My Friday in Photos….

How good a day have I just had!??……bloody good!!  We have spent the day with my parents in their little boat on Lake Barrington.  The lake is about an hours drive from my parents house and it is where the world rowing championships were held.  A beautiful lake utilised for water skiing and rowing and, of course, fishing.  The main fish to be caught are brown trout, rainbow trout and salmon.

Ricky and I borrowed his parents lifejackets.  Last time I went out in the boat with them the life jacket didn’t come within a bulls roar of me!!  I had to wear it undone and hope I didn’t fall in!!……I said to Ricky not to worry, I would still take it and wear it the same today.  But when I tried it on……………………………


It zips up and is actually lose!!!!!!!!!!!  I was flamin’ stoked I tell ya!!!  It put me on a high for the rest of the day and I did notice things, like getting in and out of the boat, were easier. I haven’t done this boating thing since I was at my heaviest……so today confirmed that what I am doing is the right thing and it is working 🙂

Now for some pictures of the lake for you.  I will put little descriptions at the bottom of each……………..



The two best catches of Dad and Rick’s lives!!  Bugger the fish mate…..have a look at those two beauties 🙂



A beautiful little inlet with the waterfall coming down… just don’t do it justice………………..




Fishing rod……check.   Coffee…….check.  Now for the fish……………………………………….



Mum got her fish wish!!  Mum caught the first one……but I got so excited I forgot to take a photo.  This is the 2nd one that Dad caught…..he also caught the third one for the day. Sometimes you can drift around up there for days and not even get a nibble…….but today was a lucky day 🙂  All three were rainbow trout.



Of course……the only reason they caught those fish was because of the fine driving and navigating skills of Captain Calmwaters and the exceptional screams of   “Shit….I think ya have a fish on!!”  from his gorgeous 1st mate, Hornbag Highseas 🙂



A couple of hours into the “tour” we “parked” the boat at one of the rowing course pontoons and took our lunch up to the picnic area to stretch our legs and have a break. 


This shows where we stopped for lunch…..heading in towards where we “parked”.  You can see some of the buoys that are marking out lanes for the rowing……they go for miles.  If you were to drive out of this particular section of the lake you would come to Sheffield just up and over the hills……(the “Town of Murals” where I had that nasty lama/lime spider incident!!)  lol 




Have a look at this photo……. see the dog up the front of the boat?  This guy went past us earlier over on the other side of the lake.  The dog was standing up the front of the boat with his ears flapping and the biggest “smile” on his face!!  It just looked so gorgeous.  Everytime the guy stopped the boat and went to his lines the dog raced from his position as “shotgun” down to the line to check it. How great……just a man, his boat, his dog and the wilderness….bliss.



Haulin’ in the big ones sure took it out of my Ma………………………….!!!



A last look at where we have spent a most enjoyable Friday………….


So we have the boat back on the trailer.  All packed and ready to hit the road again.  We wind back up out of the lake  into farmland area and what do ya know!??????????????????  YES, YES, YES……………..the “animal whisperer” strikes again!!!!!!!!!!!  This photo is expertly taken out of the car window by me for your enjoyment!! 🙂  Please……I know how mooooved you will be and, believe me, it was UDDERLY UNEXPECTED!!!!!!   lol, lol




THE END……………………………….



25 thoughts on “My Friday in Photos….

  1. Hey you, how good are you looking? Farking Fantastic!!! And OMG how jealous am i of the gorgeous day you have just had?

    I am GREEN with envy. You cow!

    Those photos were an insight into such beauty, thanks for sharing.

  2. Beautiful pictures, Nola!
    I would love to go for a ride on that lake.
    It’s a good thing I wasn’t with you when you came upon the cows.
    Cows don’t like me, or they like me too much, I’m not sure which. But they chase me. And scare the crap outta me.

  3. You all look like you’re having a wonderful time. I find myself smiling along with you. Ah yes, my life jacket and I have had a history. I bought it before I’d started my last successful weight loss so it has seen me as very fat, slim and petite, and much much fatter than ever. Last time around, my goal was to be able to fit into a wet suit that was actually sized for my height. The max weight for that is 135. It will be a very long time before I’ll be able to fit into that again. Hopefully I’ll still be alive when I get there.

