Week in Review..or what I ate and stuff…

Well, just thought I would put down what I eat this week and what I am doing day to day…..just out of interest and so that you can see what a slack tart I am!!  I have absolutely no structure to my days.  I don’t count calories, I don’t measure out one bloody cup of food….I just wing it basically.  That said…maybe it’s time I did!!!!

I have been going OK since my last fill and at this stage I don’t think I need another one.  Some things hurt….some things don’t.  Some days I don’t even feel like I have a bloody band…..other days I hate it!!!!  Mostly I love it.  I do know I should get my arse into gear and stop eating so much shit!!

So…..going to start with today.  I am doing this at work because I like to live on the edge!!!!!  Well, today anyway……………………

Tuesday:12th May

Up at 5.30am………I am nearly always up before the alarm (6.15am) because my hip hurts 😦  I don’t really mind though.  I quite enjoy my quiet time in the early mornings.  I feed the cat, give the dogs their smacko treat, make my coffee and turn the computer on.  I usually read blogs and comment etc for half an hour each morning.  It is a quiet thing to do so I don’t wake Ricky up until the alarm goes off.

Ricky gets up,…….another coffee with him.  Make our “play lunches” for the day.  He goes to work……I get in the shower and then I go to work too. This morning I didn’t make any lunch for me….because I only had enough bread for Ricky’s lunch…..I will get something on way to work.

Today I ate:-

1 slice of date loaf with margarine & skinny latte for breakfast (at my desk when I got to work)….doesn’t everybody have date loaf for breakfast!!??

1 small chicken caesar wrap between 11am and 12.30pm.  I picked the lettuce out of it because it was disgusting….not because I can’t eat lettuce.  So ended up with small quantity of chicken & the wrap bit.

1 small white chocolate solid egg that Penny gave me.  (about the equivalent of a square of chocolate )

1 skinny latte

4pm…… it is taking all my strength not to go to the vending machine and get a packet of Samboy bbq chips!!!!  I am going to make another coffee because that might stop me!!!

My work days suck!!!!!  I always end up having something “bad” when I am at work.  I need to work on this.  I haven’t drunk any water so far today…..bad, bad, bad!!!!  Raced home from work, grabbed Scarlett and took her to the vet for her 2nd anti inflammatory injection for her dicky knees. 

2 poached eggs on top of peas and corn.  I feel full…but still want to eat something else!!  Know what I mean??  Ricky working late tonight….another trap…..bored so I eat.  I might get sick of typing before I get sick of eating….. but I will be truthful 🙂

All right!!!!  I found some Weight Watchers Belgian Eclairs in the freezer……..find!!!!!  So I ate all three of them 😦  It says on the box they are one and a half points each….so I don’t think that was too bad.  Not good though….shouldn’t be feeling like I want them.

So today…..no water, no exercise and no self control………..bugger.

Wednesday  13th

I love green…………….  well, actually I am writing this on Thursday…..but I think I can remember what I ate……unfortunately.  Skinny latte & fruit bun for breakfast at my desk again!!  Took about half an hour to get that lot down inbetween answering the phone…………..not because it hurt or anything.  I hate it when work interferes with my eating!!

Then I was in court for most of the day.  Got a quick break around lunchtime & I got a lowfat banana smoothie……it tasted like shit….so I threw it in the bin!!  So then I was running out of time so I grabbed a weird looking pastry & meaty type of pinwheel thingy & a coffee.  Ate half that and it started to hurt like hell…..so threw the last half away.  Then I am sitting in front of the Magistrate with Reagan and I am eyeing off the bin on the floor next to me wondering how I could hurl into it without the rest of the courtroom seeing or hearing!!!  

