Another Fill….

Sunday 22nd:-

Dr Dreamy does weekend “fill” clinics in Launceston. My appointment was at 4pm so we went on the one and a half hour trip and did lunch up there.  We had a bit of a browse around a home show which was pretty ordinary and then a travel expo, which was also boring!!  Oh well……they could have been good and then we would have kicked ourselves for not taking the opportunity to have a look while we were in Launceston.  It was a very hot day!! 

Ricky waited in the car in the shade while I went in for my appointment.  Some days you are sitting there waiting and there are other ladies there……. but you just get the feeling they don’t want to talk…….. so you don’t!!  But this time……it was fantastic!!  I met two great ladies while we were waiting and found out they are both from my area on the North West Coast.  There was another lady also but she was from Georgetown….. but she was nice!!  She can’t help where she lives 🙂

Anyhoooooo….we talked about everything and anything from how long we had been “banded” to burping and farting.  I have to tell you I was soooo relieved to find out that I was not the only one to have started up my own one man band in the flatulence department!!!!  I mean……I can’t keep blaming the gas from the operation for ever!!  That got us talking about how great it was to…….well…….talk!!  To other ladies that have been banded that is.  So, we have exchanged emails and phone numbers etc and we are going to meet up and see if we can start a support group for women on the North West Coast of Tassie…………….brilliant!!!!!!

I told Dr Dreamy about it while he was poking around in my port 🙂  He thinks it is a great idea……..of course it bloody well is!!  He said he would put notices in peoples bills and things like that for us if we want.  Great………so when they regain conciousness after seeing what they owe they can ring our support group for………………… 🙂

Monday 23rd

I don’t want to speak too soon….but I think I may just be happy with where my band is at now!  I now have my fourth fill and he put in half a ml….which brings me up to 6ml in a 10ml band.  It has taken a lot of bloody fiddle farting around….but finally I feel today like I think I should feel.  I forgot to have lunch and I had a tiny tea.  I drank lots of water….but the water filled me up.  I wasn’t looking for something to eat all day or even thinking about what I could eat later.  I just didn’t think about eating……………Farking Fantasic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I have had a busy and productive day.  I still have a week of holildays left and Ricky went back to work this morning.  It took me nearly the whole day to stain all the upright bits and pieces on our new decking.  And the daybed.  Here is a progress shot of my handiwork……………………..


Still a bit of finishing off to do…. but we will get there.  I can’t wait to do the “better homes and garden” bit where I get to arrange all my new colourful pots and outdoor cushions on the daybed area and set up the outdoor setting I have been doing up…..very exciting!  Actually I have finished the outdoor setting….finished the last coat yesterday on one of the chairs.  Just have to stain the decking floor and I can set them up to go with my Mexican theme……



Another productive day by me!!  I don’t know what the hell is going on…..I’ve turned into farking Martha Stewart!!!  Have walked the dogs first thing this morning on the beach. Gone and done the groceries.  Done the whole house inside until it shines and now I have been BAKING!!!!!  I don’t “do” baking usually….. no time and too lazy.  But I am having a bug on cooking stuff I have never tried before.  I even brought a muffin tray in the groceries this morning and have just cooked up two batches of savoury muffins for Ricky’s “play lunches”…..although he will probably eat them all when he gets home from work tonight.  I mean, usually I am the woman that only has a kitchen because it came with the house!!!!!  🙂 

Band wise today…… I am still tight!!  I can hardly eat anything and I am loving it!!!!  This is what I wanted.  Not to the silly stage…..but I wanted to be restricted and slowed down!!!  I am Mr Steam Shovel, a world record breaking food shoveller from way back.  I forgot…..FORGOT… have breakfast.  Felt a bit hungry when I got back from grocery shopping and opened one of those little tins of tuna.  It took me about half an hour to eat that.  Well, before this fill I could have eaten three of those tins in a record breaking 10 minutes and still wanted something else.  This afternoon I have had a little tub of yoghurt.  I ate half of it and put the rest  in the fridge and went back to it later.  I have also had half a small muffin with some butter on it……one has to try their own cooking you know!! 🙂  This is kind of how it felt the first few days after the initial operation.  This is what I was wanting. 

Sure, it might not suit everybody……but don’t panic if you think you are still feeling too hungry.  Just keep plugging away and keep having regular fills and when you get to the point you are happy with your restriction… will just know!!  It has taken me nearly five months to get to this point.  I have struggled not to put any weight on……and I haven’t…..but I have had a few weeks in a row stuck on the same weight.  Just don’t get disheartened……. it will happen.  Just don’t give up and think it isn’t working and wonder what the hell you have done…….it will work……but you have to be persistent and keep the lines of communication open with your surgeon and get your arse in for a fill etc.  Ahhhhh….another “straight to the point” piece of advice from me!! lol, lol  🙂

Have I mentioned how happy I was to find “others” to talk about my flatulence problem to?????? 




