Advice please….& spider recipe for the A- merry- carns!

PJ and Daniela…

A sticky beak is a nosy person…. like the neighbour that pretends to water the garden when they are really checking out what you are doing……you would call them an “old sticky beak”!  But when you say you are having a sticky beak at something you would be “having a look”  or just looking at this and that…..browsing around.  A sticky beak I guess is someone putting their “sticky” beak into others business!! lol

A lime spider…………  well, you can have any flavoured spider.  If it was coke it would be called a coke float though.  Anyhooooo……   large soda glass or milkshake container…..  vanilla icecream in the bottom, any flavoured topping that takes your fancy (or do you call it syrup?…the stuff you put on icecream anyway!!), then top it up with lemonade…..yummm, yum, yum. You have to add the lemonade really slowly though or it all bubbles over the side.  so you serve with a spoon and a straw and mix it a little bit….sip….add more lemonade….mix…..slurp…add more lemonade etc etc    You can make them really easilly at home.  So, girls….homework for this week is to make yourselves a spider and I want to see photos!!.  Why is it called a spider……..???   No farking idea!! 🙂

Well, since my third fill I am finally feeling the full force of this band business……..I am happy about it though.  The lessons, however, are tough!!!!!

I had mince muck for tea tonight.  We call it mince muck because it is never the same.  Just mince, heaps of vegetables stirred through with whatever sauce is in the pantry like bolognaise, or in this instance, chilli and garlic.  BUT …. the difference tonight was I cooked some rice for a change to have with it.  I don’t think I have had rice since I was banded!!  Strange, because we used to have it a lot.  Anyhooooooo………………

Pain on a par with the lime spider incident.  Thankfully it happened at home so I could stagger to the loo.  Up it all came and I am still in pain as I write this. It hurt sooooooo much!!  I have pain in my collarbones and it has even made my eyes ache this time!!  Bloody hell.  You just have to breathe through it and wait…….. all you can do!!  I have read somewhere that others have had problems with rice……….ummmmm…….can I join your club?  Once the initial heart smashing pain subsides you are left with a feeling not unlike the first couple of days soreness after having the band put in.

I am also a pig!!!  I get that first initial “warning” feeling or “tight” feeling and even just outright niggly pain……… but do I stop eating???  Farking hell no!!!!  Because I am hungry!!  So I wait for it to subside and then tuck right back in again!!  That’s what I did tonight………….and I was punished big time!!  I ask for forgiveness from the great Kahuna band God and promise, from now on, I will stop eating the minute I feel that “warning”.  I will get up and tip the rest into the bin or give it to the dogs or throw it on the roof for Stumpy and his mates!!!  Consider me WARNED!!

In my defence I was eating probably half the amount I would usually dish up for myself and I was eating from my special small plate with a cake fork!!  However, I could probably still win a coal shovelling competition using that little beauty:)

So, I have a question…..  because, once the pain subsides…..I still feel the need to eat more and I am still feeling hungry and thinking about food all the time… you think I should go get another bit of fill??  Say about .5 of a ml??

I would really appreciate your input on this.  I am trying really hard, but food is still the pivot that my life revolves around!!  I am not eating as much as pre-band but I still feel like I am eating too much.  I am putting in a big effort this last week to do more exercise…..and I have been!  But I am still soooooo tempted by the “easy” stuff.  Like desserts and cereals and things that are “greased” up and easy to get down.  To be honest, I was ecstatic when that spider thing happened…… it pulled me right up and made me think!!  I want that to be the case all the time…..not spewing of course, but to know that if I go past the “pain” warning I will chuck.

Sounds gross I know….but for me……I think I need more fill.  I would be grateful of any advice and words of wisdom or “real life” incidents you have had and what you think.

Thanks girls!!

Lime Spiders & Llamas…

OK….been a while.  Been a bit busy with this and that!!  Soooooooooo…..let me see………….

Valentines Day went well….we don’t usually bother. Or should I say, Ricky doesn’t usually bother and I pretend I don’t care either!!  I always get him some chocolates though….. some years he has launched into the “I hate being dictated to by commercialism, I will buy you something when I want to not when I am told to….blah, blah, blah.  Last year I got roses delivered to work!!  That was pretty cool.  I had been going through a bad patch though and I think pity and guilt got to him last year.  This year I got a huge suprise.  He remembered me pointing out something in the shop window when we were waiting for his parents to turn up at the Chinese restaurant.  That was a few weeks ago.  He went and brought it and gave it to me for Valentines day!!!  It is a dragonfly….I just liked it’s simplicity and form and it really caught my eye…….I now have it sitting on my bedhead………he is turning soft in his old age!!!



Now for Sunday……..

We decided to take the dogs and go for a Sunday drive.  We went to where we built our first little house on the river and were amazed at how the trees we had planted had shot up.  We then went down to the river/picnic area and let the dogs have a swim and a run around.  Here is me……… the dog bums…..they walked away just as he took the photo………….



