I was just totally overwhelmed by all your lovely comments on Molly.  Everytime I got a new comment I teared up again!  I truely value all my amazing blog friends out there and thank you all so very much for your kind thoughts.  I just love my little blog world…….I like to sit at my computer and go off into my own “private” little blog land and read everyone’s blogs and laugh and cry at their stories and feel like I am a “real life” friend……as I feel you are to me 🙂

I didn’t even know blogging existed really until I made friends with a very funny and crazy lady on another forum I used to visit.  Beetricks (over on my blog list) had a blog and I went to visit it and that got me on the road to doing up my own.  I still haven’t met her in person yet but I just KNOW that we will get on fantastically when we finally do meet!!  The great meeting of the drama queens that will be 🙂  I wish I was filthy rich or could win tattslotto so I could come and visit all of you……… doesn’t hurt to dream does it?  I have always said to Ricky that if we won millions of dollars I would pay for all my blog friends to go on a cruise together.  How good would that be?!!   Holy hell….wouldn’t there be some jaw flapping going on on that ship!!!!!!


In other news………since Molly died, Flo the other cat has changed personality!!  She is the little quiet cat that spent the most of her day in her bed on the shelf  in our wardrobe and only come out to eat and pee really.  She always sleeps with me under the doona…..but only on a chilly night!!  In the last couple of days she has turned into a drama queen like her mother!!!!  Now she wants feeding three times a day instead of two and sits up on the feed table meowing until she gets what she wants (and she does:) ).  She has started coming in to the loungeroom at night and insisting on being nursed and getting all smoochy.  Maybe she is just testing the waters to see if being a single cat comes with benefits?  Maybe she understands Molly has gone and is just feeling insecure and has turned into an emotional eater like her mother!?  Either way…… I kind of like the new Flo.  I wish we knew what our animals were thinking……………….

Flo in her “bedroom” which is a shelf  hippy-nightin our wardrobe!!


And of course, we still have the other two rascals………………….who just know there is good stuff to be found when Mum leaves the pantry door open!!  A can opener………..our kingdom for a can opener!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Thanks again everyone………………………………………..


17 thoughts on “Thanks…………

  1. Hi sweetie,

    there’s that song that says ‘if a picture paints a thousand words’… Your write words that paint thousands of pictures. You are funny, sensitive and an amazing person. You make me cry, you make me laugh and you make me think… not a lot of people can do what you do. Keep on Nola… you rock the blogging world


  2. What a blast it would be on that cruise! Sign me up ;D

    I’m sure Flo is wondering what has happened. I think that animals grieve just as we do. It would be interesting to know what goes on in their heads tho. I think losing a pet is the one thing that almost all of us can relate to. It never gets any easier.

    take care Nola, try to enjoy the rest of the weekend!

  3. Sign me up for that cruise!!

    And hey cats are funny creatures, Doog my cat changed personality too when his mate disappeared. He changed from a real scaredy cat to a real mooch…and he still is!

  4. I’ve often heard of the second cat changing personality, particularly if the departed one was the dominant one. Flo has also seen you upset, and cats pick up on that, it makes their world insecure I think. So perhaps she’s also comforting you.
    A final thought: the blogging world is such a perfect way to find like-minded people. Long may you feel as you do!
    And count me in on that cruise.

  5. Hello hot lips! 😛

    I never knew it was I who encouraged you to join the blogging world! I miss my old blog but you know for reasons of secret squirrel I had to wave bye bye…sigh…

    It will definitely be “the great meeting of the drama queens” when we meet – you know it! LOL! Just come to Sydney already!

    I always wonder what Georgie is thinking and the bloke says “NOTHING! HER BRAIN IS TINY!” which is a bit mean, really… 🙂

  6. I hope you win the lotto, too. I could use a getaway about now. We’ll have to have atleast one laptop with a wireless card so we can blog from the water. But then again, who would we blog to if we’re all on the ship?
    Poor kitty is lonely. You are taking the place of her Molly. The two of you can grieve together.
    I hope she don’t tell the dogs where the can opener is at!
    Better go make sure that door is closed!

  7. Hey Nola,

    Pullleeeeze! Can I have a cabin booked for me too? Think I need it about now.. school hols finish in two days and my favorite piece of clothing at the mo is a flashy canvas number in blinding white that has two very long arms and a bunch of buckles at the back!
    As for your other puss, she’s missing her other half. Just love her to death.

    PS I don’t mind in the least you added me to your blog roll. In fact, thats very cool! Stay safe.


  8. Nola, If I win first, the cruise is a definite for all of us. What a blast it would be. Flo is a charmer. They do have their own way of dealing with things. Take care, dear blog friend.

  9. OOO hurry up and win so we can go on that cruise! That would be awesome… sun, water…NO KIDS… BLISS.
    We are exactly 2 hours ahead of you Tart-a-nooie….

  10. Oh Nola I feel your pain. I really have no words for you other than I should have known something was up when you were online on the weekend commenting on my blog. I’m not a cyber stalker but I do notice who is around on the weekends and its not usually you – you always report back after the weekend and share your gorgeous pics of Tassie and your lovely animal babies. I’m so sad to hear about your Molly – We had a Molly in our family (literally – her name was Molly) and the day she died a part of us all died too and we still remember her and talk about her now over 20 years later. Flo is definitely grieving and probably “channelling” Molly thus the extra meals and why shouldnt animals do things any differently to us? We’re just animals with bigger brains and smaller hearts. Here’s hoping that Flo’s extra love helps heal the pain and grief of losing Molly. I’m thinking of you babe. PS. Your animals really are very cute and precious – love the pics!

  11. Sorry to hear about your beloved pet…

    Just would like to say double up your tatts tickets so we can all meet up when you win!! Altho it would be fairly easy for us to catch up for coffee as we are only an hour and a half away from each other…
    come to think of it…it would be a good excuse for me to ride my motorbike over your way!!!

    I lurv Beetrix too… she kept me smiling for a long time…. and its soo good to see her back now…

  12. Ok i too have to get on the band wagon as such and say pick me pick me i would love to come on that holiday 🙂 Oh the laughing that would happen! 😛 We would all come back so happy and refreashed. It would be great. So come on Nola win that money and let it happen. lol hee hee 🙂

    I love the photo’s you put up of your fur babies. They are beaut. I have to agree your other puss is missing Molly the same as you. Grieve together it will make it better for both of you:)

    Take care Tina:)

  13. A Princess nestled in the closet…love it! Come out to California Nola, and bring that handsome beast of a husband with you! We’ll have us some good times!!!

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