My weekend photos…

We picked up Ricky’s brother and his wife from the Launceston airport on Friday night and headed to St Helens on the East Coast of Tassie.  They had flown in from NSW and we were all staying with my sister-in-laws parents.  Ricky and his brother had a big lodge night in St Helens on the Saturday.  Secret mens business and all that!!  The East Coast of Tassie is just beautiful with gorgeous beaches and white sand and spectacular scenery.

We left home early and decided to “do lunch” in Launceston and have a look at some places we hadn’t been to in years.  First up we went to Grindlewald……a “Swiss Village”.  Lots of permanent houses as well as the resort.  All people building there have to build in the Swiss theme.  Quite a pretty place just on the outskirts of Launceston….but don’t know that I would want to live there…….

This is the “Village square” where we stopped for lunch.  That is Ricky in the middle in the white shirt.


Helllooooo…………….. hide the toenail polish!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Then we went to the Launceston Gorge.  We walked all the way up the track to what they call the Basin where there is a pool and also swimming in the Basin as well as a chair lift………………………..

The track we walked up…… on the shady side!!  It was very hot that day!


The footbridge across the basin.  The chairlift spans across this section also….


We stopped and watched this girl rock climbing over the other side of the river for a while…..



On Saturday we went to a market with Bro and sister in-law and then we went on a bit of a tour around the coast area at St Helens……..



Ricky was standing down the bank a bit……so I could look tall 🙂



Awwwwww……………..the East Coast is sooooooooooooo romantic 🙂


Well, that’s it.  Just a quick one today.  My next post will be all about the band and how it is going……I am living tight since my last fill and loving it!!!!

Another Fill….

Sunday 22nd:-

Dr Dreamy does weekend “fill” clinics in Launceston. My appointment was at 4pm so we went on the one and a half hour trip and did lunch up there.  We had a bit of a browse around a home show which was pretty ordinary and then a travel expo, which was also boring!!  Oh well……they could have been good and then we would have kicked ourselves for not taking the opportunity to have a look while we were in Launceston.  It was a very hot day!! 

Ricky waited in the car in the shade while I went in for my appointment.  Some days you are sitting there waiting and there are other ladies there……. but you just get the feeling they don’t want to talk…….. so you don’t!!  But this time……it was fantastic!!  I met two great ladies while we were waiting and found out they are both from my area on the North West Coast.  There was another lady also but she was from Georgetown….. but she was nice!!  She can’t help where she lives 🙂

Anyhoooooo….we talked about everything and anything from how long we had been “banded” to burping and farting.  I have to tell you I was soooo relieved to find out that I was not the only one to have started up my own one man band in the flatulence department!!!!  I mean……I can’t keep blaming the gas from the operation for ever!!  That got us talking about how great it was to…….well…….talk!!  To other ladies that have been banded that is.  So, we have exchanged emails and phone numbers etc and we are going to meet up and see if we can start a support group for women on the North West Coast of Tassie…………….brilliant!!!!!!

I told Dr Dreamy about it while he was poking around in my port 🙂  He thinks it is a great idea……..of course it bloody well is!!  He said he would put notices in peoples bills and things like that for us if we want.  Great………so when they regain conciousness after seeing what they owe they can ring our support group for………………… 🙂

Monday 23rd

I don’t want to speak too soon….but I think I may just be happy with where my band is at now!  I now have my fourth fill and he put in half a ml….which brings me up to 6ml in a 10ml band.  It has taken a lot of bloody fiddle farting around….but finally I feel today like I think I should feel.  I forgot to have lunch and I had a tiny tea.  I drank lots of water….but the water filled me up.  I wasn’t looking for something to eat all day or even thinking about what I could eat later.  I just didn’t think about eating……………Farking Fantasic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I have had a busy and productive day.  I still have a week of holildays left and Ricky went back to work this morning.  It took me nearly the whole day to stain all the upright bits and pieces on our new decking.  And the daybed.  Here is a progress shot of my handiwork……………………..


