My band & a tour of the “loveshack”….

WEDS – Today I feel like I have a band!!  and last night also.  Last night Ricky’s parents came for a barbie tea and so that Ricky and his Dad could plan their attack on the new shed we are about to start.  I cooked up a few bits and pieces like lamb chops, snags, steak.  I made a lovely salad and put out some fresh bread.  I dished myself up two chops and some salad.  I think I may have eaten them too quickly….or the first chop I should say.  Bad pain!!  I stopped eating and didn’t feel hungry at all.

Lately, if I have got the pain I wait and then start eating again!!  Because I still feel hungry.  Then this morning the same thing happened.  I decided I should start being “healthy” with my eating.  I have been a slack tart really and have been eating whatever.  I got a small bowl of Allbran with cold skinny milk and put half teaspoon of sugar on it…….because we all know………..a teaspoon of sugar helps the medicine go down 🙂

Again, I think I had the first four mouthfuls before I even really thought about it……….pain!!!  I waited a while and it subsided.  I was drinking coffee too…… sue me!!!!  I had maybe another four mouthfuls and then threw the rest away.  It is 10am now and I just had a big glass of water because it is so flamin’ hot here and it has made me feel really uncomfortably full.  Why all of a sudden do I feel restriction when I have not had a fill or anything??  Weird!!

I have been walking twice a day for the last week.  I have been taking the dogs for a piss n’ sniff in the mornings before work and then we both go after work down to the beach and give them a “freerange” at night.  Even on my days off, like today, I have been getting up early and going for a walk.  I weigh in tomorrow but Icouldn’t resist having a peek this morning…….because I feel thinner. Well, apparently the scales disagree!!  I was 99.2kgs……should not have stepped on the bastards!!  But the three quarter trousers I put on this morning are too big now and I have them pulled across at the waist with a pin so they don’t fall down!!  I am only hanging out at home and doing some painting and other jobs, so it doesn’t matter if I look like the trailer trash queen!!

I will be interested to see if they move at all tomorrow morning…….not my trousers, the scales 🙂  I am back at work tomorrow for my 5 day stint in la la land.  At least I have the weekend in the middle and it is forecast for this beautiful summer weather to continue throughout the weekend.  We should have the shed built by Sunday if that is the case.  Then I can do stuff like pull the old clothesline down and put my brush fencing around and tizzy the place up a bit outside.  At the moment it looks like a bombsite!!!    I am on the lookout for a water feature now….. I will know it when I see it….no hurry. 

Might give you a tour of the outside of my house….I can’t be bothered doing  much because it is too bloody hot!!!!!!!!! Then I think I will paint the laundry cupboard because that will be up here in the shade and, at least, I will have done one of the many jobs waiting around this place!!    So here is the love shack 🙂

This is taken from the top of my driveway.  This is the hill that I couldn’t walk back up to save myself…..hence the reason I drive down to the bottom and walk from there!


This is the front of the house.  I love that tree!!  It loses it’s leaves in winter, so lets the sun in when you most want it.  Did I tell you my favourite colour is green?…lol We have new black aluminium windows on order and I can’t wait to do a new front door!!  Also going to paint the red brick work black in that textured type of paint that looks like render…..renovating is never ending!!



Remember I told you the only one that uses our dining table is the cat…………….I rest my case!!  I gave up and put her pillow on there!!!  I DO clean it if someone comes for dinner!!!!………honest 🙂  Ah…stuff it… are all invited for furball patties 🙂



This is standing at the french doors looking out the back.  This is stage one of the love shack decking and backyard renos.  This bit has a roof and a side wall to protect from the wind and block off the view of next doors bathroom window!!  The black roof down the back is my friend Marina’s house and Georgie’s house is over to the right.  We only have those two tarts living down behind us and one house on the left…..the rest is paddocks and a water resovoir over to our right……so quite nice and we don’t feel closed in.  Nice to sit on deck and stare at the greenery.  It is a river reserve down the back and farmland beyond that……so nobody will be building on the valley and  hill we look

This is looking down the steps off the decking…… are looking at the site for stage two of the loveshack decking extravaganza!!  All of this area is going to be decked with my reed fencing along that side fence.  Where I have those few vegetables planted is going to be a treated pine seat and the bricks behind it will be black with the water feature when I find one to suit.  I also want to put bamboo either side of the water feature and I will sit the outdoor setting I am doing up in this area and make it all “Mexicanee”.  Those old rusty post things are what was holding up the third bay in the old carport….they will be getting pulled down.  Check out the size of that bloody lettuce…..woohooo!!


Another picture of my “market garden”….check out my corn….you could make crop circles in those babies 🙂  I just thought we may as well have something in here while we wait for “stage two” to eventuate.


This is the bombsite that is my backyard at the moment……sigh.  That old carport is coming down once the shed is completed…..have to leave it up for now until we have somewhere to put everything out of the weather. Where the sawhorses are is where the big new shiny shed in stage three of the loveshack reno is going 🙂  See the old dish on top of the carport……can ya see the birdshit????  That is from the breakfast club….and Stumpy.  The water is me being wasteful…..I fogot I had the sprinkler on my corn crop and it overflowed everywhere!




This is the outdoor setting I have been doing up.  The other chair and the table are up in the other photo.  They were left behind in a shed at the Police house we lived in at Queenstown.  We rang the guy that lived there before us and he didn’t want them!!!  Thanks mate…..a bit of elbow grease and they are looking great!!  I worked out it cost me $150 for the paint and a bit of elbow grease getting them sanded back and stuff prior to painting.  I reckon I now have a setting worth at least $500.  Bargain!!!  They will be going on the new decking next to the water feature and I will buy a little mexican man with a hat on to sit in the middle of the table.  I haven’t done the table yet……it will be green.


