Where do you sit?…..

Just wondered 🙂



This is where I sit when I am on a blogging spree.  To my left is the kitchen and to my right is an open plan area that houses the dining table (that rarely gets used except by the cat!) and that has french doors that open up onto a bit of decking at the rear of the house. Out that door you can see and to the right is the front door and if you go straight ahead you walk up a small hallway to the bedrooms and bathroom etc.  The family jewels are hidden under the fourth floorboard from the left window……..joking!!!!!  You would sooooo be in the wrong house if you were looking for family jewels!!

    I can just look up and over to my right a bit and I can see into the loungeroom (that is more the size of a farking cupboard!) and I can see the TV (flatscreen on the wall)…..so if something grabs my attention I don’t have to get up and go look!!  Ricky is watching The Simpsons at the moment….that does not grab my attention!!  Actually, I think he might be snoozing 🙂

On top of the computer desk is a bowl on a wrought iron stand with junk that has no other home in it as well as car keys, phones and wallets etc.  It also houses golf tees, score sheets, screwdrivers and anything else Ricky dumps in there!!  The round thing underneath it is a “golf ball” money box that he throws his change into when he empties his pockets….and I raid that every Sunday morning to get change for the Sunday paper girl 🙂  There are three little speakers, a pottery bowl with nothing in it, the cordless phone base which also has the answering machine in it, a Policeman ornament that wobbles and has “Top Cop” written on the base of it, my sunglasses, the camera case and one of Ricky’s work ties…..he always dumps his tie there at the end of the day!!

On the next shelf down there is the “black box” for the broadband connection, the screen, a stapler, address book, two stickytapes in their holders, a shelf for bills, a row of CD’s and a jar with all the pens and highlighters and pencils in it.  The pull out shelf is next with the keyboard and mouse.

The bottom shelf has another big speaker, the tower, the printer, a heap of paper stacked up on top of the printer, calculator and a box of staples and some dust bunnies!! 

So, that is where I spend a good portion of my “downtime”.  I prefer to sit here and puddle away than watch TV lately.  Ricky sits in and watches a program or two.  Because it is open plan I don’t feel like I am away from the action!  We can still talk……in the commercials of course….and it just seems more together than having the computer stuck down in the spareroom somewhere.

The wooden lady is one of the things I got from my deceased grandfather’s estate.  I remember her from when I was very young and used to stay with my grandparents in Melbourne on occassion.  The thing is…… there is just something I don’t particularly like about her eyes……so I put sunglasses on her 🙂  I change them every now and then to suit the mood.  She had silver “Dame Edna” ones on over the Christmas with little silver disco balls hanging off them and tinsel around her neck !  She has a couple of cracks running through her, but I like them.  It gives her an aged character and mystery.  My Nan always refered to her as “The lady with the crack”.  Of course, we still call her the lady with the crack too 🙂

I was sitting out on the decking with Karen on Saturday and turned around to see this staring at me…..he was perched on the guttering of the house next door.  I happened to have the camera in front of me because we were trying to work out the video thing…..so I zoomed and snapped and it came out really well!!  I am quite proud of  it and it makes my plant in the foreground look fantastic!!  There are a pair of kookaburras just over the back of our house and they have just had babies.  We can hear the babies learning to “laugh” and they sound really funny……like they have something stuck in their throat!  This is one of the parents………..



Just a whimsy post today…..but I would like to see photos of where you sit 🙂


12 thoughts on “Where do you sit?…..

  1. Oh, you don’t want to know where I sit. Since my brother moved in, we are cramped.
    I love the lady with the crack statue!! And the sunglasses? Love the idea. I have seen pictures that I don’t like how the eyes follow me around. Can’t put sunglasses on that unless you poke holes in the canvas.

  2. (Cue whine…) Yes, but… but…, I’d have to tidy up first, my desk is such a MESS… However, ideally I’d like to wait till the cats are both with me keeping me company – Rusty on the printer, Banjo on the other wing of the desk. It’s their fault it’s so untidy… who said cats tread delicately…

    Promise I will though.


  3. My office is a damn mess….but for you, I’ll take a pic. I usually have at least one dog on my lap, and there’s often a pile of poo on the pad beside me. (Not mine.)

    So that’s a kookaburra. Used to sing a song in grade school about “Kookaburra sits in the old gum tree…”, but I never knew what they looked like.

    Thanks for inviting us into your home. You have such good ideas.

  4. My camera won’t download – but can describe where I sit.

    Across the yard from our house is a workshop with an office on the side, roasting hot in summer, freezing in winter. My view? Not much, just look out onto a little area with a BBQ table, back with a hedge. The dogs usually sit just outside the office.

  5. I love that you put sunglasses on the wooden lady because you don’t like the look in her eyes. I have a garden gnome, the kind that people take on their travels and photograph them in different settings. I “adopted” this gnome at Burning Man in 2006. My hubby made me reposition it because he didn’t like the way the gnome was looking at him.

    Your computer spot has a nice feel to it. Nice also that you can still be part of the action (though I admit to preferring solitude). I totally adore the look from your deck.

  6. Oh you just keep raising the bar! What a nifty idea. I will take care of my pictures tomorrow. I love the bird shot. I love birds anyway and I have never seen a kookaburra. Beautiful.

  7. “The lady with the cracks,” sounds like a good name for a novel! I’ll get to work on my space and let you know…thanks for the whimsy post, it was fun…;)

  8. Nola, (and Kaz)
    Thankyou sooooo much for trying to upload video, I am not sure how to do it but will look into it when I get some free time which is in short supply at the moment.
    I also am reading Dawn French’s book, I love her she is sooo funny. I got a copy of her book for christmas and again I am trying to find the time to sit and read it without falling asleep as things have been manic here lately.

    I sit on my sofa with my laptop or in bed, we also have a cupboard like yours with another pc and a third pc next to it, we are very computer minded in this house and what with the kids using them for school work so much more now a days they all have to have internet access. They all seem to collect plenty of clutter and dust. I do prefere my laptop as I love taking it to bed with me LOL…

  9. Good post, very interesting even! I sit in the family room, back to the lounge so I can’t see the bloody TV.. which is a pain in the butt.
    Must try and do something about that… dunno what though.
    There is a tv in the family room, but it only gets the basic channels and Griffin uses it for Playstation. *sigh*

  10. I am reading Dawn French’s book too… how freaky!

    Some times I sit on my sofa, with my laptop perched on the arm.
    Sometimes I sit at the table,
    Sometime I sit in my office,

    Today I am sitting on my sofa, as the office is too messy and the table chairs are to hard for my poor bottom, which has had enough of me abusing it with the running (my bottom that is!)

    I would send a photo, but I have no idea how to do it!! lol


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