Crossed to the “darkside”………..

I went to Target yesterday to look for some plain black trousers for work……………………………..

At the time of my lapband surgery I was wearing size 20 trousers from the “Big Arse” section.  The last pair I brought was a size 16 from the “Big Arse” section and they are now getting a bit baggy in the bum.  So, I thought………why not torture myself in my lunchhour and go try some trousers on from the “Normal Person’s” section?  I thought I might be lucky enough to find an 18 that fitted?

So I skulked up and down the racks and found three different designs in black trousers in 18’s, thinking this would really be a wasted exercise!  One thing I like about good old Target is that they have lovely big fitting rooms with good lighting and lots of mirrors, so you can check out your fat arse from all angles………delightful 🙂

The first pair went over my thighs…… know how you sneak up on something????  I just stood there for a minute with the trousers only up over my thighs trying to let it sink in that they went over my thighs!  Then I thought, “Keep going……you might as well try and do them up. No need to be disappointed……they would never have gone over your thighs a couple of months ago!”  So, I pulled them up and zipped them up and then just stood there like a mental person grinning at myself in the mirror.  They were a bit BIG!!!!  The bloody waist was TOO BIG!!!  The same thing with the 2nd and 3rd pair.  I actually didn’t like the style of two of the pairs on me……………….ummmmm   I had a choice??!!  So, I gathered them up and went back out to the racks and found a size 16 in the style I like and went back to the fitting room with them. 

Same deal…..I kind of sneaked up on them ……first the thighs….not too tight, not too “clowny”.  Then the “doing up of the waist” ceremony……………..victory!!!!!!!

When I first went into that fitting room all I was thinking about initially was the dirty great hole in my right sock.  Thankful, of course, that my toenail was at least painted a fetching red even though it drew attention to the hole even more 🙂  I just knew that whoever was in the fitting room next to me could see this hole and would be thinking, “Wow…have a look at that beautifully painted toenail.  Must be a hornbag in the room next to me!!” 🙂

Even so…..we are strange creatures are we not?  I checked the inside tag to make sure I hadn’t tried on the wrong size and the whole time my mind was saying…..”Oh yes, but Target a a much bigger fit than other stores”.  Why can’t we just accept that we fit into a smaller size!!?  I could “hear” myself thinking this.  I was thrilled to bits but still had thoughts of this nature.  I don’t know………………..  I think because I have been so overweight for so long that the mental side of things is going to take a little longer to catch up!

So, heellllooooo world…………….next week I will be wearing a NORMAL PERSON’S  size 16 to work!!!  One of my more memorable non scale victories to date.  I honestly can’t remember when I haven’t shopped in the “Fat Arse” sections of stores or online.  You know shops like Autographs or Rockmans??  One side of the shop is “Fat Arse” sizes and the other is “Normal” sizes?  Well, I used to refer to the normal side as the “Darkside”……………when shopping with my sister or whatever and we went to these shops I would say……”You go over and have a look in the darkside while I go in here and check out the fatarse side.” 

So, I am prepared for the challenge…………………… I am going to try crossing over to the darkside on my next trip to the shops…………………….Farking Hell…………………I love being EVIL..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

There is a bit of public debate going on here at the moment about putting lapband surgery on the public hospital list.  I, for one, think it is a good idea.  I think in the long run it would save  money being spent in the public system on obesity related illnesses.  Such as diabetes and heart disease and things like that……why not try and “nip it in the bud” before people develop these things?  I found this which kind of says it all…………………….




20 thoughts on “Crossed to the “darkside”………..

  1. Well done Nola. I think the Target jeans are generous sizing but their pants seem to be on par with other shops. We’re going to have to do heaps of shopping while we’re in Sydney…. Let the others have their 9km walk!

  2. Do you know that 6 years after losing the bulk of my weight I still find myself drifting to the larger section when shopping.

    Well done to you for now wearing Size 16’s!!!

  3. What a fantastic bloody post. Your excitement just oozed from the page and why not!! You are a legend. Seriously, I can’t wait till I fit into size 16 – I’m thinking another 10 kg down will do it for me.. and you should be proud! You have worked hard and now the benefits are paying off. Well done hornbag extraordinarre! We are all behind you … (scuse the pun!!)
    Cara xx

  4. I’m with Bel, Woo Farkin Hoo!

    And Targets’s sizing is correct not large, so add that string to your bow as well.

  5. FUCKEN AWESOME!!!! You so make me want to just turn up and see you in your hornbag trousers! with the sexy toenails.
    Maybe, just maybe I will one day! so there. Look out.

  6. Hello there Nola, woohoo!!! I am sooo happy for you. I know EXACTLY how it feels to finally fit into NORMAL people’s sized clothes. i actually have no idea whatsoever of what size i am at the moment, for obvious reasons. [6 months pregnant, in case anyone reading this doesn’t read my blog]

    Anyway, nice to hear from you, ya ole tart!

  7. I know this is the biggest buzz! I can remember for decades thinking that section of the shop was not for someone like me and now it’s all I wear!! Today I bought a size 16 mini skirt from a normal person’s shop – I feel naked but hell’s bell you only live once.

  8. Go Nola, what a star you are!

    I’m getting banded this Thursday. Reading your post reminds me of everything I have to look forward to. I can’t wait to not have to bypass the normal clothes in Target and shop in Options Plus.

  9. WhoopWhoop Nola,

    How amazing are you!!! I still can’t wait for the day when I truly believe that I have lost enough to get into normal clothes. Even though my clothes are getting bigger on me, I can’t quite get it into my head that I can go into a ‘normal’ sized shop… just in case they don’t fit! I think cos I still believe that ‘bigger’ sizes are bigger in bigger shops and the same size is smaller in ‘normal’ shops… OMG how confused am I? Maybe the anaesthesia is still fuddling my brain…LOL

    I want to see pictures too.


  10. WOW! Great post. I’ve been up and down the sizes many times and I’m always shocked at what size I am, whether big or small. It sounds like you are shrinking, ready or not.

  11. Hey Nola,

    Me again – and I’m not stalking you, I promise – well, ok maybe a little.
    What I need is to pick your brain. MOTH and I are considering a move to Tassie and although I know a little about it, nothing helps like hearing it from the horses mouth.. so to speak. If you get a second in that busy life of yours could you email me with any info you can think of. We have no idea where we should actually settle (east vs west kind of thing) and if theres any work to be had… anything else you can think of too would be helpful.
    Thanks in advance (how’s that for tying you down so now you have to!! lol… kidding. xx thanks

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