Love myself sick 🙂

Yes I do!!!!   You remember I got some 2nd hand jeans and trousers from the op shop the other week?  One pair of jeans was brand new.  They are Jeans West brand size 18.  They come from a JEANS shop and are a NORMAL persons size 18……………………normal, ya hear me!!!!!………………..NORMAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    Not a “fat arse” 18 from Target or even a “fat arse” size 16………….. but a bloody NORMAL size 18 from a REAL jeans shop !!!!!

I have them on now . Granted, I can’t breathe and could collapse at any moment…………but damn it………these suckers are staying on all day.  I am wearing them to my Mum’s for Mother’s Day.  I hope they loosen up a bit……..but I don’t farking care!!!!  They are on and zipped up and these babies are staying wrapped around this ample arse until I choose to take them off…………….or collapse…………..whichever comes first 🙂


I have been reading some other blogs where the tone is a little “down” to say the least.  Needing fills and getting the serious “munchies” and then beating themselves up about the fact that they need the band to give them the self control they feel they are lacking.  Guess what??!!…………….. I think you are all strong.  I think I am strong too!!!!

We were strong enough to do our research…….then strong enough and brave enough to go ahead with surgery…….then strong enough to put up with all the bullshit of liquids and mushies and burping and farting and people “checking” to see if we had shrunk yet.  We can have the band taken out again if we want…….but will we?  No farking way!!!!!!!………  because we are strong enough to drag ourselves through the “down” times and just bloody keep on keeping on towards our goals.  We just want to be perceived as “normal” weight.  Not be prima donnas and belles of bloody balls……just to blend in. 

 When someone asks “Oh which one is such and such?’ across a crowded room we just want the answer to be, “Oh, she is the one with the red top on over in the corner there”.  Not answer with, “Oh, she’s the large woman standing over there with those others”.   We want to be the “others”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have had a “fat” week myself…………and yet, yesterday I couldn’t wipe the smile off my face.  Then today……..I felt blah again and even ate a couple of chocolates.  I am not proud of that fact………but I know I am strong enough to rein this “binge” day back in where it belongs……………….as history!!! 

I guess what I am trying to say is be proud of yourselves!! It doesn’t matter how you are going about your weight loss quest.  Be it WW or JC or shakes or banding……… we will always have good days and bad days.  What we need to remember is that we are strong………….of course we are or we wouldn’t be worried about doing what we are doing in the first place!!  So even if it seems like it is forever two steps forward and one step back…………….at least it is still one step forward 🙂 

When we have “meltdowns”  or think we have failed………we have to turn our thinking around.  We have not failed…….. we have merely PAUSED to gather our strength. 

And keep blogging!!!  I know how much it helps to blog when things are not going too well.  As a matter of fact it is probably more important to blog it out when things turn to shit!!  Because there is so much support out there and there is bound to be someone who says just the right thing at just the right time and helps you gather your strength again for another round!!


So in the meantime……………………………..


Get our opinions first…………………….if you are being a stubborn dumb arse…………….let us confirm that for you 🙂


22 thoughts on “Strength……….

  1. Hi Nola, have i told you lately that i love you? God I do, you make me smile, laugh, pee a little and best of all, really think about this journey we are all on.

    Keep on bloggin’ you ole tart!


  2. What a brilliant post – you’re so right and it does every one of us so much good to hear that message now and again. Thank you lovely lady! Z xx

  3. PS and fantastic news about the jeans – I identify absolutely with the feeling – shout it from the rooftops and dance on the ceiling!!

  4. Amen, sister!

    You crack me up! You should write a book about weight loss.
    First chapter… the beginning.
    Second chapter…. encouragement
    Third chapter…. get over yourself and get back on the wagon…………

    You could probably just copy it out of your blog.

  5. You are so right – I agree – we are strong! Although I lost my weight in a different way to you, it still took strength to get there. I’m going to need my strengnth now for different reasons but you’ve made me think.

    Thanks for your comment and concern.

    And Yay to you in you normal size 18’s!

  6. Hey Nola,

    Though I’m not yet banded – only 16 sleeps now! whooo – I totally get what you are saying. I think us women as a whole are just too hard on ourselves, we want to be SUPER WOMAN!! but alas, we are…. well, just us.. and being us sometimes is bloody hard, BUT with a little perspective we can be SUPER (insert name here) and enjoy ourselves regardless.

    Go you for fitting into the size 18’s. Damn fine job! I thought I could hear an echo here in the West. It was you yelling in excitement all the way from Tassie. Well done x

  7. You.Go.Girl. Seems like not too long ago a certain Tasmaniac friend was beating herself up… so you damn well know of what you speak. You never cease to amaze me with your ability to bounce back, and now you’re bouncing around in N.O.R.M.A.L. size 18 jeans… Waaaahoooo.

    And to think… now you don’t even need to have extra support beams in your soapbox. You rock.


    I put up your gutter e-mail in my post. Thank you for cheering me up with that little fun thing.

  8. Loved the post and your humor. Wincing at the reference to “the large woman standing over there……” because you’re so right about what we want and I would be the “large woman standing over there!” HATE that.

    I’ll be back. Best of everything to you. Found you through Reddirt Woman (Helen) and she’s one of the BEST!

  9. WOOHOOO COngrats on the jeans hun! I remember that feeling and it’s amazing. I can’t wait to be right there beside ya on a shopping trip.

  10. Fantastic acheivement… You wear those jeans with pride.. oh an dont wash them after only one wear, coz the next time you put them on, they wont make you gasp for breath… I love reading your blog.. always set aside a quiet time, so i can giggle, cry, laugh and sit shocked for a minute..
    Well Done…
    xx Nene

  11. Me again!

    I can’t get your blog on my sidebar, ARGH! lol Would be much easier if there was a “follow this blog” tab…. Honestly woman, you have to be difficult and pick a blog site where its hard to access. I have it on my dashboard which is the only way I can get to it… unless you know something I don’t. Let me know (which I know you will) 😉
    Your new blog challenged friend,
    Cara xx

  12. Stopped by after a recommendation from Red Dirt Woman. She’s right – you’re funny, and possessed of a fabulous attitude. Congratulations on normal pants! I think I will amend my own goal to include ‘fit in normal pants.’

    I’ll be back to see you again soon.

  13. heyyyyyyyy there, CoNgRaTuLaTiOns on the normal size jeans, wooohoooooooo!!!!

    Thanks for the words….you are right…WE ARE STRONG!!

  14. Oh Nola, what a wonderful post – I really enjoyed reading it and agree! I must remember to come back and read this when I’m feeling a little down.

    You’re awesome!! x

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