This is looking back up at the house.  We are going to close in under the decking and use that as storage for outdoor furniture and other stuff.  Those steps will not be as steep because they will join up with the next level of decking. I am actually quite excited to see it all finished.  Once the shed is up we will be on a roll.  Hard to renovate without a shed to work in…..     The wind has just got up while I have been doing this.  That is a bad combination around here with the hot weather….bush fires and all that.  Now, I must stop procrastinating and get and do some painting!!

So, there you have it…..a little peek into the loveshack 🙂  I hope you enjoyed the tour!


23 thoughts on “My band & a tour of the “loveshack”….

  1. OH I love all the photos! You have some gorgeous views too!!!
    RE chicken necks in bottles… fark! Imagine the stink if he can’t get them out! Ewwww no thanks!!!! I will find him some new toys though. the little shit.

    Woo hoo on finally feeling like you are restricted!

  2. My baby brother and his wife call their scales “L.B.”. When I looked at him quizzically he said, “It stands for lying bastard.” I always liked the sign he had posted over his scales when he had his medical clinic… It said, “Pretend it’s your I.Q.” I thought that was pretty damn clever.

    You’ve got some gorgeous views. Thanks for the tour.


  3. I loved this post, with all the pictures. Our lives are so different, I love the veiws you have too, all I have to look at is other houses and they are so close together. My house is mid terrace and so small, I don’t have a drive and my back garden is really tiny about the size of a postage stamp. But I should count my blessings as we do live well and have a roof over our heads all be it small LOL.

  4. “Loveshack”?? I’m reading through this very entertaining post thinking “teach yourself Strine, Caroline” and then I get to the end …aaaaaaaaaaaaaah…. she means her HOUSE!!.

    You have a lovely home Nola, and I love your deck. As Zena rightly says, we don’t have large houses and those amazing open spaces around them that Australians, Americans & Canadians have. But then, we need to huddle together to keep warm…

    I really must take that picture of where I sit to blog. I have other house ones I took a year ago, and could use those too.

    Anyone visiting my blog would not need to be Brain of Britain to guess MY favourite colour!!

    Helen’s remarks have really made me laugh – I’m keeping a note of “LB” and “Pretend it’s your IQ”!

    Interesting you make a similar remark to Melanie – that there’s a heatwave and you feel more restricted. I reckon Melanie is right to make the connection between the two.


  5. I’m coming down there to sit on that patio with you…right now! It’s zero temps here with about a foot of snow.

    Thanks for all the pics. I love knowing where you live your life.

    As for the restriction….yeah!! Glad it’s finally happening. Remember my dear, that pain is a warning that you’re eating too fast or taking bites that are too large. You don’t want to stretch your esophogus.

    Stay warm. :>)

  6. Zena…. it’s funny because I have always fancied living in one of those terraces and being able to walk everywhere from my front door!!….we are never happy. We do tend to take where we live for granted!! We are all very, very fortunate to have homes and a roof over our heads at all !
    I forget that the “bush” and the “paddocks” are actually a view….you get used to it. This has been a good exercise in jolting me back to realising how lucky I am with a VIEW.

    Caroline….I haven’t seen that comment from Mel….but she might be onto something re: the heat and the band?..interesting.

    PJ…..come on over!! That would be fantastic!! I will let Harry know he has to share his bed for a couple of weeks!!

    Just got the morning paper in off the lawn and the headlines are saying yesterday was the hottest day we have had in 8yrs…… no wonder I was wilting!!!

  7. What a great post Nola.
    I looooooove your blog.
    Thankyou for sharing some photos of your abode.
    What a pretty house and what stunning views.
    Just lovely.
    Your decking idas etc are jsut great. It would be great to share a drink on it one day. (in about 10 years….)

    I love your corn – and the fact you mention crop circles… I almost spat my coffee…

    Thanks for sharing the private side of your life.


  8. Can’t go past a good piss n sniff, only problem my boy wants to piss n stiff on every upright structure he comes to – lol!

    Loved the tour and laughed hard at the corn circles line.

  9. bloody hell girl those chairs look amazing to the last time i saw them…you have done a great job.
    Heat can sometimes upset the balance with the band and food…I have found that occassionally.
    Your renos are going great.

  10. Love the pic’s thanks for sharing them with us all:P
    Also you must realise by now that Cats do not have owners they have staff to care for them. hee hee:)
    Yes i too have a cat and she thinks she rules the roost too! Cat’s don’t you love e’m!

    Keep up the great blogging:P

    Cheers Tina:)

  11. Yeah … I love them too!! I got them at Plants Plus nursery….they were in their catalogue for 45.95 each! Bargain!!! I am going to put them in amongst the bamboo once it is all finished with the water feature in the middle. They are really nice pottery pots too….I was really shocked at that price. I think Plants Plus nurserys are nationwide…like Bunnings? I would live at mine if I thought I could get away with it…. they have great gift lines as well as all the plants:)

  12. I love those planters too…I’m going to start checking around to see if we can get them here. Thanks for the tour…your views are fantastic…and your kit-cat has quite the life there 😉

  13. WOW! What a view! That is just too wonderful…I’m picturing you with a quaint, saucy little wine, some cheese, kicking back watching the sun set. Ahhhh…would I were with you!

  14. Wonderful post today! I love all the pics!! We are in the depths of winter here, below 0 temps and snow, so seeing your greenery makes me jealous!! You have beautiful views!! I love it!! Thanks for sharing.

    God Bless~

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