Struggle Street…..

Hi Everyone,

well, as the heading says I am living on Struggle Street the last week or so!  I feel like I am the “old Nola” as opposed to the “New Nola” I was a few weeks ago.  I have just found myself slipping back into my old ways and habits and eating waaayyyy too much. 

I know it is down to me in the end and it is all about willpower until I find my “sweet spot”, but if I had the willpower it takes….then I wouldn’t have got a bloody band!!  Me and willpower have a sporodic relationship to say the least!  Oh, I know I will make it in the end…..but at the moment I am really struggling. 

I am not doing the protein thing properly.  Lollies and biscuits and things like that have been making frequent guest appearances… get the drift.  So, one thing I know (if I stick to it) is that a food diary helps keep me on the straight and narrow.  So, I am going to make a new page and call it my “food diary”…..I know….original name 🙂 I will be dead honest in there and will add comments about how I felt that day or whatever.  I need to do this….at least for a while.  My next fill is 31st of this month…..that will be interesting.  I feel like I am nearly there…but not quite.

I forgot to weigh in last Thursday (thanks Tracey!).  Not sure why!!  I will leave it now though and do my usual weigh in this Thursday coming. So, starting tomorrow I will keep a diary and try to drink more water.  I have been very, very bad with this.  I keep forgetting!! 

I went for xrays today on my hips.  The left one is giving me curry and feels like somebody is using an electric drill on it.  I wont get the results of that until I go back to my GP on Feb 5th.  Oh well, I have put up with it this long.  Nothing much else exciting going on in my life at the moment….Ricky is excited though!!!!  He is coming ahead in leaps and bounds with his new shed….bless him!!  I have gone by the wayside…on the bloody backburner…..the man nearly has his dream shed…….I just can’t compete with that 🙂

Progress shot…………..from left……Ricky’s son, Ricky’s bum, Ricky’s Dad!!

A funny little aside about Ricky’s Dad, Laurie…………  Him and Ricky’s Mum, Eunice have nicknames for each other. 

Laurie calls Eunice “Singlet”…………….because he says she is never off his back!!!!

Eunice calls Laurie “Pothole”……because she says he is always in the road!!!   lol, lol



Here is a picture of Ricky’s daughter’s daughters (my stepgrandchildren).  I had them for a few hours on Saturday.  They are six years old now.  I can’t believe they both nearly died at birth.  Very premature…..Mia on the left dropped to 780gms and Hannah was 1294grams.  They looked like tiny little aliens and were see-through.  They let us in to see them just after they were born because they thought they might die.  They were all tucked up under the lights and under bubblewrap to keep their temps steady…..amazing to see them now!! They were both smaller than the receiver on a phone.



PS:  Get on over to Dizbanded’s blog and ask her a question….it is her turn to be interviewed!!!   I would do the clever “Diz’s blog” thing and then you just click on it and it takes you there……..but I am a farking muppet and can’t work out how to do it!!!!!  *sigh*


19 thoughts on “Struggle Street…..

  1. Nola, it’a all a learning curve don’t be too hard on yourself. I’m sure once they get the tweaking right things will meet your expectations.

    I go for my first fill tomorrow, am a bit nervous but need to get the restriction going again.

    As for the lollies etc, just don’t buy the bloody things,it’s to tempting when they are at arms reach.

  2. Hello you ole hornbag, I am sure that the next fill will do the trick!

    Sorry to hear about your hip, maybe you should try to keep your legs in the missionary position, and stop trying to re-inact the Kama Sutra top ten position guide. That, or have a good rub down before hand to limber up a bit….ok?


  3. Celtic Girl… I had a pigout at work on Friday…hit the bloody fundraising packets of shit. Now I KNOW that was a stress reaction! Work is not good at the moment:( I had eaten two packets of frogs before I really registered what I was doing!!
    Tracey…. Yes, I am pinning my hopes on the next fill. I don’t know…..I find the top ten soooo boring these days 🙂 I prefer the lesser known positions….like “Isleep and youhelpyourself” !! lol, lol

  4. Yes guilty as charged (me) I also attacked the freaking charity choccies at work, so I’m not an angel either. I have told the guy that looks after them to hook up something so I get a electric shock if I stick my grubby little hands in it again!!.

    Laughing at Tracey’s comment re your hip and the missionary position. I was going to say myself perhaps you should restrain from putting your ankles behind your ears but thought maybe is was a little crass. I like your reply though I prefer the good old – Fark off I’m asleep!!!