Still a bit of finishing off to do…. but we will get there.  I can’t wait to do the “better homes and garden” bit where I get to arrange all my new colourful pots and outdoor cushions on the daybed area and set up the outdoor setting I have been doing up…..very exciting!  Actually I have finished the outdoor setting….finished the last coat yesterday on one of the chairs.  Just have to stain the decking floor and I can set them up to go with my Mexican theme……



Another productive day by me!!  I don’t know what the hell is going on…..I’ve turned into farking Martha Stewart!!!  Have walked the dogs first thing this morning on the beach. Gone and done the groceries.  Done the whole house inside until it shines and now I have been BAKING!!!!!  I don’t “do” baking usually….. no time and too lazy.  But I am having a bug on cooking stuff I have never tried before.  I even brought a muffin tray in the groceries this morning and have just cooked up two batches of savoury muffins for Ricky’s “play lunches”…..although he will probably eat them all when he gets home from work tonight.  I mean, usually I am the woman that only has a kitchen because it came with the house!!!!!  🙂 

Band wise today…… I am still tight!!  I can hardly eat anything and I am loving it!!!!  This is what I wanted.  Not to the silly stage…..but I wanted to be restricted and slowed down!!!  I am Mr Steam Shovel, a world record breaking food shoveller from way back.  I forgot…..FORGOT… have breakfast.  Felt a bit hungry when I got back from grocery shopping and opened one of those little tins of tuna.  It took me about half an hour to eat that.  Well, before this fill I could have eaten three of those tins in a record breaking 10 minutes and still wanted something else.  This afternoon I have had a little tub of yoghurt.  I ate half of it and put the rest  in the fridge and went back to it later.  I have also had half a small muffin with some butter on it……one has to try their own cooking you know!! 🙂  This is kind of how it felt the first few days after the initial operation.  This is what I was wanting. 

Sure, it might not suit everybody……but don’t panic if you think you are still feeling too hungry.  Just keep plugging away and keep having regular fills and when you get to the point you are happy with your restriction… will just know!!  It has taken me nearly five months to get to this point.  I have struggled not to put any weight on……and I haven’t…..but I have had a few weeks in a row stuck on the same weight.  Just don’t get disheartened……. it will happen.  Just don’t give up and think it isn’t working and wonder what the hell you have done…….it will work……but you have to be persistent and keep the lines of communication open with your surgeon and get your arse in for a fill etc.  Ahhhhh….another “straight to the point” piece of advice from me!! lol, lol  🙂

Have I mentioned how happy I was to find “others” to talk about my flatulence problem to?????? 



My Friday in Photos….

How good a day have I just had!??……bloody good!!  We have spent the day with my parents in their little boat on Lake Barrington.  The lake is about an hours drive from my parents house and it is where the world rowing championships were held.  A beautiful lake utilised for water skiing and rowing and, of course, fishing.  The main fish to be caught are brown trout, rainbow trout and salmon.

Ricky and I borrowed his parents lifejackets.  Last time I went out in the boat with them the life jacket didn’t come within a bulls roar of me!!  I had to wear it undone and hope I didn’t fall in!!……I said to Ricky not to worry, I would still take it and wear it the same today.  But when I tried it on……………………………


It zips up and is actually lose!!!!!!!!!!!  I was flamin’ stoked I tell ya!!!  It put me on a high for the rest of the day and I did notice things, like getting in and out of the boat, were easier. I haven’t done this boating thing since I was at my heaviest……so today confirmed that what I am doing is the right thing and it is working 🙂

Now for some pictures of the lake for you.  I will put little descriptions at the bottom of each……………..



The two best catches of Dad and Rick’s lives!!  Bugger the fish mate…..have a look at those two beauties 🙂



A beautiful little inlet with the waterfall coming down… just don’t do it justice………………..




Fishing rod……check.   Coffee…….check.  Now for the fish……………………………………….



Mum got her fish wish!!  Mum caught the first one……but I got so excited I forgot to take a photo.  This is the 2nd one that Dad caught…..he also caught the third one for the day. Sometimes you can drift around up there for days and not even get a nibble…….but today was a lucky day 🙂  All three were rainbow trout.



Of course……the only reason they caught those fish was because of the fine driving and navigating skills of Captain Calmwaters and the exceptional screams of   “Shit….I think ya have a fish on!!”  from his gorgeous 1st mate, Hornbag Highseas 🙂



A couple of hours into the “tour” we “parked” the boat at one of the rowing course pontoons and took our lunch up to the picnic area to stretch our legs and have a break. 


