Thankyou for your concern, Mark.  Tasmania is free from bushfires… for the moment anyway. Unfortunately we have very similar dry, drought conditions and unusual high temperatures with high winds and more than the “right” conditions to cop the same as Victoria.

150 fires are raging across Victoria and they also have some burning in New South Wales. The death toll is up around the 150 mark according to tonights news . I have just been watching a 90 minute special and cried the whole way through it… many tragic stories!!  It is just terrible, terrible.  The poor people just didn’t stand a chance…..big fireballs bouncing over the land and ember showers setting everything on fire.  I rang my friend, Sharon last night and they have lost a home that was vacant at the time but the house they live in is OK and so is her family. She told me three of her friends have lost everything though. They are OK…..thank God.  But still she doesn’t worry about herself…….she is off out tomorrow to help save horses and also put others down.  What an emotionally tiring thing!!  She is the lady that takes in mistreated horses and brings them back up to health for adoption. 

The enormity of it all just leaves me speechless.  I hope anybody else reading this blog that lives in those areas or has family or friends in those areas is OK.  On the news they showed a poor fireman, who while out fighting fires and trying to help save his town, came back to the news that his wife and two children had been killed…….devastating!!  Another fireman also lost his family while out fighting the fire.

If you know of anybody that has been burnt out or needs something in particular…… let us, the blog community, know.  Maybe I can organise some supplies or personal items or clothing from here and get them sent to them?  Let me know……..     My Mum has donated clothing today along with shoes and other things like hats.  I will rustle up some things to donate as well……. but if you know an actual family and what sizes they take or anything like that….let me know.

So, I really don’t feel like blogging anything cheerful at the moment or any band news……it just seems a little insignificant at the moment……you know?  Give me a few days ……….

Here is another koala picture that I was emailed.  Damn those little buggers must be suffering with this heatwave!!  I mean, they look cute, but they can be quite vicious and are “wild” animals.  They must be so desperate to approach humans like this!!!!  Think of all the little wild animals that have been killed in these fires……poor little things!




25 thoughts on “Fires….

  1. Sorry about those fires, really I am saddened. Those Koala pictures are so freaking cute. Signed, Cathie-living in the cold Midwest of America with no Koalas in sight.

  2. This is devastating to witness here from Sydney. I just cant imagine what these people are going through. I totally agree with the whole band and blogging thing. I’m being banded tomorrow and watching these people on TV really puts things into perspective and has lessened my jitters by orders of magnitude. It all seems so fickle and should we take banding as just a minor hiccup in life or an unecessarily close brush with death? All things considered, the size of our arses really is not what’s important but then an early death from obesity would also be a crying shame. Either way, man I’m glad I’m not one of those families on tv tonight. All my thoughts and prayers are with them tonight thats for sure!

  3. Bloody dreadful isn’t it. My son just asked if he could donate his pocket money to Red Cross’s appeal – we’ve since made a family donation. Seems so small but everything helps I know.

  4. We’ve been following the news here in the UK and are shocked at the level of devastation. We heard reports that some of the fire could have been arson…how awful. I have to admit I did look at all your Aussie profiles to satisfy myself that my blogging ‘family’ where safe… Keep us informed


  5. I feel your pain, Nola. This is something that worries me during the long drought periods here in SC (USA). I have horses and no way to move them. It really worries me.
    The human loss is so sad. Wish there was more I could do.
    And the poor little koalas begging for help is sad, too.
    I’m praying for you and the others down under.

  6. I’ve been watching this on the news here and it is just heartbreaking. I cried and cried too…I wish there was something I could do besides pray. I am doing that…sending lots of prayers and well-wishes.

  7. Is there any chance they can catch the arsonists? How can people be so sick and cause so much suffering? And how do you find them… Will you keep us posted?

  8. Horrific and devasting! For us over here, hard to even begin to imagine. My best friend lives in Victoria, heard last night they are ok, but her son’s friend’s family have losst everything.

    More horrific is the arson aspect.

  9. The Rectors’ PA at the college I work for – her daughter in law has lost her only brother and his wife in the fires at Maryville(??) she is flying over from Christchurch to be with her parents who were able to rescue the three children, I watched our news last night with tears in my eyes, its so horrific, words cannot express how one feels for the victims.

  10. Nola,
    My husband and I have been watching the world news about the fires. I knew you were on Tasmania, but I wondered about my other blog friend. We can have grass fires in South Dakota that move so quickly. I have a real fear of fire as my house burned to the ground when I was 7. Take care.

  11. Nola, this has been big news here in the states as well. Prayers are going up for all the folks over there. Thank you so much for asking about Logan, I answered your questions in the comments section of my blog. Take care Lady..xoxo

  12. Wow! As soon as I read about the fires, I thought of you and all of my other bandster friends in Australia. My thoughts and prayers are with you all.

  13. Terrible devistation isnt it…
    Apparently Launceston has managed to raise 100,000 today alone for the fires… It goves me goosebumps to think of what those families are going though…

  14. I live in Tasmania, Mark which is the island state down the bottom on the bum end of Australia!! This photo was taken somewhere in South Australia however.
    We like to refer to mainland Australia as the “North Island” 🙂

  15. I received an email at work today asking all the employees to donate so although $100 isnt much it will hopefully help someone out.
    My thoughts and prayers go to all in dangerous situations at the moment….my heartfelt thanks go out to all the emergency services workers for their hard work, to their families for loaning them to us in our time of need and a huge pat on the back for anyone who helps out in whatever way shape or form.

  16. I just don’t have any idea what anyone can say or do… it all seems so overwhelming. You Aussies and Tassies are tough stock. The first time I ever heard of the bush fires was in the movies, Sundowner, I believe, and so you think it’s all Hollywood, but with all the technology developed in the last 30 – 40 years, we in the States get the daily blow by blow and it must be devastating. We just had a tornado about 70 miles south of us that killed 8 people, but pretty much wiped out 30-40 homes, so I’m going through pulling out clothes to donate to folks that lost everything but their lives.

    All we can do is all we can do…

    Thanks for the update, Nola, and the photos of the bikers giving the koala a drink. Shows the hearts of you all, too.


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