20 thoughts on “Another Fill….

  1. *waves* Hi Martha! How good are you then? I totally LOVE the chairs… well done.
    Glad the fill seems to be ‘it’.. and you have room for more if needed later.

    Pfffft…. save your sympathy re our friggin daughter having a miscarriage… it was for the best! Imagine her having another innocent baby… fuck we already have her first two!
    She has already dropped that guy and moved on to the next!

    She is for lack of a better word a whore! And just an all-round drain on society! I love her…. but I don’t like her. Does that make sense? Does to me anyway.

    So, there ya go… I’m really not nice!

  2. Lauging at the cat picture.

    I’m glad you seem to have your fill right, even when I’m full I still think of what I can bloody well eat, oh to have to fullfullment back again like it was post op.

  3. Hi Nola,

    Love what you’ve done to the deck, it looks fantastic! What a great post. I wish I could feel what you’re feeling with the restriction now and almost forgetting to eat, oh that would be great. Maybe I should take some advice from you and go back to the doc…I haven’t been since may last year. I have a 15 ml band with only 3 mill ever put in…

    You sound so positive – makes me wish I lived in tassie so I could tell you all about my farting too…hahahaha!!

  4. The deck looks great. I want one here on the farm.
    I love those chairs!
    Glad things are starting to feel comfortable for you. I hope it stays that way, so you can reach your goal quicker!!

  5. How colourful are you!! They look fantastic. I painted my fences blue… it was a mistake, after a few years it looked grey and drab. Not that I care anymore…we moved!!! lol
    The decking looks amazing, when’s the party?
    Great news that youv’e found your sweet spot…I am looking forward to getting there myself


  6. Nola, the deck project is coming along nicely and I too, love the chairs. Color is my thing and Martha would be proud. I was intrigued with what you said about the band. I have 5cc in a 10cc band and I can still eat too much too fast. I must admit I think about food alot and sometimes I feel full and other times I eat way too much. You are right about finding the “sweet spot”. Is he really Dr. Dreamy? And you live on the NW coast of Tasmania or Australia? I thought I knew my geography until I started having IBFs (international blogging friends).

  7. How wonderful to have met women who live in your area that have shared the banding experience. Dr. Dreamy merits his name if only because of his suggestion to include the info. in his bills (and I know there are a whole lot of other reasons he deserves the title). I love the way you’ve painted the chairs in different bright inviting colors. I’m looking forward to pix when you complete your project. For a cute cartoon on farting females, check out Kathy’s March 24 post:

  8. After reading the first paragraph all about flatulence, when you went on the the next paragraph I thought you said you’d turned into a ‘farting’ Martha Stewart. Talk about a visual. Then I re-read and realized you said ‘farking’.

    Had to share that with you, though. So glad you found friends to share with and I think a support group is a great idea. That deck is going to be awesome. I’m anxious to see the end results.

    Glad you found you some farting buddies…


  9. You know…I’ve always referred to Martha Stewart as the “AntiChrist”! Sorry, but I just can’t think of you in that way. I’m gonna think of you as …hmmmm “Farking Suzie Home-farting Maker”. You make farts..and a nice home! Love the deck…the man wants to know if your man wants to come to California and build ours. Smooches.

  10. Oh girl! I just posted an entry and your blog written two days ago is freakishly answering the blog I only just wrote, You can add clairvoyance to your ever growing list of talents right along with home reno’s to baking. Lovin the deck. Lovin even more your explanation of your fill situation, that is EXACTLY what I want. That beautiful post op situation where food is not even on your agenda. And, Mistress Nola of the “Other Side” you were just wishing not long ago there was a support group where u are and voila – your prayers are answered. You’ve got a farking direct line – say a prayer for me that I feel restriction some day sooner or later.

  11. Hello love, Mamma Tracey here…lol. Never gets tired does it?

    Hey, want to share your savoury muffin recipe with us? I LOVE savoury muffins!!!

    I also love your mexican chairs and can’t to get my arse down there to sit in one.


  12. My farting has calmed down considerably but my stomach gurgling is out of control!!!

    Glad to hear you’re happy with restriction. I’m starting to get hungry in the mornings but I’m still PBing lunch quite often. Time to get back to basics and make sure I’m eating small bites and chewing well!

    All the best,

    Em 🙂

  13. Hey Nola, So thrilled for you that you sounds as if you are at optimum fill…woo hoo! I am going in for another fill monday and I am hoping I ma in the same boat (fingers crossed) What a great feeling huh! The deck looks awesome and the chairs too. Cant wait to see it all together with the pots etc. How far are you from Hobart? Thats where we are staying from June 26 – 30.

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