What about my arse!!!???…

“Your face is looking so much thinner!”  “Have you had your hair cut?”  “You look so different!”

Actually………….I never really had much of a problem looking at my face!  It was from the neck down that worried me!!  I wish someone had the guts to say……”Farking hell…..your arse has shrunk!!!”  🙂  Because that is how I am starting to feel now………..as my gorgeous blog buddy Helen.G  from Reddirt Woman said when I cracked the tonne….(I would put one of those fancy links you could click on here if I knew how to bloody do it!!)   “You aint HAULIN’ ARSE anymore!”   God, I loved that!!!  Haulin’ arse :)………….. I want to say it again…………HAULIN’ ARSE!!!….OK, over it now……

“Hey girl……look at you!!  Why, you aint HAULIN’ ARSE much anymore are ya!!!??”   ….  sorry, I’ll stop now 🙂

So, this morning I am 15kgs down from the day of my operation and 20kgs down from my personal best.  I think that is slow…… I expected to lose it quicker……..but I am really happy none the less.  Still finding the fact that I am not going to put it back on again a little hard to wrap my head around!!  For the first time I am not hiding away my “fat” clothes in anticipation that I may need them again in a few months time……they are going straight to charity as they get remotely baggy!!  This is the most wonderful thing about the band…………it is a permanent solution.  Oh……and no meetings 🙂

Stuff  I’m starting to notice….. I may repeat some from before…….but they are worth revisiting!!

Losing back fat……………  when I put my bras on I don’t automatically pull the back bit down over my back fat roll.  I used to do that all the time….like a bra for the back fat bit!  Tuck the fat in and then continue to yank the back of my bra down throughout the day.  I haven’t gone down a bra size……but I am doing them up on the last hooks now and before it was the first row and they were uncomfortable and tight!!  I also had a boob “muffin top” going on with my cleavage oozing out the top …..now they sit nice and tucked in to the cup.

When I sit on the toilet at home my thighs don’t touch the toilet roll basket anymore 🙂  At work I don’t brush against the bloody sanitary bin either!!  Now this is gross…… but a biggie for me……and you know I am a sharer!!!  When wearing my dressing gown and going to the toilet, I always undid the dressing gown…..because…..between my bulk and the dressing gown and the gown tie there was no room left for “manouvering”  to wipe myself!!!  Now I can “make a clean swipe of it” without undoing the dressing gown!!!  While we are in the bathroom…………………  I find it heaps easier these days to shave my legs.  I can just bend down and stay down without having to come up for a breath while I swipe away at the Tasmanian Wilderness areas!!  Clear felling is sooooo much easier……………and quicker!

The seatbelt in the car fits better.  I was always yanking it back over so it sat between my boobs….then it would slide back over to the side again….then I would yank it again…..you get the picture.  Now it just stays there!!  I am also getting in and out of the car a hell of a lot easier.

I have started wearing tops without a cardigan or a vest over them or making sure they were lose and didn’t cling to my “back fat”.  I thought by wearing a cardigan or vest and spending the whole time pulling them across the front of me that it “disguised” the fat a tad. Like I thought that sarong in my photos page covered up the fact I looked like a greenpeace reject in my bathers!!  What was I thinking???….that’s like covering up a St Bernard with a racing cloth number and thinking people will think it’s a greyhound!!!  I am loving the new clothing possibilities that are starting to open up to me.  Quite possibly the best thing about this so far…….except for the improvement in my health of course.

Painting my toenails.  Same as shaving my legs…. I no longer have to come up for a breath between toes because my fat rolls were suffocating me!! 

