Advice please….& spider recipe for the A- merry- carns!

PJ and Daniela…

A sticky beak is a nosy person…. like the neighbour that pretends to water the garden when they are really checking out what you are doing……you would call them an “old sticky beak”!  But when you say you are having a sticky beak at something you would be “having a look”  or just looking at this and that…..browsing around.  A sticky beak I guess is someone putting their “sticky” beak into others business!! lol

A lime spider…………  well, you can have any flavoured spider.  If it was coke it would be called a coke float though.  Anyhooooo……   large soda glass or milkshake container…..  vanilla icecream in the bottom, any flavoured topping that takes your fancy (or do you call it syrup?…the stuff you put on icecream anyway!!), then top it up with lemonade…..yummm, yum, yum. You have to add the lemonade really slowly though or it all bubbles over the side.  so you serve with a spoon and a straw and mix it a little bit….sip….add more lemonade….mix…..slurp…add more lemonade etc etc    You can make them really easilly at home.  So, girls….homework for this week is to make yourselves a spider and I want to see photos!!.  Why is it called a spider……..???   No farking idea!! 🙂

Well, since my third fill I am finally feeling the full force of this band business……..I am happy about it though.  The lessons, however, are tough!!!!!

I had mince muck for tea tonight.  We call it mince muck because it is never the same.  Just mince, heaps of vegetables stirred through with whatever sauce is in the pantry like bolognaise, or in this instance, chilli and garlic.  BUT …. the difference tonight was I cooked some rice for a change to have with it.  I don’t think I have had rice since I was banded!!  Strange, because we used to have it a lot.  Anyhooooooo………………

Pain on a par with the lime spider incident.  Thankfully it happened at home so I could stagger to the loo.  Up it all came and I am still in pain as I write this. It hurt sooooooo much!!  I have pain in my collarbones and it has even made my eyes ache this time!!  Bloody hell.  You just have to breathe through it and wait…….. all you can do!!  I have read somewhere that others have had problems with rice……….ummmmm…….can I join your club?  Once the initial heart smashing pain subsides you are left with a feeling not unlike the first couple of days soreness after having the band put in.

I am also a pig!!!  I get that first initial “warning” feeling or “tight” feeling and even just outright niggly pain……… but do I stop eating???  Farking hell no!!!!  Because I am hungry!!  So I wait for it to subside and then tuck right back in again!!  That’s what I did tonight………….and I was punished big time!!  I ask for forgiveness from the great Kahuna band God and promise, from now on, I will stop eating the minute I feel that “warning”.  I will get up and tip the rest into the bin or give it to the dogs or throw it on the roof for Stumpy and his mates!!!  Consider me WARNED!!

In my defence I was eating probably half the amount I would usually dish up for myself and I was eating from my special small plate with a cake fork!!  However, I could probably still win a coal shovelling competition using that little beauty:)

So, I have a question…..  because, once the pain subsides…..I still feel the need to eat more and I am still feeling hungry and thinking about food all the time… you think I should go get another bit of fill??  Say about .5 of a ml??

I would really appreciate your input on this.  I am trying really hard, but food is still the pivot that my life revolves around!!  I am not eating as much as pre-band but I still feel like I am eating too much.  I am putting in a big effort this last week to do more exercise…..and I have been!  But I am still soooooo tempted by the “easy” stuff.  Like desserts and cereals and things that are “greased” up and easy to get down.  To be honest, I was ecstatic when that spider thing happened…… it pulled me right up and made me think!!  I want that to be the case all the time…..not spewing of course, but to know that if I go past the “pain” warning I will chuck.

Sounds gross I know….but for me……I think I need more fill.  I would be grateful of any advice and words of wisdom or “real life” incidents you have had and what you think.

Thanks girls!!


24 thoughts on “Advice please….& spider recipe for the A- merry- carns!

  1. Oh Nola, I am experiencing exactly the same thing. I just keep shovelling in when I know it’s not going down and then have to bring it all back up, then I still feel hungry (even with the soreness) then go for the easy crap that slides down due to the fat content. I know my problem is taking big mouthfills and not chewing enough it’s so bloody hard.

    Sounds like you may need more fill , though the PB’ing may worsen if not chewed and timed carefully.

