RIP Molly……….

I took Molly to the vet because of excessive dribbling and a lump on her chin.  It turned out to be advanced cancer and it had spread down her neck.  We had her put down today……………after 16 wonderful years our Molly is gone.  I am too sad for words. 


I haven’t moved her bed that sits on the dining table yet.  I haven’t moved anything of her’s yet.  We will pick her up from the vet after work tomorrow and we are going to bury her under the tree on the front lawn.  That was her favourite spot and where she always “hung out”.  She was such a boof head of a cat and always “talking” and in your face…………..God, I’m going to miss you Miss Molly.




She had more beds than any cat I know and still used to take-over the dog’s beds…… way would they move her out of them……….she was queen!!




She would sit on the decking rail and survey her kingdom and the peasant dogs……her subjects.

Mind you………she didn’t mind sharing a good sunbeam!






16 fantastic years with a real character of a cat!!  Love you longtime Miss Molly…………………………………….


39 thoughts on “RIP Molly……….

  1. I am so saddened by the loss of your cat Nola. I am sure her loss has left an empty hole in your heart, My thoughts of love are with you.


  2. What a wonderful tribute to Molly – obviously a fantastic member of your family. I hope the day isn’t too far away when your grief starts to dull and you are able to just smile,laugh and remember with joy how much pleasure she brought to your lives and what a character she was. Z xx

  3. Oh Nola….

    May Molly rest in peace.. I will be thinking of you when you lay her to rest in her favourite spot..

    I hope you remember the joy she put into your life.. I hope the puppies don’t miss her too much.


  4. Oh Nola, I’m so sorry. When we lost our beloved cat (onyx) it was the first time I’d seen my dad cry since he lost his parents. We all bawled for days (and still do when I think about it). Pets are truly members of the family, no matter what anyone says. Wish I could give you a great big hug.


  5. 😦

    Poor Nola! I’m so sorry for your loss. That cat might have given you so much joy and happiness, but man, you gave her a great life by the look of it!

    Can you please send me your address?

  6. Hi Nola,

    I can’t find the words to describe your beautiful tribute, it bought tears to my eyes. I will be thinking of you tomorrow.



  7. Nola – As a cat fanatic I’m terrified of losing my much loved two 8-year old cats, and kept welling up as I looked at the pictures of beautiful Molly. In a world where so many cats and dogs are mistreated, how wonderful that Molly had a happy life with you and never wanted for anything – and she rewarded you with affection and a long life. As you can see on this screen, there are so many of us who are thinking of you.

  8. Hey girlfriend,

    I adore my cat Garfield and the thought of him not being around breaks my heart. A big kiss to Molly in Kitty Heaven. Chin up, Nola. She’s looking down on you, guarantee it.
    Cara 🙂

  9. I am very sorry to hear about your cat.

    My cat’s name is also Miss Molly and I would be devastated if anything were to happen to her.

  10. Even tho I am not a cat owner ( I have allegies) I empathise with you, God only knows what I would do if my Lab died, I would be devastated. I hope you find peace knowing she is no longer in pain. RIP Miss Molly

  11. My dear dear friend,
    My heart goes at to you and Rick during this sad sad time. I know only too well how much you love your precious babies and the loss of Molly will leave a huge gap for your entire family. Please know that my love and thoughts are with you all at this sad time. Visiting without Miss Molly on the table just wont be the same.
    love Margie, Wayne, Hannah & Brodie

  12. Hi Nola

    I’m sorry to hear about Molly *hugs you* – what a lovely post for her. Animals are just another member of the family aren’t they.

    *hugs you more*

  13. Nola, I am so sorry about your loss. Those of us who have pets understand what a terrible thing it is to say “goodbye”. Only time can heal the feelings and the memories tide us through the time. Take care.

  14. I am terribly sorry to hear of the loss of your beloved Molly.. Although sad that she is gone, you should also celebrate that she lived a long happy life.. RIP MISS MOLLY
    xx Nene

  15. Bloody Farking Hell…I’m offline for a couple of weeks and the world moves without me!!! Miss Nola, I don’t have the words. I remember having to put my own Fat Jack down after 19 years and it ripped my heart out. You pray that your kitty knows in their hearts how much you love them, how appreciative you are of every moment that you spent together and you pray that there is a heaven for your beloved pets too. I have more kitties, but there’s something special about each one.

    Fat Kitty became mine while I was in high school. When I moved out, he went with me. When I was lonely and crying, he’d snuggle up and let me know I was not alone. When I was too poor to feed myself, I made sure my kitty was fed and he made sure to feed my soul. He fought dogs off when we walked together, scoped out every man I dated to let me know which ones were worthy and the one who bought him a kitty bed for Christmas ended up being the one I married.

    I selfishly tried to cheat death and keep my kitty alive as long as possible. I look back with regret at my cowardice. When the time came, I wrapped him tightly in my arms and buried my face in his fur and listened as his heartbeat slowly stopped beating, momentarily hating the vet for administering a shot that I should have the right to give him and should’ve done it a year earlier. But in my heart, I know my kitty knows I love him, just as your beloved Molly knows you love her.

    The pictures you posted are a true tribute to the love you have for her. She was happy and you said “Queen”. Could a kitty ask for a finer life…I think not. My heart and tears are with you dear friend.

  16. My heart goes out to you!

    My dogs are like my children.

    Is now a good time to tell you that you are not haul’n ass anymore!


  17. Oh I’m so so sorry for your loss. In an odd coincidence she looks just like my childhood Tortie kitty who shared a house with our other kitty named Molly.

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