I am walking up hills so much easier.  I still feel like I am going to cough up a lung some days……but only one.  Before it was two 🙂 

When I catch my reflection it takes a couple of seconds to realise it’s me.  I always look down when confronted with reflective shop windows or full length mirrors etc.  A couple of times in the last week I have accidently looked!!!……and I actually shocked myself!!  For the first time since my operation I could see that I have changed and it can only get better.  I thought to myself……….”Self, you haven’t done a half bad job!!”  As a matter of fact……I loved myself sick for the rest of that day 🙂

So, I am starting to see and feel the changes.  I can’t help but wonder how good it is going to feel when I hit the 80’s…….and with the band……I know I will.  That’s the difference I think when you have a band……..be it slow or fast…..you know what you get off is going to stay off!!  I am not saying you don’t still have to try…. you do!!  But if you concentrate and make a point of eating the “good” things first when you are hungry…..then you can’t fit in any “bad” things even if you really wanted to!  Sure…..you could still put weight on.  You could sit and sip liquid chocolate and chips with gravy and all the “greased” up stuff all day and put weight on…….of course you could!!  But why would you??  Why would you go to all the trouble of having a potentially life threatening operation (because all operations are life threatening when you are obese) and then eat shit forever after??!!  I have read about some people that have and I feel immensely sorry for them and hope they get help of the “head” kind and try again.  But for us “normal” people that have just come to the end of our tethers……..it will work!!!!

So it’s Easter already!!!!  My band lurrrvveessss chocolate!!!  Not a problem in the world…..just inhale baby!!  I will be having an egg over the Easter of some description.  That is the beauty of a band also….. you can have some “normal” treats.  One thing I have never felt is the fact I am “missing out” on anything.  I usually have a little of what I fancy when the temptation gets all too much.  I find that by having a little….. it stops me having a lot later down the track.  If something is playing on my mind and it is all I can think about…..then I have some.  Then move on to healthy eating again and maybe walk a little bit further that night.  It’s all about balance….not just food but our lives in general.  It’s just that these days I am happy with one Mint Slice instead of polishing off the whole packet over the day.

So, a very happy and safe Easter to you all.  I am sure to pick up some “blog fodder” at the family get together tomorrow 🙂  I am feeling a bit like the tramp at the moment………………………………



29 thoughts on “What about my arse!!!???…

  1. Congratulations on reaching your milestones.

    As they say “slow and steady wins the race” – that’s what I keep telling myself anyway.

    I have a bloke here at work who does tell me my arse is getting smaller – we call it the “ARSOMETER”! lol!

  2. Happy Easter!!

    Great post – as usual, full of information and humor. Maybe you could block both nostrils, this might help with the inhaling of chocolate…. nahh, maybe not.

  3. Oh Nola!

    You crack me up! Haulin’ Arse! Back Fat and St. Barnards!

    In regards to my blog, me and my friends are merely having too much fun while the kids are in school! No need for slapping my face, but you are more than welcome to visit America!

  4. fantastic post! I am so glad that things are going so well for you, especially the arse thing ;D You always crack me up while at the same time being informative about all you are going through. So glad you decided to share all of it with us—and I mean ALL of it! Have a Happy Easter and just a little sniff of chocolate.. j)

  5. What a delightful post – I feel so happy for you and its lovely to share your sheer joy. I cracked up at the analogy about the St Bernard – brilliant. Wishing you and yours a lovely Easter Z xx

  6. Happy Easter Nola, to you and Ricky. We won’t kick your butt about having one egg… by the sounds of it we would miss it any way (being so small and all !!) LOL


  7. Hey Nola

    Great Post. I love the hauling arse commentry.

    My friends, bless them have no trouble at all telling me that ‘my back verandah’ is shrinking.

    Just before I left to head to the UAE, one of my closest girlsfriends asked me where exactly had it gone to. Another ‘friend’ let’s call her Jen (cos’ that’s her name) at the time was being well, less than nice and had put on some extra ‘love’ shall we say.

    So I said to my friend that I had given it to Jen.

    It wasn’t nice, but it sure as hell was funny. It’s making me smile now just thinking about it.

    Congratulations of the reduction of your rear verandah.