    These lapbands are not the easy peasy things some may say they are.

  2. bad band bad band….I’m sorry that you’re having to go through that. I have to say thank you for the sweet comments about my photos. I am hoping that within the next 5 years I will be able to leave my job and do photography full time…we’ll see. I need to get ALOT better before that happens.

    Ok, back to the spider, when you say you pour sauce over the ice cream, are you talking like chocolate? I can’t imagine ice cream, chocolate and lemonade..kinda makes me want puke…and I’m not banded..haha

  3. Daniela, Daniela, Daniela…….pay attention please!!!!!! Did I say sauce?……NO!!! I SAID…..SYRUP!!!!! 🙂 Or, we call it topping. What you would normally put on an ice-cream sundae or something like that!!
    Although, I suppose you COULD have one made with chocolate topping….but that doesn’t take my fancy!!

  4. yes ma’am..syrup, not it…strawberry sound good to you? how about pineapple? ok, I’m making me a damn spider this weekend, taking pictures and taking names…hehe

  5. Nola, I had a fill last Wednesday and I am still unable to eat anything very hearty. I have 5cc now in the band. When I am still hungry, I wait about a half hour and then I start drinking the water, crystal lite, or decaf latte (milk) to fill me up or atleast let me be swallowing something and that usually helps with the hunger. I know what you mean about pain and it does really hurt now and PBing doesn’t happen as easily this week. Don’t know any answers, just guess we are in this for the long haul.

  6. Thank you for explaining what a spider was. You don’t want to know the images I was thinking of.

    I have no advice on the fill, but I understand the struggles of food.

  7. Hey Nola
    My advice – if you are pbing already, don’t get another fill!!! Man o man, you don’t want to be vomiting up your stomach lining like me!!

  8. I have actually never PB’d……just that one vomit incident with the spider and once with the rice. Most of the time it is just the pain thing and then I can continue eating.
    Actually, I hardly ever burp…..and no follow through. Like, tonight, I have had a mix of vegetables for tea….and now I am thinking I wouldn’t mind some ice-cream or something!! I wont…..but I could eat something else! I think my portions are plenty big enough and that I shouldn’t be feeling like this!!

  9. For Gods’s sake girl! You are eating a third or less than you used to eat – be proud, stand tall and get on with it!

    You have to keep losing weight at this rate – and you have to eat enough to keep you aliveZ! You need some substance to keep going to work to earn food for the poor wee dogs (and Ricky) and for shouting your mother and father brunch in the mall, You have to have the strength to dance with your sister – in other words you

  10. just have to EAT SOMETHING!

    Don’t know what happened there – can’t work out how to edit messages on here.

    We are proud of you – you look great – you are doing great Love Mum

  11. I have a deathly fear of vomiting. I’m pretty sure if I ever feel nauseaous again I will call it a lime-spider..;)
    Sorry I can’t help you with the band questions. I hope you find the answers you need. Do you really want to go through all that pain or is it something you feel you need to get on track.
    By the way, I thought you looked smashing in your last photo…-j

  12. Farking hell……I forget my Mum reads this!!! I guess I do want it all NOW!!!
    I don’t think you need fear I will ever turn into a “lollypop” head……..but thanks…….I love you 🙂

  13. Hey Nola,

    The best thing to do is discuss it with your surgeon. Explain your concerns to him; explain about the pain; explain about your hunger and see what he says.

    I guess you need to ask yourself, “Am I following the rules?” So no drinking with meals, et cetera. Also, look at what you are eating. Protein will help you feel fuller longer than simple carbs. Are you measuring what you eat, so you really have some idea of quantities?

    If you feel like you’re doing all the right things, then maybe you do need a fill. Your band should make it so that when you eat, you feel full for a long time and you can stop thinking about what you’ll eat next.

    I have to tell you, though, a fill will not stop you eating the bad, fatty foods, because they still go down the easiest. When I can eat nothing else, I can always eat Twisties! Hot chips, ice cream – all that bad stuff slides right on down.

    As for spiders, we make them differently here. You get a soda/milkshake glass, fill it with whatever softdrink you like (so lime, creaming soda, fanta) and then you add a dollop or two of icecream and then watch that baby foam! Oh, I used to love spiders when I was a kid. The icecream sits on the top and you have to eat it with a spoon and drink the softdrink through it. It’s fantastically delicious.