This shows where we stopped for lunch…..heading in towards where we “parked”.  You can see some of the buoys that are marking out lanes for the rowing……they go for miles.  If you were to drive out of this particular section of the lake you would come to Sheffield just up and over the hills……(the “Town of Murals” where I had that nasty lama/lime spider incident!!)  lol 




Have a look at this photo……. see the dog up the front of the boat?  This guy went past us earlier over on the other side of the lake.  The dog was standing up the front of the boat with his ears flapping and the biggest “smile” on his face!!  It just looked so gorgeous.  Everytime the guy stopped the boat and went to his lines the dog raced from his position as “shotgun” down to the line to check it. How great……just a man, his boat, his dog and the wilderness….bliss.



Haulin’ in the big ones sure took it out of my Ma………………………….!!!



A last look at where we have spent a most enjoyable Friday………….


So we have the boat back on the trailer.  All packed and ready to hit the road again.  We wind back up out of the lake  into farmland area and what do ya know!??????????????????  YES, YES, YES……………..the “animal whisperer” strikes again!!!!!!!!!!!  This photo is expertly taken out of the car window by me for your enjoyment!! 🙂  Please……I know how mooooved you will be and, believe me, it was UDDERLY UNEXPECTED!!!!!!   lol, lol




THE END……………………………….


Hmmmm……just some thoughts…

To be honest….I thought weight would come off quicker and it would be easier after lapband. I was wrong.
Well, it has come off quickly….in the beginning. If I had eaten liquids for two weeks and then mushies for two weeks without a lapband, would it have come off the same?……I suspect so.
Having a lapband is hard work. So is dieting and totally changing the way you eat and live and exercise.
So, what’s different?…… I know that my weight loss, no matter how slow, is permanent this time. I have been very good at losing weight over the years….I mean, really good at it!! However, I put it all back on again and then some.
I get cranky and bloody pissed off that I am not losing weight at an amazing rate of knots and can’t help but compare how much I have lost to how much other’s have lost in the same time frame. I know that is human nature and not to worry about worrying!!

Do I regret having it done?…… no way. It is kind of like having an inbuilt personal trainer and dietician on board… just reminds me to do the right thing and to stop eating when I am full.

Do I have any advice for you so far…?     Yep……

Go easy on yourself and don’t compare your progress to others.  Know that you would never have lost (and kept off)whatever amount you have without the help of the band. 

 Get your first few fills done as quickly as you can.  You know within a week of having a fill if it is enough or not……you just do.  So, keep going back and don’t play the drama queen and say it isn’t working. It is up to you to help it work.  Stay in touch with your surgeon and be firm and assertive with him.  You know if you want more fill… is your guts!!  If you happen to overdo it…..then you can always have some out again. Why have the lapband and then continue to feel hungry?!  Then work with the band and love it to death….PBing and burping and farting and all the good stuff.  It is all learning….and keeping you “aware” of your behaviour.

Your band doesn’t have an inbuilt “shit food” detector.  So if you expect the band to make you suddenly hate ice-cream and topping and thickshakes and anything “greased” up with sauce etc and that  you will  have multiple orgasms just being in the vicinity of the fruit and veg department…….don’t bother getting one.  You will still want shit from time to time……your band wont help you… have to drag out the willpower still.  Your band will also not give you the desire to produce your own exercise DVD.  Tough tits…….get walking!

My weightloss may have slowed down but I tell you what…… mindset has revved up and I do feel like a different person!!  I know the weight will come off slowly and surely from now on and even quicker if I move my arse along with watching my nutrition. This blogging community is a great “tool” as well.  I love reading all the blogs and being inspired by each and every one of you.  We talk about our lives and the goings on……not just about weight.  But really…….what is going on in our lives has everything to do with how we deal with our other “issues” and weight struggles!!  Blogging helps get it out of our systems and allow  us to move on to our next drama I guess.  So thanks to you all for your comments and reading my rants and sometimes outrageous stories 🙂  I swear to you………they are all true!!!

So for the time being…..some days I feel like this and do a great job, making all the right choices…………………………………..


And then there are the days I just try and ignore & will start afresh tomorrow………………………….


And now a bloody duck!