  8. Found you via jojo. Congrats on your loss!! My friend had surgery a year ago thinks it’s been a slow go, too, BUT her knees and ankles don’t hurt anymore. Good news is good news 🙂

  9. Well………
    I haven’t seen your “arse”. But from the sound of it, you “ain’t” haulin’ arse anymore, are ya?!
    Good one, Helen!!
    Nola, you crack me up! And unfortunately, I can totally relate to every description you mentioned.
    But spring is here, and I ain’t got a job, so I have no excuse to be “haulin’ arse” anymore.
    I’m jumping on your bandwagon, hope you got room!!! Cause this chick is “tard” of “haulin’ arse”!
    And don’t make me run behind that bandwagon just to get some exercise either! tee hee

  10. I’m with ya sista – the clean swipe, the sanitary bin etc etc. I can look down and see the map of tasmania if I suck my gut in!!!
    Cheers and thanks for brightening my morning again

  11. Hey Nola my Friend,

    If I was there, I’d be checking out your ass and commenting. As a matter of fact, I made these photo books for my “wine country” girlfriends, and there are two photo’s of my friend Denise’s ass. My husband commented on it and I told him..”I’m not ashamed…I have ass-envy! Niecey has the nicest ass and I can’t help but look at it and want it for my own (well, you know..) and I put it in the book because it’s so nice”. He laughed over that, but thought it was funny. The girls will be seeing their books in a couple of weeks and I will still proudly say that I have ass envy. So…Miss no longer haulin’ ARSE….Shake it…you won’t break it Baby!!! Instead of Haulin ARse, we’ll just call you “Tight Arse”…hmmm is that good or bad?

  12. You came to Launny and didnt call me??? *sniff* I am offended… ;o)

    Love your new back entertainment area…

    So cool about not haulin arse anymore.. nice feeling isnt it…

    Keep up the good work girl..

  13. Hey Nola!

    Your arse is definitely getting smaller and you are looking so great! Keep up the good work!

    Have a fantastic easter!

    Love Kitty and Simba xxxx

  14. Hi Nola 🙂

    New girl on the block here.
    Haven’t as yet got a banding date but I’m definetly on the road to getting it done (at least mentally if not physically yet lol) Just had to quickly write and let you know – your’re an amazing writer with the talent to tap into every womans phyc. Had quite a few laughs while reading. Keep up the fantastic work and look forward to popping in and out and keeping up to date with you.


  15. Hi Nola,

    What an awesome post to read! It’s so nice to notice some changes and see how far you’ve come! You’re doing so well! *hugs you* Hope you having a wonderful easter x

  16. Great post – good to look back and see how far you’ve come!

    Re: the cabbage dish on my blog. Green pepper is a capsicum and as for the oil – I just use salad or sunflower oil.

  17. Nola, you just have a way of saying it like it is! I can so relate! Bathroom and all! I wish we could have coffee or tea together because I would tell you in person that your “arse” is smaller. Gotta love the mirrors and believe what we see! Hope you had a great Easter and will blog along together.

  18. You’re lucky to only have problems from the neck down, I need a checkup from the neck up!
    And when I see my reflection it surprises me too! I look so mean!

  19. Ooooooh what a great post! I have laughed a lot with this one.

    Lovin your arse story Nola.
    Keep up the great work.

    I will let Eddy know that your arse is smaller now – he WILL be impressed.. he will then probably ask why mine isn’t…. ho hum…..

  20. Nola I love you, girl. You are soooo positive in your approach, not only to weight loss, but also to your life. You are just a joy and I larve to visit you to see what’s going to fall out on your blog.

    Thank you so much for all you give me and I only believe in telling the truth or not commenting at all and you are looking so very good. Keep it up.


  21. I was just reading your comment out loud to Stew, about wanting to steal Teddy … Griffin overheard and cried “What? Who is going to steal Teddy?…. they can’t do that!” … he was really up in arms about it! So funny.

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