Not going to happen.  Reg (Reagan) knew I was having “difficulty” but all she bloody did was laugh!!!  We were sitting in front of the Magistrate with our backs to him and it is bad enough with two of us in there trying to control the giggles and writing stupid notes while boring hearings are on………….  she is whispering….”Chuck in the bin….go on!!”  I was just paranoid I would do a loud burp!!!!  Thankfully it went away and Reg had to find something else to amuse herself with 🙂

I have to say at this point that I am very, very fortunate to have great workmates and they are good fun and fantastic girls. (I have to say this because they read my blog!!)  They have been so understanding about the lapband thing and are always interested in how I am going and very supportive.  They have a wicked sense of humour which is right up my alley!!  They can call me Nola if they want………but I much prefer it if they call me Hornbag or Goddess…….which they do 🙂  I am the oldest and by faaarrrrrr soooooooo much more mature than them!!!!!!!!!!!!   Reg is my Goddess in training……..I am mentoring her 🙂

Oh….food……….Ricky working lates again, so only myself to please.  I had 2 poached eggs, about a cup of baked beans on 2 slices of grain toast for my tea.  I was starving!!!!!!!!!!  Then later I really wanted ice-cream and topping………but I had yoghurt instead. 

Thursday 14th  ………(today)

First day of my run of days off.  Showered…..out the door and up to the supermarket to do some groceries.  I like grocery shopping when I have the time.  Our supermarket plays really good music too….so I bop along and check out what is new or improved. I brought a Biggest Loser shake (already made up in a carton container with straw) and intended to drink that once I finished groceries.  Two mouthfuls in the car and I threw it out…..tasted disgusting!!  I seem to be having a run on throwing things away!  Then I went and paid the hardware shop account so I can put more on there!!  I LOVE the hardware shop…..I just can’t walk out with nothing.  This morning I brought a dinky drawer insert for my cutlery. 

Back home……….grabbed dogs …. back into car…..drove down to beach…..walked them for about 30 minutes.  Just made it back to the car before the rain came.  Back home….made coffee …. heated up a savoury muffin (small about the size of a cupcake)……….had two bites……….hurt like hell……….fed the rest to the dogs!!

By early afternoon I was starving…..so made a bowl of porridge and ate that with no problems.  I have a beef and mushroom casserole thingy in the slow cooker for our tea tonight and it smells beautiful.  Hopefully I will be able to eat some of that!!!!  I will be pissed off if I can’t .

This afternoon I have been moving furniture.  Ricky will have a pink fit when he gets home!!!  I have moved the dressing table back into our room, moved the wardrobe out of our room, pulled the spare bedroom bedhead apart and offered it to the neighbour, cleaned out all my old handbags from the wardrobe and offered them to her too!!!  Ricky will say, “You shouldn’t have moved that by yourself!!”  ra, ra, ra…………I kind of push it along with my legs.  He just gets worried………..but when I feel OK I like to do stuff 🙂 And I am too impatient to wait for him to get home once I get an idea in my head……………………….

I am bored with writing my food down……………..I am not going to do it anymore.  I will just fill you in on any highlights like a public PB and things like that:)  I suppose I will post this anyway……………even though it is boring, boring, boring……………………………………………..at least you learnt that I LOVE poached eggs 🙂



18 thoughts on “Week in Review..or what I ate and stuff…

  1. Nothing you write could ever be boring 🙂 Some tough love now – stop drinking so much blo*ody coffee woman. Water drinkage for body shrinkage.

  2. Vending machines are notoriously bad. Maybe you should take some rice cakes or bran crackers to work? I have both at work. Unopened. . . Old. . .

    I should write what I ate:
    one bowl of choking pellets, (All Bran Bran Buds Cereal)
    Leftover fruit that I bought yesterday and didn’t eat.
    4 slices of pizza, (I was full after 3 but ate the 4th anyway)
    That’s about it.

  3. apart from the bleeding obvious Nola, where’s the meat and veggies??? You have an awful lot (or throw out a lot) of no value carbs….. sounds to me like the band isn’t tight enough – you are eating twice as much as me – I have two small meals a day, two skinny coffees (I’m not saying I’m a good example, but someone for you to compare against!)

    I have stuff like chicken and salad, or stirfry veggies – just can’t manage bread, cereal, wraps etc…..as for cake and pastry, forget it!!