Then we went to Sheffield (The town of murals).  We used to live there too.  It was a beautiful day and we walked around the streets having a sticky beak and checking out what was new or changed since we lived there.  Then we decided to treat ourselves to a drink and something to eat at one of the little cafes there.  We got a table outside on the footpath…………………THAT’S WHEN THE TROUBLE STARTED!!!!!!!!!!!

Decided to go all out and ordered a lime spider each and a toasted sandwich.  The spiders came out first and the lovely lady brought a big bowl of water for the dogs.  It was delicious!!  I suppose I had drunk about half my spider by the time the sangas came out.  The dogs were loving it.  Plenty to look at….heaps of tourists about and every 2nd person stopped and admired the dogs and gave them a pat.  Harry was in heaven. A horse and cart went up the street and Scarlett had a pink fit over that!!  Harry just hid behind Ricky’s chair.  Other dogs walked past with their parents and Scarlett did more pink fitting and Harry did more hiding.  A man that lives in Sheffield takes his Llama on a leash up the town too…….bit of a tourist thing. He has a little donation box around it’s neck.  Everyone stops and pats it and has their photo taken with it.  This is what the llama looked like……

llamaThis isn’t actually THE llama…..but this one is the same colour and looks like it.

So, I take maybe three bites of my ham, cheese and onion sanga and THAT’S WHEN THE TROUBLE STARTED!!  I said to Ricky “My God, I am in so much pain!!”  And I mean…..I was IN SO MUCH PAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I could hardly breathe and I honestly thought I was going to die!  (OK…I knew I wasn’t….but it FELT like it!)

Then the bloody spider and sanga came bubbling up!  Oh My God!!!  I was out in the open….in bloody public.  I grabbed a very thin, flimsy paper serviette and took off around the corner.  There was a little laneway/drive at the side of the cafe.  Ricky was going, “Are you alright?  What’s wrong?”  He was really panicking.  Not as much as me.  I couldn’t answer him because my mouth was full of bloody lime spider and bits of sandwich.  Opening my mouth was NOT an option!!  It was farking gross!!!  It was coming up into my nose and I could actually feel it bubbling in my throat like a farking volcano about to erupt!!  Green lava…….eeewwwwwwwww

  In the meantime the llama started walking in our direction on OUR side of the street.  I forgot I had Scarlett tied to my chair and when she saw I had disappeared around the corner she threw another pink fit and took off after me!!!  So, I am trying to be inconspicuous with a serviette shoved over my mouth hiding behind a bush in a laneway and here comes a farking runaway Jack Russell dragging an aluminium chair behind her into the laneway!!!!

 Clatter, clatter clunk, clunk………don’t leave me Mum……don’t leave me!!!!  I was going to open my mouth and spew but there was windows on the bloody side of the cafe facing the laneway.  I discreetly shoved the serviette into a bush and frantically looked around for somewhere else to retreat to while I rounded up Scarlett and the bloody chair.  I wondered where Ricky was and why he had let her take off………….with the chair.

Well, he was having his own dramas!! He also had Harry tied to his chair…… he explained later…..he couldn’t get the lead untied quickly enough to grab Scarlett and he couldn’t jump up because Harry would have taken off with his chair also.  AND BESIDES…..the farking llama had come over to Harry and Harry had panicked (because he is the bravest dog in the world?) and tipped over the water bowl and went in and around and under the chair trying to get away from the llama because it had “snorted” at him!!!!  AND…….poor Harry wet himself.  Well, in his defence….it WAS a farking big llama…….compared to him anyway 🙂

All the while I was making like a bloody lime coloured fountain ornament and going blue in the face with my mouthful of spider and more trying to bubble up!!  It was then I realised the cafe had a toilet inside the building………I headed straight for that.  A lady tried to talk to me…..I just raced past her. She must have thought I was a rude bitch!  She was going on about how cute Scarlett was!!!……..If she only knew what a farking little bitch that dog can be!!!!  LIKE NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!  Ricky was still saying “Are you all right?  What’s wrong???” while he is trying to untangle Harry from around HIS chair!!

I got to the toilet and just opened my mouth and it came gushing out.  What a relief!  So, I went back out and explained to Ricky what had happened and was about to tell him off for not grabbing Scarlett until he pointed to the upturned water bowl and the little “puddle” behind his chair.  If someone had a video of that they would have made a fortune I’m sure 🙂  So, we made a hasty retreat and decided to go straight back to the car before any more drama unfolded.  Scarlett was snorting like a little pig and pulling on the lead…..she had worked herself up into such a bloody frenzy that she had one of her doggy asthma attacks!!   In her little dog world horses, other dogs, llamas and her mother abandoning her was just too much in one day!!

