Physically I feel like crap but mentally I feel great!!  I just feel like things are looking up, you know?  A few of us “newbie” banders have been a little down, morose, sad………… just plain unhappy TARTS!!!  So, it is time to look at the bright side and remember why we did this in the first place.  Take the good with the bad and keep on keeping on!!!  So there!!!!!!!!!!!


I got this on the end of one of those….”send to 50,000 of your closest friends or you will die!” emails.  It just caught my attention and I scribbled it down before I joyously hit the delete button!  I think it applies to all of us and is quite thought provoking…………………



What else…….?   Well, yesterday morning I thought I was dying from bowel cancer or something!  You know how you get your little routine going in the mornings?  Well, I do.  On a work morning anyway. I get up…..drink copious amounts of coffee and read the paper…..get Ricky’s “playlunch” ready while he has his shower…..then I say goodbye to him….then I get in the shower….then I get out & wrap a towel around my head then put on my moisturiser, check for zits and other foreign objects on my face, floss & clean my teeth (well, the real ones on the bottom anyway:) ) , put my mineral foundation on then blowdry my hair.  Then……are you still with me? ….  I go put my work clothes on and then go back into the bathroom and finish putting my make-up on, which is usually just mascara, a smudge of liner on the bottom lid and lipstick.  I blot my lips with toilet paper (the loo is in the bathroom) and I am good to go!!!

Yesterday…..due to my Allbran fetish……..I was good to go 🙂  So, I had to break my routine………after dressing I usually go feed the breakfast club and have a smoke (so shoot me!!) and watch them and Stumpy chow down for a few minutes.  But….I had to gooooooo…..ya know?!

So, I gooooo and when I wipe I spy red blood in the toilet bowl.  OMG….I freaked….a little!!  Maybe it wasn’t the Allbran giving me the urge…maybe I have some dastardly disease???  I panic and flush….the blood is still there!! This is all I need!!  I have been feeling a little poorly of late…..oh, woe is me!!!  That is when I realised that it must be remarkably “gooey” blood to survive the flush.  I looked closer…….as you do 🙂  The lipstick that I blotted onto the toilet paper had transferred itself onto the side of the toilet bowl.  Well, it has never done that before… I was well in my rights to panic…..wasn’t I?

Just between you and me I was silently grateful Ricky had gone to work……because I would have done the drama queen thing and he would never let me live it down!!  So keep it to yourself……but you know I had to tell you….I am a sharer 🙂

The most exciting thing that happened to me today was a stray dog (well, actually he isn’t a stray….he lives across the road) shit on my front lawn…….again!! This farking dog comes over nearly every morning and shits on my lawn.  He has a perfectly good front lawn of his own……but nooooo….he has to come over to mine!!  So, anyhow, I caught him this morning.  I happend to be looking at the front window at the right time.  I lifted up the blinds and bashed on the window and yelled, “Get off my lawn you naughty little puppy”….or something like that 🙂

Well, it scared the shit out of the bloody dog….literally!!  He took off and raced back across the road without looking left and right and left again!!  Farking hell….there was a scream of brakes and a car just missed hitting him by a bee’s dick!!  I felt soooooo bad.  If he had been hit I would have been responsible for it!!  It made me feel sick!  Still, he is lucky he hasn’t been hit before this.  The cars go quite fast up and down our street.  Anyway, I don’t think he will be back over in a hurry 🙂

I went grocery shopping and did a few bits and pieces around here. I cooked up another batch of “doggie teas” for my two fur babies and bagged them up and put in the freezer.  My stepdaughter called in this evening and I made her tea and had a chat.  She is the mother of the twins in previous post.  The girls are with their Dad this weekend.  Other than that….a non eventful day. 

It is a long weekend here (Monday off)  for Australia Day.  Ricky is going to do some more work on his shed…..and what could be more Australian than a man working on his shed!? The weather is really starting to feel “summery” here and I am thinking I might get myself a sun lounger like this one and get myself nice and comfortable……………….






11 thoughts on “Today…..

  1. Okay, that picture is just hilarious. Is that really you? :>)

    “a bee’s dick”? Love it, and will use it. I once knew a man who…oh well, never mind. Suffice it to say that I asked the horrible question that you’re never supposed to ask a man – “Is it in?”

    Glad you’re feeling better…and that it wasn’t blood in the crapper.

    Thanks for the laughs.

  2. Hey…at least those boobs seem to point upward…now, if they just had lipstick on them…it would go with your fraking funny story!!! Is Australia day like America’s Independence Day?

  3. What a comfortable looking way to lie on your stomach… it makes me wince remembering what it normally feels like for me! PJBlue’s remark is brilliant.

    PS You take FAR too long to get up in the morning – all that good sleeping time you’re wasting… Sod the make up and the blow dry – on a hot day it’ll dry by itself, won’t it? Fluff it up a bit with your hands…put on your moisturiser the night before… AND GET HALF AN HOUR MORE SLEEP!

    I stumble out of bed, ablute in about 20 minutes, most of which spent with Rusty my cat on my lap in a washing up bowl (easier to hold when half asleep), then pull on clothes planned the night before to save time, and on my way out the door collect thermos and sandwich from John who’s got them ready for me, peck on the cheek and I’m off. Total words spoken = about 10 max.


  4. LMAO – not just at the boobies, but at the entire post. I read and read, I don’t know what I was waiting for but I sure got it when I reached the end of your post.

    Poor puppy …

  5. wow. what a great story. I hate it when there is some strange red color floating…it’s scares me half to death! I just have to laugh at the chair…it would be totally lost on me 😉

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