  4. Wow your work days sound similar to mine – have my breakfast at work inbetween answering the phone if I have to and people coming to talk to me. I also have skinny lattes too 😉

    You made me feel like eggs actually reading that – I haven’t had them for dinner for a few weeks – got tonights dinner planned but they might be on the agenda for tomorrow!

    I found your post interesting, not boring! I just loved hearing about the godess in the making – you are a hoot! Can you work with me pleaseeeee?! I can do with some training! lol x

  5. Linda……..BITE ME!!!!!! I will never give up my coffee, ya hear me…………………NEVER!!!! I DID drink water today though..as well as the coffee:)

    Mark….I thought now that you have a WIFE you would be taking cute little homemade cupcakes and sandwiches cut into triangles to work?!!……….wahahahahhhhhaaaaaaa

    JoJo…..I have been known to POP!!!

    Flip…. they were not two “typical” days I have to say. I get bugs on things and then go onto something else. This week it has been eggs (a good source of protein might I add!) I had meat and veg tonight done in the slow cooker…..

    Chantel…. I would LOVE to work with you 🙂 I love that you love skinny lattes as well…………mmmmmmmm

    So there….how impressed are you that I answered your comments….I might do it more often!!
    PS….I am sitting here drinking coffee………he, he, he, he, he

  6. What is a ‘hornbag’?

    And when you said you were ‘eyeing up the bin’ – I thought you were thinking of getting the ‘pinwheel thingy’ out of it, not throwing up!!! LOL

    We all have bad eating habits – that’s why we had the band done!!! You carry on drinking your coffee, research now states that drinking ANYTHING counts towards your liquid in take… May favourite is a skinny mocha (without the cream) yummmmmmmmmmmm!


  7. Dawn…. I have decided in my next post I will attempt to explain what a hornbag is for you and others that have asked. This is going to be a tough one!!!

  8. I enjoyed it too. It struck me while reading it how much our eating patterns are dependent upon our partners’ (mainly) working habits. If they work odd hours, is it that we treat the time alone as freedom to eat what and when we like? Boring routine is probably the best thing for the band perhaps? If it weren’t for the fact that I have no vending machines near me I would be doing exactly what you do (except the bin bit…). This morning my colleague and I found leftover cakey muffins left over from a meeting, and we scoffed one each. The doctors often remark to us (in horror) how bad they are for us, wrong type of fat, too much sugar, artificial ingredients, etc, but to us non medical staff it’s just cake…
    And as for moving furniture with a back condition (with a FOOT? oh yeah… some feet you must have then…). Well… nuff said…. However, we bloggers are your confessional, so you must tell all…

  9. Jezus am I supposed to read ALL that? OK then…. did it…. *sigh*… I love poached eggs too.
    And the picture is hysterical. … well sorta.
    Have a neat weekend…. chick.

  10. You are NOT boring!! I love your posts, no matter what you write about. I don’t always understand what some things are although…LOL. What is a skinny coffee?

    God Bless~
    Debbie Jean

  11. i thought the same thing when you said you were eyeing the bin, i thught you were going to dive for the pinwheely thing as well lol………i was in fits of laughter reading it.
    we will have to catch up for a latte sis, i won’t let you down on your coffee intake…..if we sit next to one of those water features will that count as having water as well? hmmmm love ya

  12. I wish I loved eggs!!! I so do… two things I really dislike are eggs and fish – and both are relatively easy for bandits to eat lucky me!

    The only way I have been able to eat eggs

    – quiche
    – fritatta
    – eggwhite scrambles with feta, kalamata olives, tomato etc

    I havent (touch wood) had anything get stuck or HURT yet – I have had my first fill – 3mls… I just hope I never have to go through thAT!

    L x

  13. “Some things hurt….some things don’t. Some days I don’t even feel like I have a bloody band…..other days I hate it!!!!”

    Exactly! Some days I can definitely feel that soft stop and other days, I think I could eat out the fridge without the band complaining a bit. Mostly I’m happy with the band but sometimes I wish it was a little easier.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog, I look forward to reading more here.

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