I think I have officially turned into the animal whisperer!!  I went up to our local nursery.  I am in love with that place!!  I must take some photos of it next time I go for you.  It has a creek running through it, a little coffee shop, a fantastic gift shop and garden shop and, of course, all the plants you could ever want!!  There are “wild” ducks that live there as well.  The mother duck takes her babies to the back door of the coffee shop and they get some treats……too gorgeous!  I have never seen them up near the actual shop bit though and where you wander around all the different plant sections etc.

Until I went there of course!!  I am in a dream looking at this and that and reading the tags and I feel something hit my foot.  I look down and there is this little wild duck having a go at my toes!!  I had thongs (flip-flops) on and my toenails were painted in what was apparently an “appetising” shade of red!!  Well, this little duck would not leave me alone.  I moved along…..he moved along…..I stopped…..he stopped……I ran…..he ran!!  I couldn’t help giggling away to myself and purposefully wriggling my toes just to get him going stupid!!  He was running his bill up and down my toes the whole time I was in the plant section.  I forgot what I was bloody looking for in the end!!  There were other people there and I am sure someone else would have had nail polish on their toes…….but no……..the animal whisperer strikes again 🙂  Last year I had a heap of things related to poo happen to me……..I’ll take the animals!!

Stage 2 of the great decking renovations  2009 is taking place.  Ricky has a couple of weeks holidays to get it done.  Very exciting! I am so lucky to be married to such a handyman!  He sure knows how to handle a tool 🙂



Then we went to the beach with the dogs…..watching all that work is exhausting and I needed to walk it off……….just noticed I have the delicious “Duck-a-rama” polish on my toes in this shot 🙂


Then this is what we saw at the beach!!!!!!  Heeellooooo!!???  We have never, ever had pelicans on the Burnie beach!!  I kid you not…..ever!  Who told them the animal whisperer was on her way down……….take a number pelicans!!  didn’t get too close….didn’t want those big suckers having a taste of the toes!


Scarlett was exhausted after that excursion…………………………  (flash not working properly…..but you can see how “stressed” she is!!



I told Scarlett to stop laying around like a little tart……..she obliged and crossed her little “dicky knees”.  Awwwwwww……I love my babies 🙂



Band wise….all is pretty static.  I am going to see Dr Dreamy in a fortnight and I think I will get another fill.  Some things hurt…..some things don’t.  Some days I eat like a pig…..other days my halo would slip and strangle me!!  The main thing is the weight is not going up.  That in itself is a minor miracle!!

Caroline…..  apparently Elmo is still on the run.  No news on Stumpy either. I don’t think my Stumpy is coming back 😦

Lorikeet story….

Somebody asked me not long ago if my life was a sitcom…………ummmmmm…….yep!!  I seem to be attracting “animal incidents” lately. Before I get started………… This is a lorikeet……


OK……………..  So Thursday I go for my lunchbreak at work and when I get back to the courthouse I decide to sit out the front in the sun for a while and have a quick smoke (so shoot me!!)  Then I hear someone whistle at me.  I think…..”Fair enough….I know I have it goin’ on. Some people just take a little longer to realise it” 🙂  Then they whistle again and I start looking around.  Then whistle, whistle, whistle and I look up into the tree on the footpath near me and I spot a gorgeous lorikeet.  Now, I realise he must be an escapee because he is now going through quite a few different “people” whistles and cocking his head at me.  I’m like…….”Oh, you poor thing!!  Come on darling, come on…come down to Nola”.  He’s like ” No way sista!!  I’m not coming out of this safe tree”. 

Now, the courthouse is situated on a T-intersection that is governed by traffic lights and the sight of me standing talking to a tree is starting to attract a bit of attention!!  I felt the need to say, “There is a parrot up in the tree” when people walked past.  They just smiled and nodded and walked a little quicker!!  Then the security guard comes out because he wants to know why I am out the front talking to a tree.  I show him the bird.  He is a big softie like me and just happens to have an apple in his hand! I will call the security guard Waldorf (because that’s what I call him!!  Him and the other security guard sit together at their desk and chuckle away all day and they look like Waldorf and Statler off the muppetts sitting up in the balcony…. you know? 🙂 ) So Waldorf  holds the apple up high and the lorikeet seems really interested and looks hungry. So he starts edging down the branches coming a bit closer.  But Waldorf’s reach is a bit short of the lowest branch…… so we hatch a plan.  We go inside and find a 2 step ladder and take that out.  I also find an empty reflex paper box.  I plan to let Waldorf catch to bird and then I will get him to put the bird into the box!!….brilliant!!

