And now a bloody duck!

I think I have officially turned into the animal whisperer!!  I went up to our local nursery.  I am in love with that place!!  I must take some photos of it next time I go for you.  It has a creek running through it, a little coffee shop, a fantastic gift shop and garden shop and, of course, all the plants you could ever want!!  There are “wild” ducks that live there as well.  The mother duck takes her babies to the back door of the coffee shop and they get some treats……too gorgeous!  I have never seen them up near the actual shop bit though and where you wander around all the different plant sections etc.

Until I went there of course!!  I am in a dream looking at this and that and reading the tags and I feel something hit my foot.  I look down and there is this little wild duck having a go at my toes!!  I had thongs (flip-flops) on and my toenails were painted in what was apparently an “appetising” shade of red!!  Well, this little duck would not leave me alone.  I moved along…..he moved along…..I stopped…..he stopped……I ran…..he ran!!  I couldn’t help giggling away to myself and purposefully wriggling my toes just to get him going stupid!!  He was running his bill up and down my toes the whole time I was in the plant section.  I forgot what I was bloody looking for in the end!!  There were other people there and I am sure someone else would have had nail polish on their toes…….but no……..the animal whisperer strikes again 🙂  Last year I had a heap of things related to poo happen to me……..I’ll take the animals!!

Stage 2 of the great decking renovations  2009 is taking place.  Ricky has a couple of weeks holidays to get it done.  Very exciting! I am so lucky to be married to such a handyman!  He sure knows how to handle a tool 🙂



Then we went to the beach with the dogs…..watching all that work is exhausting and I needed to walk it off……….just noticed I have the delicious “Duck-a-rama” polish on my toes in this shot 🙂


Then this is what we saw at the beach!!!!!!  Heeellooooo!!???  We have never, ever had pelicans on the Burnie beach!!  I kid you not…..ever!  Who told them the animal whisperer was on her way down……….take a number pelicans!!  didn’t get too close….didn’t want those big suckers having a taste of the toes!


Scarlett was exhausted after that excursion…………………………  (flash not working properly…..but you can see how “stressed” she is!!



I told Scarlett to stop laying around like a little tart……..she obliged and crossed her little “dicky knees”.  Awwwwwww……I love my babies 🙂



Band wise….all is pretty static.  I am going to see Dr Dreamy in a fortnight and I think I will get another fill.  Some things hurt…..some things don’t.  Some days I eat like a pig…..other days my halo would slip and strangle me!!  The main thing is the weight is not going up.  That in itself is a minor miracle!!

Caroline…..  apparently Elmo is still on the run.  No news on Stumpy either. I don’t think my Stumpy is coming back 😦


15 thoughts on “And now a bloody duck!

  1. On our trip along the Great Ocean rd last year we came across a few pelicans on one of the beaches, I was fascinated by them. You are looking just great!

  2. Didn’t you say it’s winter there?
    Looks mighty warm for winter.
    I love pelicans. Just fascinated with them. Growing up in the state I’m from, it’s something I never saw in real life. So when I go to the beach, I’m on the lookout. And I once saw one on the Mississippi River. Not something I was expecting that far from a beach.
    Don’t blame them, they just wanted to see if the animal whisperer really existed. tee hee
    I would fall and break something trying to stand on those boards like that. Knows how to use a tool and good balance, what a man! tee hee

  3. Hi Nola,

    Stumpy here, I am using your sisters email to write as I now reside at her place. She has grain bread on her carport which I am quite partial too, no hard feelings pet…..but at least you know I’m not dead .

  4. Kaz… are farking mental !! Go find your own seagull….!!!! I saw a mouldy old plover in the paddock yesterday….why don’t you see if you can persuade him to come live with you?

  5. So if you call flipflops thongs, what do you call those wispy bits of knicker that split you in half if you wear them (lovingly caled crack hangers here)?

    love your life


  6. hi, the plover you saw in the paddock yesterday was paul the plover, he also lives here. i sent him over to your place to see how you were coping without stumpy, he reported back to me last night.

  7. Miss Scarlett knows how to air it out… I almost have as much fun reading the comments as your blog. You have some fun people that come to play at your house.


  8. G-strings = bum floss!!!

    So, a fill in your band in a fortnight. I’m in Hobart in a fortnight, for a weekend. Fly in 9pm (ish) on Friday, fly out 4pm (ish) on Sunday… Wanna meet up?

    I love your new deck – Although, I did NOT need to know your information about your husband!!

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