We ended up at my parents house where we had a nice, relaxing bbq lunch and some cool NOT FIZZY drinks!!   I have learnt a lesson ….. no fizzy drinks followed by food….and slow down, slow down!!!!  Bloody band!!!!  Love it 🙂

Oh….and Harry the Braveheart…..Llama slayer of the highest order turned five!!!!  I had a little party for him when the family came over for a bbq lunch the other weekend……………………




Here he is about to tuck into the mince and carrot patty cakes with cheese slice “sails” and chops for garnish 🙂 They didn’t get the chop bones though….too dangerous. Karen’s dog, Gloria and Alice came to his party.  Alice is throwing herself on the ground here because she was jealous it wasn’t all about her!  And there was definitely NO red cordial for Scarlett!!! 🙂


Thankyou for your concern, Mark.  Tasmania is free from bushfires… for the moment anyway. Unfortunately we have very similar dry, drought conditions and unusual high temperatures with high winds and more than the “right” conditions to cop the same as Victoria.

150 fires are raging across Victoria and they also have some burning in New South Wales. The death toll is up around the 150 mark according to tonights news . I have just been watching a 90 minute special and cried the whole way through it… many tragic stories!!  It is just terrible, terrible.  The poor people just didn’t stand a chance…..big fireballs bouncing over the land and ember showers setting everything on fire.  I rang my friend, Sharon last night and they have lost a home that was vacant at the time but the house they live in is OK and so is her family. She told me three of her friends have lost everything though. They are OK…..thank God.  But still she doesn’t worry about herself…….she is off out tomorrow to help save horses and also put others down.  What an emotionally tiring thing!!  She is the lady that takes in mistreated horses and brings them back up to health for adoption. 

The enormity of it all just leaves me speechless.  I hope anybody else reading this blog that lives in those areas or has family or friends in those areas is OK.  On the news they showed a poor fireman, who while out fighting fires and trying to help save his town, came back to the news that his wife and two children had been killed…….devastating!!  Another fireman also lost his family while out fighting the fire.

If you know of anybody that has been burnt out or needs something in particular…… let us, the blog community, know.  Maybe I can organise some supplies or personal items or clothing from here and get them sent to them?  Let me know……..     My Mum has donated clothing today along with shoes and other things like hats.  I will rustle up some things to donate as well……. but if you know an actual family and what sizes they take or anything like that….let me know.

So, I really don’t feel like blogging anything cheerful at the moment or any band news……it just seems a little insignificant at the moment……you know?  Give me a few days ……….

Here is another koala picture that I was emailed.  Damn those little buggers must be suffering with this heatwave!!  I mean, they look cute, but they can be quite vicious and are “wild” animals.  They must be so desperate to approach humans like this!!!!  Think of all the little wild animals that have been killed in these fires……poor little things!



Heatwave of Cuteness….

I got this in an email today and I just had to share!!  This is what it said,


“It has been so hot in South Australia for over a week.  40+ degrees celsius everyday and very dry also.

A guy at work lives at Maude.  His wife sent him these photos of a little koala which just walked into the back porch looking for a little bit of heat relief.  She filled up a bucket and this is what happened”








How damn cute is that!!!???  He only looks like a little young one…… struck it lucky with that family.  I think it is gorgeous 🙂

A funeral, a fatal, a fill and a fall……

Farking hell……where to start!!!  Well, my uncle’s funeral was on Friday.  Yes, it was very sad and all that……but it had been expected and for his poor family, I expect a relief in many ways.  So……moving right along… was soooooo FARKING hot!!!!!!  Most of Australia has been suffering through a heat wave for the last few weeks and Tasmania has not escaped.  We have the odd very hot day throughout our summers….but rarely more than 3 or 4 in a row and then it cools back down to the low 20’s again.  This time…..pushing 40 for a week or more…….hoolie doolie!!!

What was I saying???….oh yeah……the funeral.  We had bottles of water and took the umbrellas from the back of the car for shade when we were doing the graveside burial bit.  Even before hand when we were inside for the service…it was hot!!!  Everyone was using their service guides as a hand fan. Karen, Ricky and myself were walking back to the car and I started saying how I wanted my funeral………under no farking circumstances are they to play a “sounds of nature” soundtrack whilst showing unflattering photos of me or play anything from Slim Dusty!!!!  I said I liked the white doves they released as they lowered the coffin at this funeral…..I wouldn’t mind that.  Well……they were on a roll then!!!!!!!!

I want to wait two days just to make sure I am really dead and then be cremated.  Then I don’t want a “traditional” service…..I want them to put my ashes in some nice, colourful pottery thingy and have a wine and cheese afternoon at some pub and put my ashes in the middle somewhere on a table (because I like being the centre of attention!).  Then people can take it in turns telling funny stories about times they have spent with me 🙂  Then, a day or two later when everyone gets over their hangovers they can take me for a spin down to “our” beach (where my beloved dogs ashes have been sprinkled before me) and scatter me about!!