So, Waldorf climbs up the ladder with his apple bait.  Now my workmate, Aysha has come out for a look also.  Aysha is very obviously pregnant.  She is also brilliant and brought some plums out as extra incentive for the bird to leave his tree. Cars are going around the corner and nearly running off the road because there is me with a box, Aysha with plums and Waldorf up a ladder holding an apple.  Nobody can see the bloody bird……so we must have looked farking mental !!

So, the bird comes down and sits on the apple and starts pecking at it.  So, I say to Waldorf, “Just put your other hand in behind his bum and grab him while he is busy with the apple.”  So, Waldorf does what he is told and the bloody bird sinks his beak into Waldorf’s finger and bites him……..hard!!  Waldorf lets go of the bird and says, “F…ing c…..t of a thing!!!”  Well, I damn near choked because I have NEVER heard Waldorf swear and I have never seen him move so fast……he jumped off that ladder shaking his bleeding hand like SUPER WALDORF!!!!!!!!  lol, lol  Why is someone else’s pain sooooo funny!!?  Thank goodness nobody else heard his cussing except me and Aysha 🙂

So then Aysha comes up with another brilliant idea. I get the leftover christmas table cloth from the court christmas party…..we have the box…..and Aysha sticks the apple on the end of my Bunnings Hardware umbrella!!!!  The dastardly plan was to get the bird to jump onto the apple again which would be attached to the umbrella………then Aysha would sneakilly lower the umbrella and I would cover him with the Christmas tablecloth and quickly shove the bird, apple, umbrella and all into the box…….. 

I was crying laughing by now.  This was our last desperate attempt to “save” the lorikeet.  Our lunchtime was over.  Well, it was a total failure and the bloody bird flew off past the fire station and into the Legal Aid office gardens.  We reckon he was going to get some free legal advice re- biting Waldorf’s hand and coping with the fall-out from that!! 🙂

The next morning……………………………

I am reading the paper while I have my coffee before work.  What do I see??  “Lost from Upper Burnie.  Lorikeet…reward”  I’m like, “I know where that farking lorikeet of yours is mate!!”  So, I ring the number and I tell the man that answered that his lorikeet had been causing havoc outside the courthouse and was last seen by us at Legal Aid.  He said he was really suprised it bit Waldorf because it doesn’t like women and is usually good with blokes.  Well, what was he saying??…that Waldorf was a big girl !! 🙂   Yeah he was……he sooked about his finger for the rest of the day!!  The bird was called Elmo and was a girl.  (His kids named it).  Elmo had landed in their yard 14yrs ago and, after advertising and nobody claiming her, they kept her.  Now, she was on the loose again.  She had actually got quite a long way from her home…about 4kms.  It is all downhill though….she probably got caught in a downdraft 🙂

Soooooooo…..I go to work and am telling Waldorf and Aysha about ringing Elmo’s family.  My boss hears the conversation and says, “I was in Target late yesterday afternoon and a lorikeet flew in there and landed on someone’s shoulder”.  So this bloody bird has been to the courthouse, checked out the firestation, called in on Legal Aid and now it feels the need for a little retail therapy!!  I ring the guy again and let him know his stupid bird had been in Target.  I am guessing they would have caught it because otherwise it would set their alarms off all night?  So the guy was going to go down to Target and see what happened to Elmo. 

I am sooooooo going to ring his number again tomorrow and see what he found out about Elmo from Target.  I hope he got her back…….even though she is a vicious, finger biting little bird!! ……I wish her all the best and happy and safe flying 🙂 

So, that was just in my lunch hour!!!  By the way……we haven’t had a visit from Stumpy for around two weeks now 😦  Ricky and I were talking about him this morning.  There has been a noisy awful seagull turning up and I said I think he is an “alpha” gull and has scared Stumpy away……….

Ricky said, “Nahhhh….I reckon he’s dead!”  Well, thanks very farking much, Ricky!!!!  You could have been a little more “gentle” with the delivery of your theory!!  Still……everytime I see a seagull lately, I check to see if they have no feet.  I just can’t help it……probably always will.