  14. No one so far has contemplated the possibility that you may need an unfill – not that I have experience here yet, but don’t you remember all Tracey’s trials and tribulations? It ended up with her having a little removed, plus I wonder if in her case the new job probably helped to think of other things – which in turn maybe slowed down the food anxiety thing we all feel. Why not ask her?

    I like Jojo’s idea of such horrible experiences being called ‘lime spiders’ – um, I had a lime spider this morning…


  15. That yummy man is Edward Cullen on Twilight. He was also Cedric Diggory in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. Yes, I am a 30 something lusting after a man in his 20s……so very naughty of me. But you have some nice men as well…..Russell Crowe and Hugh Jackman……both so very very easy on the eyes! Must.Stop.Thinking.Of.Men.So.Early.In.The.Morning.

  16. Nola, in Oklahoma we do like Cat does… get our soda or root beer and put ice cream in it, or do the ice cream and then pour the soda over it… Bubbles up like the dickens and is so good. We call them floats, like a coke float or a root beer float. Good stuff.

    As to your fill, I’d say to talk to Dr. Dreamy about your always thinking about food, even when you’ve ‘topped out’ and even gone past to the hurling point. Think about this… you have absolutely been so focused on food for some time. Unless you were on a diet before and had to think about it, you just put whatever you wanted in the pie hole. When you decided to do the band, you really started focusing on food and when you had the surgery you had to focus on what you could take in, liquids for so long then bites of food, etc., etc. Your total focus has been food. Do you think it might take a bit of time before you get used to what you can eat now?

    My wonderful Tasmaniac friend, I think you are being awfully hard on yourself. You are eating less and losing poundage, so quit trying to analyze yourself so much. You are doing great!!!


  17. Hiya,

    I remember every sunday, my cousin and I would visit my Nan and Gramp for Sunday dinner. Tina and I would walk down to the shops and buy icecream and coke and have an icecream float for our afternoon/before tea treat. You have brought back such a special memory, although I don’t every remember vomiting!!! lol


  18. Well I don’t have a band so I can’t give any advice, but I sure relate to the idea of continuing to eat when you clearly should stop. Not having a band though, I eat beyond being full and, when I’m really into binge compulsiveness, I continue eating even when I’m hurting from being overfull. I wonder if I was under the threat of barfing if I’d show better sense with this. Right now, I’m just shaking my head at my own lack of sanity.

  19. You either need a fill, need to eat more fibrous foods or it’s head hunger that you’re feeling…
    Either way, I would go back to your doctor to have a chat. But if you are feeling pressure when you eat it sounds like your fill is OK, it might be that you need to challenge your band with more veges, wholegrains and fruit with skins. Also, try eating smaller meals more regularly and drink a cup of water before eating, because that fills your stomach before you start eating. Hope this helps hon! 🙂

  20. I’m a bit off and on with rice. I struggle at lunchtime but usually ok by dinner to eat it. I think it has something to do with not chewing it properly because it’s little grains? I don’t know. But sometimes when I have sushi rolls for lunch I have to be super careful because I find I just chew twice and swallow because it feels like little pieces.

    LBG is right about head hunger too – I suffer from that A LOT.

  21. Nola my friend…you are priceless. I asked the husband if he know what a “sticky beak” was and I was dreaming of something fattening and scrumptious, crusty and sugary…boy, was I dreaming!! I laughed so hard over that tale with the lime spiders. Thank you so much for sharing and warning us.

  22. Oh Nola, I have seen my future, I have been duly warned and I will bet my first born I still do what you have so eloquently described in this post. I still to this day have not touched rice – it used to make me feel like I was going to explode before the band I can only imagine now how it would be but I’m sure under the right circumstances we’ll find out. I could shovel coal with a toothpick and I eat faster than a dog with worms and I bet I could learn how to vomit like a bulimic – its coming, I can feel it! Remind me of this message when I’m crying on my blog won’t you? Thanks for the warning and the laughs girl! I hope the pain and discomfort has settled down and just maybe, it might stop you in the future. Good luck girl!

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