Karen and Ricky said  “Well, the doves are a bit expensive!!  How about we get Stumpy and his mates to come down to the beach.  They would do it for a few chips!!”  lol, lol  Then they said, ” We could keep ourselves amused for hours pretending we were going to throw a chip but instead throw some of your ashes and watch them all squawk and dive on bits of you thinking you were a chip!!”   How farking hilarious are those two!!!?????

Then Saturday I left early to get up to Launceston for my appointment for my third fill with Dr Dreamy.  I was picking Karen up on the way and she was coming with me for the company and the laughs.  I was cutting it a bit fine time wise.  Then I got pulled over with other traffic at 7.15am because there had been a car accident and they were not letting traffic through just yet and it would probably be a 10 or 15 minute hold-up!!  Oh NOOOOOO……I couldn’t be late for my appointment with Dr Dreamy and I still had to pick Karen up.  Anyway I got to move up the line a bit more and had the pleasure of being able to watch them load one of the bodies (in a body bag of course) into the mortuary wagon.  I mean, I have seen this sort of thing heaps of times…..but when you are the one travelling it is a very, very sobering sight and makes you take the lead out of your foot somewhat!  I had been going just a teensy weensy bit over the speed limit prior to that!!

So, I pick Karen up……we “sedately” drive to Launceston and I pulled up in Dr Dreamy’s carpark with 2 minutes to spare.  Phewwwww!!  I was panicking I was in the wrong place until Karen pointed out that the black porshe parked in the carpark had personalised number plates with Dr Dreamy’s initials on them…….so we checked out his “wheels” as we walked past and tried not to drool on the paint job!  He was his usual gorgeous, laid back self and we had a bit of a joke with him and asked him how he could bear to be seen out on the highway in a bloody jalopy like that!!

I told him Karen had accidently scratched the side of it with the buckle on her handbag as we walked past it…….he didn’t even flinch….just laughed!!  That man rocks!!  I mean….here is a surgeon that drives four hours from his home base to Launceston to save his more “remote” patients from having to drive to see him.  I think he does that every three months and he spends Sat and Sun seeing people just doing fills and unfills etc (up to 400 in one weekend I believe).  Karen said it best, “You can tell he loves and believes in what he does”…….Dr Dreamy, You deserve as many Porches as you can fit in your driveway as far as I’m concerned…you put in the hard yards and you are just a kind, decent, understanding, funny & just a touch “unstable” like the rest of us kind of guy 🙂  Oh…..and if you are reading this….”Can I have a drive…can I, can I ???? ”

Here is Karen in the Launceston mall after my fill making sure it hasn’t affected her ability to drink liquids….lol



That red trolley in the background is a nice touch!!  She is the best sister and the best support team I could ever wish for!!  She is also hilarious, weird and most definitely certifiable….buy hey….I can relate!!

Ahhhh…..the fall?????    Well……..while we were away my husband was putting some finishing touches on his new shed.  He was carrying a ladder out the door of the shed and trod on the edge of an old cement path and went down like a bag of shit!!!!  …..  to put it in a nutshell for you 🙂  So, when I got home from Launceston I spent the rest of my day sitting in the Burnie casualty department who’s air conditioning was not working with, what seemed like, a thousand screaming, hot, upset children and their equally upset parents. At this stage he is on crutches and off work until Wednesday when the doctor will take another scan after swelling goes down.  Looks like he may have done the ligament in his foot…..which will mean surgery!!  Great!!!  We are really, really hoping it just turns out to be a bad sprain.  He is OK and it isn’t too painful as long as he stays off it and I keep feeding him panadol and bowing to his every whim and need!!!! I have got him a weeks worth of DVD’s to watch while I am at work this week……*sigh*  Everyone is saying poor Ricky, poor Ricky….what about farking me!!??  I am the one that will have to put up with him being an invalid for possibly weeks!!  Here he is having some “medicine” at his parents place that night…………………..


Not a very flattering photo of the poor luv!!  He looks like he would be a candidate for my old double ‘D’s’ when I shrink a bit 🙂  I told him he looks like a God to me…………………………… Yeah…Buddha 🙂   *crackin’ up here*

So………as far as this latest fill goes…..I now have 5.5mls in my 10ml band.  So far I feel a hell of a lot fuller after eating something than before.  I am unable to eat as much as before either.  Like, I could eat two pieces of toast the day before this fill….today I struggled with one piece.  I hope it lasts!!!!  I will keep you informed.  I feel all fired up again now though and like I am ready for another “burst” of energy and weight loss.  The last few weeks have been tough and I have lacked any sort of energy or get up and go… just got up and went!!  I will keep you informed of course!!