  5. Hey, aren’t you about three months since banding – that’s a well known dip in the motivation point. It’ll pass – be kind to yourself and you’ll be back in the swing of things. the fill will sort you out. I sympathise with those joint issues! Yukko

  6. Stop tarting around…says she who is still hitting the emotional eating like the shops will close and I’ll not be able to eat food ever again!!! … sounds like you are comfort eating, as am I…and nothing says comfort more than a chocolate bar. No amount of advice will help you as you have to help yourself. But you will get there, it may be with your next fill, it may be because you realise that you need to change to change yourself.

    Huge hugs from over here.

  7. So sorry you’re having trouble. I am too, right now. I was going to say it’s probably the winter blues…but I guess that excuse won’t work for you. :>)

    You’ll get there. You’ve slain alot bigger dragons than food, haven’t you?

    Let’s see some more pics of you.


  8. Well Girl…if you want to compete with the shed, you’ll have to stand in it “naggypotsie”. No man can resist a naked woman in his shed!

    Girl, we all hit the rough spots in this journey. I don’t deprive myself of something that I’m craving…I just eat small amounts of it. Of course, I’d never lie to you ladies…God knows, when it comes to a good pasta, there’s nothing I’d like better than to stuff my face to oblivion…that’s when the PBing starts for me. I did find out that the Dove chocolates are 40 calories each, so I allow myself one or two, if I’ve done well for the day. And God knows, I like my spot of Port.

    About Australia…We have timeshare in Tasmania, and the husband wants to stay there, so there’s a good possibility that’s where we’ll be. We’ll just have to cross over to Sydney for a couple of days to see the other Bandsisters…and to dive the reef!

  9. OMG!! Diz….timeshare in Tassie??!! Too noice! I can’t wait now! Where abouts?…………ahh……doesn’t matter! Tassie is small enough that I can stalk you no matter where you stay 🙂

  10. Struggle street? That’s where I live!! Not going to even go into the comments about your hip! But mine plays up as well, same hip, doc reckons it’s burstitis but haven’t been for the ultra sound (yet)

  11. I can soooooo identify with your relationship with will power. Mine comes and goes and more often it goes. That is one of the reasons it took me at least 10 years to quit smoking. And we won’t even go into my will power all the years I bounded around single with a twinkle in my eye.

    Don’t worry like an old fuss-budget, Nola. You will get there. Just keep your ‘eye on the prize’ of feeling better all over more than anyplace else.


  12. mmmmm will power…huhhhhhh, mine disappears every now and then too into the bikkie barrel…..gotta find the “won’t powerr” !!!! Food diary does help.

    Love the pic of the girls, so cute!

  13. old habits are hard to break – your new food diary will help you. How about sweet substitutes? Fruits and veggies?

    Beautiful girls – it is amazing what science can do these days.

    As long as you have hope you will conquer this challenge. 🙂

  14. Awww…thanks Bruno….you are very wise. …… and very brave to comment on here amongst all of these “lucious hornbags”!! I hope they come visit your site… is very, very interesting and thought provoking. I will put you over in my blogroll.

  15. LOL – The funny thing is, I don’t pay attention to the other comments or where they are from. I come to visit you and to learn about your journey. 🙂 But I now know who visits your blog and have mental image of who is reading my comments. LOL

  16. Nola……. CALL THAT A BLOODY SHED ????? Thats the size of my whole house! over here we would need planning permisin to build a shed that size LOL. My husband would love it! I can just imagion his comfy chair and mini fridge full of beer, and his wide screen plasma covering one wall, pool table, dart board….He would call it heaven!!!!!! I think it is fantastic Mr Nola is very handy and able to build and a dab hand at D.I.Y, wish my Hubby was.

    The girls are beautiful, I used to find identical twins VERY freaky! as when I was younger I knew twin boys that looked like the boy Damion of the film Omen….very freaky!!! They had this weired stare and used to scare the absolute SHITE out of me. But your girls are so lovely and cute.

    I think there is a few of us going through the same as you and needing a fill, Not long now Nola! we will get there.


  17. Nola, I don’t think Willpower is a friend of any of us. I am so glad you brought up the food diary on your blog. It is a great reminder that it does work and I think I should start writing in mine again. Your granddaughters are adorable. Twice as much love and beauty in twins. I have 25 year old twin nephews. Nola, I think Struggle Street is related to me. Notice the email address.

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