Noisy Thigh Syndrome……



Last Easter and this Easter.  Same top……but the jeans I have on in the first picture are long gone.  I wore the inside thigh out on them from my legs rubbing together all the time.  All my trousers used to see their days out like that…..just the inside thigh bit throwing in the towel from my legs rubbing together. 

The brown trousers I have on in this Easter’s photo have sat in my wardrobe for about three years I think, with the price tag still on them.  I brought them from Myers online and they were just way too small.  So, I can see a bit of a difference in the two shots.  I was lapbanded 6mths after the first photo…….. I put on even more weight leading up to the surgery day.  God knows what I weighed in the first one but I do know I was unhappy and uncomfortable! Same top and same dog …. I hadn’t worn the top since last Easter!!….. it was too “clingy” and uncomfortable.



Actually that is a big “fat” person thing that happened all the time to me!!…………….my thighs rubbing that is. The old “noisy thigh” syndrome!! Especially at work.  You know when it is quiet and you walk somewhere and all you can hear is the material on your trousers going swoosh, swoosh, swoosh!!  Sometimes when I was walking down the corrider I would try and walk with my legs apart so I didn’t make that sound and people in their offices off the corridor couldn’t hear me coming.  I was quite self concious about it!!  Of course, you couldn’t walk like that if someone else was in the corridor because you would look like you had just shit yourself!! 🙂  I think I still make a little swoosh……but I can see the day when my thighs will be silenced forever!!!  Silence will be golden …….


Also when your thighs rub together and you go swooshing , the material works it’s way up into the middle of your croutch!!  So, every now and then I take a furtive look around and quickly grab the inside leg of my trousers and pull the material out from the crutch muncher!!!  You know…’s like feeding the trouser material into one of those garden shredders and you have to yank it back down your leg before it disappears into the abyss forever!!  Well, that is something I wont miss either:)  No more swooshing, yanking and walking like I have just pooed my pants…..bliss 🙂


I have eaten waaaayyyyyy too much chocolate in the last week.  Why are these types of food not a problem??!!  And why, oh why…… can’t we get the urge to eat waaayyyy too much brocoli or carrots!!??  Life’s a bitch like that 🙂


22 thoughts on “Noisy Thigh Syndrome……

  1. Argh yes the old camel toe, know it well!!

    Not only do you look thinner in the photo you also look alot more relaxed and contented.

  2. LOL… you know Nola.. I have always dreamed of having ‘that’ photo… you know the one where you lose half of your body weight, and you take a photo with you… and your eight friends in ONE trouser leg?? LOL….

    WELL… I can’t do that… because all of my fat jeans (and all pants for that matter) without fail… get HUGE HOLES worn in the thighs… if it wasn’t so funny… I’d cry… andyou can see it happening…

    The fabric starts getting smooth… the stitching somehow melts into the main fabric… then it goes slightly see-through… and that’s when it wears the hole… right after the see-through fabric part…

    L x

  3. When I first logged on I though ‘OMG, what’s happened’ because you looked so unhappy… and then I scrolled down and saw the second picture and I noticed how much you have changed. Your face, you’ve crossed your legs, and how baggy is that top!, your feet don’t look as if you’ve been standing on them all day, your legs look great (yes you can see a huge difference)… And I’m sure your arse must look heaps smaller too…lol. ;o)

    We’ve all suffered from the thigh rubbing. I remember once bending over a bit too quickly and my trousers giving way… and not having any others to change into either… so embarrassing, I had to hope that no one would notice for the rest of the day!!

    You must feel it as well as see it, even if you can’t quite believe it….it’s happening!


  4. Yes I can certainly see a big difference -well done you. Had me in fits at the thigh story – but you are dead right – since I am no longer an extra large girl it has made a huge difference to my thighs and the life span of my trousers! And you no longer need earplugs!! (to drown out the swooshing)

  5. I fucken hate carrots! If I eat them I kinda think “I’m on a diet” … f*#k that.
    I like the idea of your thighs not ‘swishing’… I am twisted in the head obviously!
    Have a great weekend.

  6. You have visibly lost weight and look so much happier – but the dog is still in need of a little help!!

    Lapband for doggies??

    A whole new market – lapband food for doggies, lapband puppy classes…. lapband collar swap groups….lapband exercise classes for doggies? I’m on a winner here!!

  7. looking mighty good there nola!!!! i can see a big difference-not too long and that green top will be swathig you in all te extra material!

  8. You look fantastic.. I have noticed that you are sitting like a lady in the recent pic, and not like you’ve just suffed your belly with food and sitting heavy breathing and uncomfortable. Also another thing noted, is that you are now sitting in a smaller plastic chair, not a big old wide wooden one.. I have always gone for the sturdier looking chairs for fear of breaking it if i sit in it.. Easter is over, now so should be your guilt of the choc attack.. Shut the door on that one. 🙂
    xx Nene

  9. Nola,

    You are my inspiration. I have read your blogs, then re-read them again. Love the photo – the 2nd one. The first, well, you look like me.. uncomfortable in your body.. but isn’t that the whole point of losing the weight! So you can look
    bloody fab! And, you do! You look relaxed and everything seems to have shrunk by a third (or more!) I’m guessing here, don’t hurt me lol. Anyway, keep up the incredible work. You look amazing!

  10. Talking about the way the material gets worked up in your crotch reminded me of the Pink Panther cartoon, where the vacuum cleaner nozzle ends up pointing at the vacuum and it sucks itself up and the whole thing disappears!

    I like the peacock you have painted on your house in the pic behind you!

  11. And another thing on the last sentence. Eating way too many carrots will mess you up worse than chocolate! I love those baby carrots and cant stop eating them once I start.
    Stick to the chocolate!

  12. The difference in those two photos is amazing. You look so much happier and thinner now. No more swoosh ;D Yay…I kkow what you mean about the pulling down of the disappearing pant leg! You are doing great Nola, and it definately shows…I am so proud of you. Now I really need to make some serious decisions about my weight problems. You give me hope…take care j)

  13. No, I don’t think I ever got the urge to eat too much broccoli either!
    Good luck with the surgery and here’s hoping it is a wonderful success.
    Buster sends his best to his Tasmanian almost cousins.

  14. If you go to my comments for some reason wordpress think we are still in Marrakesh.
    This is Elizabeth from NY
    (Buster’s mum)

  15. Nola my friend. I too know of what you speak. Getting rid of the ‘swoosh’ sound is indeed a perk I’m looking forward to. I will admit this though…the other day, while putting on panty hose…there was a space in the triangle!!! I know you know of what I speak. Because it was 4 in the morning, I couldn’t scream out loud…would’ve woke the household, but damn, that was sure nice!

  16. LOL Nola you crack me up! I had two pants of mine wear out the same week about 2 weeks ago – bloody bastards. I can’t wait until I don’t have this problem!

    I know what you mean about the chocolate slipping though but I’ve managed to do not so bad. I used to be such a chocoholic – I think the more you eat, the more you want – I have banned it (well, I did have to have some on easter though!)


  17. Look at the difference in you, my thinning friend. Look at your feet and ankles in that first photo and look at them in the second. Isn’t it amazing how some people notice silly things like your feet even getting skinny. You’re getting ankles. And that top looks like it can now flow gracefully and not be stuffed so full that it loses it’s beauty.

    Love you girlfriend and hope your wish for “quiet thighs” comes to fruition.

    Helen G.

  18. My pants usually get worn out that way too. My sewing lady made a fortune of sewing panels into the freyed area of my inner thighs. It’s a wonder I didn’t start a fire!


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