  4. Oh, my God. Look how fabulous you look!! A thousand congratulations on the life jacket thing. What an awesome NSV. You’re parents are adorable. It also looks like you just had the most wonderful day together. Thanks for taking me there with your words and pictures.


  5. Great post! What an awesome trip that looks like. And what a great feeling. I bet nothing would have wiped that smile off your face after doing up the life jacket. Thats awesome.

  6. Hi Nola,

    Thanks for your comment today on my blog (farewell fatness) Just wanted to pop in and say hi! the photos are great by the way! My daughter and I have booked to go to Hobart in June. Its the first time we have been to Tasmania, I hear it is stunning! And if your snaps are anything to go by we are in fior a treat!

  7. These are great photos! Glad you had a good time! It looks great! I especially like the waterfall.

    Hope you didn’t have to wait too long for the cows at the end. It looks like they were moooOOOOoooOOoo ving along pretty well!

  8. I think I will pitch a tent by the waterfall. Spectacular!

    Congratulations on your achievement, You look great! Its amazing how we transform day-by-day, small changes, big results.


  9. I like that! Inviting my niece to visit you… to stay even… WHERE’S MY INVITE THEN??? pffffft… I only live across the bloody ditch! lol
    My niece is Kiwinurse (Shelly)….
    Lovely photos BTW….
    I love cows…

  10. Love the photos – looks like a load of fun. What a beautiful country you live in! We plan on seeing some more of it one day!

    Got to love those milestones like the life jacket – you are looking GREAT!!! Your mum looks like fun!

  11. Nice Friday alright. First you made the life vest your bitch, then you conquered the waves and the fish, you had a nice enjoyable day with your Mum and Dad, then became one with the universe by bonding with the bovines! You Rock Sista!

  12. Look at you!!! It’s so cool how the one day you’re talking about the poundage not coming off quick enough and then here you are, a post or two later, struttin’ your zipped up life jacket self. Is it kind of like not being able to see the forest for the trees? It’s falling off you, you hornbag you!!! I’m surprised that you didn’t stand up and holler at every passing boat, “Look!!! I’ve gotten the damn thing zipped up!”.

    Oh, yeah… noice fish! I hope there was enough for a fish fry for you, Captain Calmwater and your parents.

    Thank you for the beautiful photos of the waterfalls and the lake.


  13. Hi Nola! I’m so glad you stopped by my blog. I’ve enjoyed having a read and checking out all your pictures. Boy can I relate to those photos, and accessories, and, and, and….

    I especially related to you saying how fantastic you are at losing weight….ME TOO! I’m AWESOME! I’ve lost 10 people’s worth of weight in my lifetime! Sadly I’ve gained 12 people.

    Good luck on your journey and congratulations on getting that vest zipped. Woohoo!

    P.S. LOVE the cows. 🙂

  14. Hi Nola,

    I’m sorry to barge in like this, but I think we must be sisters or sould mates, or something.

    I’ve been secretly reading your blog at work for weeks and just have to say I relate so much to you, your attitude and your wonderful personality.

    I was banded on 11 Feb, and honestly you have made a huge difference!

    Keep up the good work – I really must set up my own site…..


  15. Hi Nola, What a lovely day you had! Oh the waterfall!! Way to go with the life jacket – you rock!

    I would love to go back to Tassie. I sailed there from Sydney to Hobart in November 2004, then I went all around tassie in 10 days. I could live there! I found everyone friendly and welcoming and the scenery!!!! Amazing 🙂

  16. Love the photos. I love fishing but have never tried fly fishing, would like to give it a go sometime.

    Hows the fill going?

  17. You are totally awesome, Nola. Gotta love the vest feeling and what amazing pictures. The lake is lovely and you are so lucky to be able to spend time with your parents. Your travelogue is the best. I love to share your experiences via the blog!

  18. I’m finally catching up on your blog! Love the photos. I’ve told hubby that when we leave here we are going to live in Tassie!

    Congrats on the jacket too. One HOT HORNBAG!


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