Hmmmm……just some thoughts…

To be honest….I thought weight would come off quicker and it would be easier after lapband. I was wrong.
Well, it has come off quickly….in the beginning. If I had eaten liquids for two weeks and then mushies for two weeks without a lapband, would it have come off the same?……I suspect so.
Having a lapband is hard work. So is dieting and totally changing the way you eat and live and exercise.
So, what’s different?…… I know that my weight loss, no matter how slow, is permanent this time. I have been very good at losing weight over the years….I mean, really good at it!! However, I put it all back on again and then some.
I get cranky and bloody pissed off that I am not losing weight at an amazing rate of knots and can’t help but compare how much I have lost to how much other’s have lost in the same time frame. I know that is human nature and not to worry about worrying!!

Do I regret having it done?…… no way. It is kind of like having an inbuilt personal trainer and dietician on board… just reminds me to do the right thing and to stop eating when I am full.

Do I have any advice for you so far…?     Yep……

Go easy on yourself and don’t compare your progress to others.  Know that you would never have lost (and kept off)whatever amount you have without the help of the band. 

 Get your first few fills done as quickly as you can.  You know within a week of having a fill if it is enough or not……you just do.  So, keep going back and don’t play the drama queen and say it isn’t working. It is up to you to help it work.  Stay in touch with your surgeon and be firm and assertive with him.  You know if you want more fill… is your guts!!  If you happen to overdo it…..then you can always have some out again. Why have the lapband and then continue to feel hungry?!  Then work with the band and love it to death….PBing and burping and farting and all the good stuff.  It is all learning….and keeping you “aware” of your behaviour.

Your band doesn’t have an inbuilt “shit food” detector.  So if you expect the band to make you suddenly hate ice-cream and topping and thickshakes and anything “greased” up with sauce etc and that  you will  have multiple orgasms just being in the vicinity of the fruit and veg department…….don’t bother getting one.  You will still want shit from time to time……your band wont help you… have to drag out the willpower still.  Your band will also not give you the desire to produce your own exercise DVD.  Tough tits…….get walking!

My weightloss may have slowed down but I tell you what…… mindset has revved up and I do feel like a different person!!  I know the weight will come off slowly and surely from now on and even quicker if I move my arse along with watching my nutrition. This blogging community is a great “tool” as well.  I love reading all the blogs and being inspired by each and every one of you.  We talk about our lives and the goings on……not just about weight.  But really…….what is going on in our lives has everything to do with how we deal with our other “issues” and weight struggles!!  Blogging helps get it out of our systems and allow  us to move on to our next drama I guess.  So thanks to you all for your comments and reading my rants and sometimes outrageous stories 🙂  I swear to you………they are all true!!!

So for the time being…..some days I feel like this and do a great job, making all the right choices…………………………………..


And then there are the days I just try and ignore & will start afresh tomorrow………………………….



16 thoughts on “Hmmmm……just some thoughts…

  1. Good insights on the lapband. The weight will come off and stay off, but it is the interim that must be hell. I wouldn’t know, my insurance has all the rules in place before I can even get one placed.

    I love your pictures!

  2. I’m glad you are adapting to your lapband and being realistic about your goals… long term.
    I totally LOVE the last photo….. I say that a lot (unfortunately)… I have a potty mouth.

  3. I don’t have a lapband.
    And I’m not dieting, even though I should be.
    But there are days when I feel exactly like that last picture, just about life in general.
    And then tomorrow comes and I have a whole new attitude.
    Some days I’m the windshield, somedays I’m the bug.
    When I look at the whole picture and see where I came from and where I am now, life is good.
    Hang in there and don’t beat yourself up because you had a bad day.

  4. Nola, you’re ALMOST as good (and necessary) as comfort food. Keep blogging or else!

    One comment, which I would like to explore in my own blog one day, re exercise: we slobs who whine if we can’t park in front of where we want to go, need a strategy for becoming more active. I can’t relate at all to the enthusiastic people who tell you how much they do at the gym – I envy them, admire them, but alas can’t imitate them because to me it’s just plain hideous, just as it was when I was slim. I can respond to the unsympathetic approach to “get up off my ass” on a whole range of topics, figuratively speaking, but not where exercise is concerned. All I can manage – without complaining I mean – is to walk to and from my office and the carpark (5 min). If only there was a way to be knocked unconscious then someone make your body work like hell so that when you wake up you’re stiff and sore, but virtuous…


  5. You ROCK, Nola. Sounds like you’ve got the determination factor back in play. I absolutely love your honesty about the whole process and telling it straight to people. And I have no doubt that all your stories are true!!

    And I L.O.V.E. that last poster.

    Thank you for being you.


  6. I enjoyed reading this post, it helped me understand the banding more. You are right we blog about all sorts but in turn what’s going on does affect our weight loss efforts.

  7. Nola, I wished we lived close to each other and could get together over “water” and talk. Blogs will have to do! It must be something in the atmosphere for us right now. But just reading what you posted today so goes with what I wrote today. I just love your pictures! Thomas, my trainer, says remember it is a journey. Thanks for sharing. You are looking great.

  8. Rock on Nola, you put into words exactly what I feel and think. Good days and bad days are part of our world whether we have a band or not. For me the band is there when I finally need to use it properly and let it do it’s job…when I don’t use it properly, I ain’t gaining, so I’m happy….

    thank you for pictures, they really sum up those good and bad days.



  9. Keep on truck’n Nola!

    Picking ourselves up is what makes us successful! Except of course when it’s my husband picking my drunk a$$ up off the floor!


  10. hehe. That last pic is priceless. It might be my screen saver here shortly.
    I think you’re doing BEAUTIFULLY. I have several friends that did the gastric bypass and all had terribly different results. Keep on chugging girl!!!!

  11. As someone who doesn’t have a lapband, I’m interested in your experiences with one. Right now I could use that extra motivation that your procedure seems to have provided. On the other hand, I would also like to be able to eat multiple servings of mint chocolate chip ice cream with impunity.
    I totally love the two cartoons.

  12. OMG…”Built in Shit Food Detector”…when I read that, I was laughing hysterically and had to read it to “the Man”. He was laughing too and he said…”She sounds like you, Babe. She could be you sister (a good one)”. What he doesn’t understand is that you are my sister. My bandsister, and I can’t for better ones than the ones I have now.

  13. Nola

    You just answered a question that has been foremost on my mind with this great piece of writing. I have been stressing some lately. I have made the decision to undergo surgery to help me lose weight. Will this finally be the turning point in my life where I lose ALL the weight and actually keep it off this time. Like so many others i CAN lose the weight (even then not all of it.. its like i hit 10 kilos down and then lose interest and pack it back on) whereas this time i want to go the whole damn hog! Is this the difference with the band? I surely hope so. I still have some exploring to do regarding whats good to eat and not… because i know i cant keep eating the same rubbish that got me here in the first place. That has to change. Maybe this is it!! Only time will tell.

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