My weekend photos…

We picked up Ricky’s brother and his wife from the Launceston airport on Friday night and headed to St Helens on the East Coast of Tassie.  They had flown in from NSW and we were all staying with my sister-in-laws parents.  Ricky and his brother had a big lodge night in St Helens on the Saturday.  Secret mens business and all that!!  The East Coast of Tassie is just beautiful with gorgeous beaches and white sand and spectacular scenery.

We left home early and decided to “do lunch” in Launceston and have a look at some places we hadn’t been to in years.  First up we went to Grindlewald……a “Swiss Village”.  Lots of permanent houses as well as the resort.  All people building there have to build in the Swiss theme.  Quite a pretty place just on the outskirts of Launceston….but don’t know that I would want to live there…….

This is the “Village square” where we stopped for lunch.  That is Ricky in the middle in the white shirt.


Helllooooo…………….. hide the toenail polish!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Then we went to the Launceston Gorge.  We walked all the way up the track to what they call the Basin where there is a pool and also swimming in the Basin as well as a chair lift………………………..

The track we walked up…… on the shady side!!  It was very hot that day!


The footbridge across the basin.  The chairlift spans across this section also….


We stopped and watched this girl rock climbing over the other side of the river for a while…..



On Saturday we went to a market with Bro and sister in-law and then we went on a bit of a tour around the coast area at St Helens……..



Ricky was standing down the bank a bit……so I could look tall 🙂



Awwwwww……………..the East Coast is sooooooooooooo romantic 🙂


Well, that’s it.  Just a quick one today.  My next post will be all about the band and how it is going……I am living tight since my last fill and loving it!!!!


19 thoughts on “My weekend photos…

  1. It looks great – are you sure you’re not working for Tas tourism! I love living tight! Looking forward to your update.Mel

  2. Really neat photos, your little island looks amazing! I really must come over one day! I can stay with you, and Wanna, and Suzy! Wooo hooo! Ummm actually Suzy hasn’t invited me YET… but ya never know! ha ha ha!

  3. WOW…you keep showing all these beautiful pictures. I’m thinking we’re gonna have to go there. I wonder if the man will find it just as romantic….

  4. All those ducks and not one funny story!!!!! You’re letting the team down girl. Does look like a very romantic little jaunt though – lovely! Was it really actually hot in tassie?

  5. Look at you, Girl!! Already seeing the results of the banding and all your exercising. You are heading towards being a shadow of your former self.

    I love your beautiful country. And there is such a variety of landscapes… Big huge rocks to climb, rocky coast and yet a sandy beach, too. I love it when you take us on a trip with you.

    Thank you for sharing with all of us.


  6. Hey babe, you’re looking fabulous!!! You and Ricky are lookin’ good, very much in lurve!!! The photos of the trip look great too.

    Fabulous chatting to you…I’ll get in touch with you again soon…8 weeks to go…I’m counting…Newcastle here I come!!!

    Marijke (Annie) xxx

  7. Oh Nola…. You’ve made me all homesick again!!!! I was in Hobart last weekend, and I cried as I drove over “The Bridge” in the shuttle bus… How sad am I!!!

    I LOVE TASSIE! And I’ll be back in May – we’ll be up your end of town, can we call in? It’ll be and Clare – can we have a cup of tea in downtown Burnie?

    Anywhoooo, you are looking mighty fine Nola!!

    And seeing photos of Ricky and you kissing, makes me hope I find a man as decent as him!

    (the uniform wouldn’t hurt either……. LOL)


  8. The pic’s are fantastic, The weather looks amazing, although it is finally starting to pick up here as we enter spring my favorite season.

    You are looking great too, I love to see your pic’s.
    Thankyou for sharing

  9. tall and bloody skinny too!!! i visted the swiss village on a wet day and thought the concept a bit insane myself, you tasmaniacs will try anything!!!

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