we went to Cradle Mountain which is about one and a half hours drive South from here.  We got married there 18 yrs ago May just gone……….where did that time go!!??  It was a fabulous wedding really.  We got married late morning and then had a lunch reception. We had quite a few interstate friends who made a weekend of it.  We all stayed the night before and the night of the wedding in the cabins and had a wonderful time!

It was a reasonable day weather wise, although a bit chilly!

You should google Cradle Mountain Tasmania and have a look……….too beautiful and world renowned.

On the way there…………………

cradle mountain june 09 002

cradle mountain june 09 003

The Lodge where we got married.  We actually moved the ceremony inside because it rained on the day….but still enjoyable and just as nice….

cradle mountain june 09 006

cradle mountain june 09 008

The stairs we stood on for the ceremony………………….

cradle mountain june 09 034

And signed our wedding certificate on this bar…..explains a lot!!

cradle mountain june 09 032

Then we took what is called the Enchanted Walk………………I took some lovely “arty farty” shots for your enjoyment……

cradle mountain june 09 010

cradle mountain june 09 014

cradle mountain june 09 021

cradle mountain june 09 016

cradle mountain june 09 027

cradle mountain june 09 018

cradle mountain june 09 019

cradle mountain june 09 028

So, there you go……..a little walk with me on the Enchanted Walk.  A very pleasant way to spend a Sunday.


20 thoughts on “Weekend photos…..

  1. It was too – a lovely walk – love all the tree shots with the moss and lichen. Now you – are looking absolutely brilliant – your whole face shape has changed – check out those beautiful cheek bones! Oh yea!! Zxx
    ps not to mention those trim looking legs!!

  2. Gorgeous photos, you did well there.
    You are looking amazing too if I do say so!
    Ummm, your man does too.. lol! I find bald men.. SEXY as hell and I hope Stew goes bald!

  3. These are the photos you told me about. I read the email and went… did I miss something? Obviously I did.. I hadn’t realised you had posted a blog entry.. (told you I had been busy surfing!! lol)

    I can’t WAIT to get to cradle mountain. I must tell you, you look absolutely fantastic…. and bloody healthy, look you! Sounds like you had the best time – and yeah, doesn’t it go fast. Too scary.
    Speak soon
    Cara 🙂

  4. Arty Farty! You made me laugh!
    Great pics as always, it’s nice that the place you got married is still there!
    18 years goes by pretty quick, does it? We’ve been married only two months, seems like longer!

  5. I loved Cradle Mountain. I never went on the enchanted walk as I was stuffed from the days events (did I mention that we did a senior citizens tour of tassie!!!!). I did however, visit the spa there!

    What a great place to get married!


  6. Ah beautiful Cradle Mountain! My husband and I went on our first holiday there. It was the best. It was FREEZING and sleeting and as a plump smoker (now non-smoker, but was a chimney back then) we decided not to do a walk and instead ate lots of fried things in that exact lodge you have pictured! How wonderful!
    We shall be going back one day and taking baby to visit also.
    Beautiful photos. Glad you had a lovely day 🙂

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